Reads and Finds

Reads and Finds

January 2023

How to get data from API

If you’re looking to get data from a web API, you may be wondering how to go about it. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there that can help you get started.

One option is to use a web scraping tool like These tools allow you to easily extract data from websites and then save it into a database or Excel file. They also come with built-in features for analyzing the data, so you can understand how it’s being used and how it could be improved.

Another option is to use APIs. APIs allow you to access specific parts of a website or application in order to gather data. This can be useful if you want to build a software app or create a custom website that uses the same services as the original source.

whichever route you choose, make sure to research the options carefully before getting started. There are many different tools and techniques available, so finding the right one for your needs can take some time and effort. But once you’ve found what works best for you, web scraping and API access will be easy and breezy!

How can job application process be automated

Job applications can be automated in a number of ways. Some services will take your resume, scan it for keywords, and generate a job listing based on those keywords. Alternatively, you can use an online application submission tool that will do all the work for you. There are also a number of automation tools that can be used to create custom job applications tailored to your resume. These tools allow you to input your skills, experience, and goals, and the program will create a customized job application for you. This ensures that your application is as effective as possible and that you don’t have to spend time formatting it yourself. Finally, you can use online resources to learn more about how to apply for jobs and automate the process.

One way is to use a job application platform like LoopCV. This platform will help you to create a custom online job application that can be filled out on your computer or smartphone. You can also use online recruitment platforms like Indeed or Hired. These platforms will allow you to post your job vacancy and receive applications from candidates all over the world. Once you have selected your candidates, it is easy to send them an interview request and evaluate their qualifications.

Find Out How to Master Social Media Ads in 10 Simple Steps

Ads have made the transition as well. Paid social media advertising has become one of the most effective ways of promotion. With specific targeting options, contextual targeting, retargeting, and monitoring features, ads are your go-to marketing practice for fast and easy business growth. This article teaches you how to master social media ads in 10 simple steps.

Free online photo editor

Transform any image into an animated design with the animation design tool from Adobe Express. Select from a library of animation effects to add life to the photo in your design. Use this tool to capture the attention of your audiences across your digital platforms.

How to Use LinkedIn to land Your Dream Job

LinkedIn is a powerful social platform that can support your career development and job search. To make the most out of your online presence, it’s important to adjust your profile properly and present yourself in a professional and employer-friendly manner. This article will help you to use your LinkedIn as a tool to secure the job of your dreams.

5 LinkedIn Tips to Expand your Business

Are you looking to expand your business through LinkedIn? This article will provide you with valuable strategies to increase your brand awareness, connect with potential clients and partners, and drive business growth. Learn how to optimize your profile to reach your target audience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Time Tracking App For Employees – The Dos and Don’ts

The right time-tracking employee app can significantly boost your team’s productivity. However, to make it happens, you must choose the right tool. This insightful article will help you to make the right decision.

Free redaction tool for your pdfs

Many free redaction tools can be used to redact pdf online for free cost. One such tool is Redactable, which can be downloaded from The tool allows users to create a redacted PDF document by selecting and deleting individual text blocks or pages. Additionally, the tool has a password protection feature so unauthorized users cannot view or alter the redacted content.

The Top 15 Must-Have Tools for Digital Nomads in 2022!

Digital nomads! Do you wonder how to make your travel fun and productive? This article has everything you need to stay organized and connected while working remotely, from productivity apps to virtual meeting platforms. Stay ahead of the game with this comprehensive list of the best tools for digital nomads in 2022.

December 2022

Syrus is a Blog in which you can find current, interesting, and useful information about the Internet and new digital technologies.

Before giving feedback, give people these four things

There is no doubt that feedback is a gift. But there are some at least equally powerful tools leaders can use to improve performance and keep people engaged & motivated: attention, acknowledgement, opportunity, and caring.

Get your LinkedIn and social media profiles ready for job search

Social platforms serve multiple purposes, including supporting your career development. The thing is to adjust your profile properly to make the most out of your online presence in your job search. Here is how to make your LinkedIn and Facebook more employer-friendly.

20 Jobs that Pay Over 500K a Year

It’s not true that earning $500,000 is impossible. But you need to put a lot of effort into acquiring an excellent level of necessary skillset and get a considerable length of experience in the given field.

