What Happens if a Passport Photo Is Rejected in the UK?

What Happens if a Passport Photo Is Rejected in the UK?
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Given the specific nature of passport photo requirements, it’s not that rare for pictures to be rejected by UK authorities. It can definitely be annoying! However, the passport office allows applicants to send new pictures and get the process back on track. When this happens, it’s important to ensure that the new photos are up to standards, to avoid further delays.

In this article, we’ll explain exactly what happens when a passport photo is rejected in the UK and what to do. Keep reading for more details.

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What happens if a passport photo gets rejected in the UK – paper application

If the photo attached to a passport application gets rejected, the HM passport office will notify the applicant as soon as possible. Depending on the contact information they have, citizens will receive either an email or a letter saying that the passport photos have been rejected and setting up a deadline to send in new ones.

In case of passport photo rejection, the application process will simply be put on hold until the authorities receive new British passport photos. If the applicant sends the replacement photos within the specified time frame, the procedure will resume right away and go on with the usual processing times.

If the deadline is missed, the passport application will be cancelled. In this case, to get a new UK passport, it will be necessary to apply again, paying the fees a second time. The HM passport office does not specify how many times they will ask for a new passport photograph before cancelling the application.

What happens if a digital photo is denied while applying online?

When having a British passport renewed, UK citizens can apply online with a simplified procedure. In this case, the HM passport office will require a digital passport photo taken according to the official requirements.

If the digital picture gets rejected, the applicant will receive an email asking them to send a new photo. Since the application was completed online, it will be possible to provide a replacement photo immediately by email.

Just as for paper applications, the UK passport office will set a deadline that, if not met, will result in the cancellation of the procedure.

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What happens if your passport photo is rejected: FAQ

To conclude, we’ll answer a few questions about passport photo rejection.

What happens if my passport photo is rejected in the UK?

The HM passport office will notify you and ask for a new passport photo.

Do you have to pay again if a passport photo is rejected in the UK?

If you send a replacement before the deadline set by the authorities, the process will proceed as usual. If you miss the deadline, the application form will be rejected and the procedure needs to start over, paying the fee a second time.

How do you know if your passport photo is rejected?

The HM passport office will send a notification via email or by letter.

Will my passport photo be rejected if I smile?

UK passport photos require a plain expression, so avoid smiling, frowning, or pouting.

Why does my passport photo keep being rejected?

If the format is correct, you need to check every detail of the appearance and lighting according to the requirements. To avoid having your photo rejected, use Passport Photo Online to ensure everything follows the official guidelines.

UK passport photo failed- conclusions

Since the photos for British passports have very strict requirements, it’s not uncommon for them to be refused by the authorities. If this happens, the passport office will contact the applicant as soon as possible, asking for the re-submission of the photo. If the picture is replaced before the set deadline, the process will continue; otherwise, the application will be rejected.

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