November 2022

How to Start Doing Amazon FBA Business?

Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to start your own business. However, before creating your account, ensure you can invest enough time and effort in your business because Amazon has strict rules and guidelines that it takes very seriously. If you don’t abide by Amazon’s rules, your account will get suspended. You can click here to find out other reasons why Amazon account suspended.

20 Jobs that Pay Over 500K a Year

It’s not true that earning $500,000 is impossible. But you need to put a lot of effort to acquire an excellent level of necessary skillset and get a considerable length of experience in the given field.

ASMR Eating Videos | How to Make Money by Eating Food & Recording the Sound

ASMR videos turned out to be a new surprising trend in the digital world. Believe it or not, recording the sound of eating is profitable. If you wish to try making money on an eating video, follow this guide and learn more about it.

Best Places to Visit in 2022 and 2023

Traveling is possible again, opening wide opportunities for those with itchy feet. The only challenge is to choose the next destination for travel. This list is a great inspiration that will help you find the best place to visit this or the upcoming year.

Short-Term Rental Market Analysis for 2022

Every day, travelers are steering away from crowded cities and looking for more secluded and quiet spots to visit. But it’s not the only trend influencing the travel industry – staycations and workations are also rising. What does the post-pandemic vacation rental market look like? You will learn it from this data-driven article.

The Best Packing Cubes For Travel & How To Use Them

When traveling, you must carry all the necessary items with you, so staying organized help a lot. It’s much easier to arrange your suitcase when using packing cubes. This article will show you the best packing cubes and ways to use them effectively.

Chalet Fogajard

A lovely chalet in the heart of the Italian mountains with views of the Dolomites will help you relax & detox from your everyday routine.

Tips on How to Make an Effective Online Dating Profile

Nowadays, online dating is one of the most powerful tools for finding potential partners. However, many people find it hard to stand out from the crowd and create an attractive profile that others will find interesting. Read this article to find out how to leave a strong and positive impression on your dream date.

October 2022

Enable Your Freelancing Career

Have you ever considered working as a freelancer? Maybe you are a freelancer and want to find more clients. There are many tools, advice, and places to do just this. Take a look at this site and find out how you can find more work, track your activities (a common request by clients), and get paid weekly to the place you choose: your bank account or even your crypto wallet.

10 Best Stock Photo Sites for Photographers to Sell

Mixing passion and profession is always beneficial. What if photography is your hobby? In this case, you can sell your pictures on stock photo sites! This list shows you the 10 best stocks to turn your art into a profitable business.

50 Best Italian Brands by Industry

No matter if you are into coffee, fashion, or furniture – Italian brands will satisfy you. Almost all categories of products are available from businesses in this country. Read on to discover the 50 most famous brands from different industries.

Netflix Marketing Strategy – Learn Netflix’s modern marketing mantra! 

It wasn’t by accident that Netflix became so popular. In fact, the success they partially owe to an excellent marketing strategy. Read on how they manage their SEO, social media, and TV campaigns and get marketing ideas for your own business.

Travel Insurance: Protecting You and Yours

Travel insurance is an essential element of every trip abroad. Journeys are unpredictable – the U.S. Travel Association revealed that 1 in 6 Americans experience issues on their trips. So even if you’re healthy, you should be ready for emergencies. This excellent guide will help you choose the most suitable travel insurance. 

Social Media Impact on Society

We are sure you are aware of social media’s impact on our lives. But have you ever wondered how it influences society? Read the article to get the answer.

Best Photo Editing Software in 2022

The article is a comprehensive guide to the tools that enable photo editing. It not only points out what the professional software features but also discusses its specific functions with examples.

September 2022

The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress: Who’s in the Top 10?

Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins are a fantastic way for bloggers and content creators to use their websites to generate revenue by adding links, as well as get the most out of products with Amazon affiliate links. Here are the top 10 best ones.

Is Alibaba Safe and Reliable? Is Alibaba legit?

Alibaba is an online trading company that focuses on B2B trades. Of course, it’s safe, and this article provides a complete explanation of this topic. Also, from this article, you’ll learn what 6 common skims are and how to deal with them.

Tips for Travelling Abroad for the First Time

The first trip abroad is exciting and stressful at the same time. This article will show you 7 proven tips on how to turn it into a pleasant experience.

11 Proven Strategies To Get 1,000+ Visitors Per Day

Would you like to attract a broader audience to your blog? Well, it’s your chance to learn all about it. This article will teach you how to write appealing blog posts, interact with the audience, use keywords effectively, and much more!

I Went To Gdansk With Somebody” written by Johny Blair

“I Went To Gdansk With Somebody” is an ordinary story with an extraordinary background. After all, not many Irishmen dreams about Poland as Johny dreamed! His trip turns into an adventurous journey that enriches his historical knowledge and understanding of Polish culture, and gives him new friends. Written from the bottom of his heart, this book will engage all readers who want to take a break from everyday life for a while.

The Future Of Technology: Is It Really That Far-Fetched

Wondering about the future of technological development? What stage are we at now, and where are we headed with technological improvements? This concise and meaningful article is a great way to inspire thoughts on the subject.

Top 15 Brands Using Instagram Reels to Inspire You

Working in the creative industry, professionals have to come out with new content all the time, so it’s easy to run out of ideas. The remedy is the inspiring content from other brands. This list of the top 15 brands using Instagram reels will help you to improve your social media strategy.

Top 10 Experiences in Iceland

Iceland is called “the Land of Fire and Ice”. It’s one of the most mysterious and beautiful pieces of land on Earth. Here are ten unique things you can experience there.

Rome in 2 Days Itinerary

The ultimate guide to making the most of spending just two days in every traveler’s dream city – Rome.

August 2022

Builderall free trial

Buiderall is a platform for website builders, beginners, and professionals. Try the builderall free trial, and improve your sales funnels and take full advantage of this great website building software.

How To Relieve Travel Stress And Anxiety In 1 Minute

Do you associate traveling with stress and anxiety? Do you need to find a way to introduce a bit more tranquility and relaxation to your traveling woes? In this article, you’ll find out how to stay in a good mental space and relieve the tension you’re feeling.

Top 3 Benefits of a DNA Test

Taking a DNA test can give you a window into your health. The process has become increasingly popular; all it takes is a drop of your saliva. Here are some benefits of discovering your DNA from the comfort of your own home.

Passport-Photo.Online: Your Online Passport Photo Booth

An interview-style article from which you can get to know more about Passport-Photo.Online as a business. What have we done to stand out from the competition? What marketing activities do we perform? Read on and find out!

Website Structure: How to Plan and Analyze It

If you want to improve the SEO of your website, you shouldn’t forget about your website structure. This factor has an incredible impact on how people perceive your business! This comprehensive guide will teach you how to correct, create and analyze your website structure to maximize your results.

The Complete Video Marketing Checklist for 2022

Undoubtedly, video is the king in the marketing world. But how can you utilize it to its fullest potential and maximize your results? Just take a look at this checklist and learn from it.

Analytical Marketing: The Essential Guide

Do you find user behavior analysis a pain point in your marketing efforts? Or do you struggle with Conversion Rate Optimization? No matter what your challenge is, analytical marketing is your solution. This essential guide will help you to bring your marketing strategy to the next level.

Child’s favorite toys

Choosing a gift can be difficult, and even more so for a child. The article will guide you to affordable gift options for little ones.

E-commerce website

The article introduces you to the world of e-commerce. You will understand what it is, the types of it, and the most popular platforms that allow you to put up your own. We encourage anyone thinking about starting such a business to read it!

E-commerce website

So you started your e-commerce business? That’s great! However, there are new challenges to come. And one of those is attracting new customers and building a client base. Read the article and learn about a marketing funnel or a sales funnel for your e-commerce business.


SocialBee allows you to schedule your posts in a calendar-like view easily and customize them for each social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, and TikTok). When it comes to efficient content management tools, SocialBee is the best one if you are looking to step up your social media game. Handle all your social media management needs from one place with ease—at an affordable price.

SocialBee is a social media automation platform that allows you to get more leads with less effort. Customers love the personal touch that the team adds to their experience and the speed SocialBee has when it comes to innovating and improving the current features. Some call SocialBee “their secret weapon” or “their trusted partner”.

Why WhatsApp Profile Photo is Not Showing and How to Fix it?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communicators in the world. Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot see your contact’s profile picture. Here are some of the most popular reasons for that issue and solutions to fix them.

Kickstart Your Career with this Graphic Designer Resume

Download the graphic designer resume example from hipCV and get your new job in 2022. Just update this example with your details and download it.

5 Powerful Digital Marketing Hacks to Increase Sales

Do you want to be the kings and queens of digital marketing and make your business grow larger? Here is where you’ll find 5 insightful pro tips to help you conquer the internet and develop a digital marketing strategy that will help your company expand.

Digital Engine Land

Digital Engine Land is a trending Technology blog that encompasses categories like Android, blogging tips, software, SEO, Web designing, technology, and several other aspects of web technology.

22 best Canva alternatives

The list of 22 Canva alternatives that can make your visuals more eye-catching and engaging.

10 Free Web Design Tools You Probably Never Knew About

You don’t need professional programmer knowledge to design your site. The article is an ultimate guide for easy-to-use Web Design Tools.

What’s the difference between a QR code scanner and a barcode scanner?

The article describes the two most popular types of tools used to simplify data digitization. It examines QR code and barcode scanner technologies. Which solution is better for you? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages? You can learn all about them here.

Image editing

The article reveals the advantages of photo editing. You may wonder whether it is a waste of resources and time after all… Well, read the article, and you shall know the answer.

What is an e-commerce funnel?

A sales funnel is the path that potential customers take from the moment they become aware of your product to the point at which they make a purchase.

The process starts with inbound marketing strategies such as content generation and social media, followed by nurturing communications to persuade customers to try your product. To be successful in building a sales funnel for e-commerce stores, you need to have a rather time-tested and methodological approach.


TrendsWide is a news portal providing the latest information from around the world. You will find news about politics, lifestyle, NBA, cryptocurrencies, economy, health, and other interesting topics.

Career in Digital Marketing in India

With the rise in popularity of remote work, it turns out that you can work from wherever you want. Have you thought about India? It seems to be a promising destination for all digital marketers! This article will provide you with reliable insight on this topic.

How to start a blog step by step

The article is a guide for starting a blogging adventure. Wondering how to create your own site? This is the article for you! You will learn everything in a step-by-step structure and get valuable tips for a good beginning.

How to choose the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Would you like to start a blog but can’t decide on the domain name? Are you unsure what’s the difference between a blog and a domain name and what to consider when picking it? Here is where you’ll find an in-depth guide that will help you give your blog a unique and perfect domain name.

Programmi per modificare foto: diventa un esperto del fotoritocco

Spesso, quando si devono modificare le foto, si trovano solamente programmi e app difficili da utilizzare o non adatti alle tue esigenze. Questa guida invece ti aiuta a scoprire i migliori programmi e le app per modificare le tue foto, in modo semplice, veloce, ed intuitivo.

July 2022

Best Photo or Image Editing Tools for Photographers

Since the invention of the modern smartphone, it is no longer necessary to go to a professional photo studio to take your passport photo. You can use your telephone plus one of many online tools to get the job done quickly, easily, and cheaply. You already have a phone you like, and now, you must select the right photo app. But there are a lot of apps to choose from! Which passport photo app is the best?

Celebrity Houses

Have you ever wondered how celebrities live? This website will satisfy your curiosity. Urban Splatter’s experts tell stories about luxury properties of such famous people as Jim Hendrix, Amber Heard, and Tina Turner.


The blog is a treasure trove of technological knowledge. Must follow for anyone who works on the Internet (or thinks to start). It provides many useful tips, highlights, and news from the digital world.

5 Best Valorant Stat Trackers To Enrich Your Gaming Experience

As a Valorant player, you would probably like to get some information, such as armors, to analyze how you are progressing in the game. Since Valorant doesn’t have this functionality in-built, the stat tracker becomes handy here. This list of the 5 best Valorant Trackers will help you to choose the best one.

App Icon Design: Best Practices and Format Requirements

Are you creating an app and want its icon to draw the eye instantly? How do you design an icon that will be creative, unique, and catch the customer’s attention? Here, you will find an in-depth guide to application icon design.

What Makes Ideas Go Viral?

Have you always wondered how is it that some ideas or products are so quick to take the internet by storm while others are barely mentioned? Here is where you’ll find 6 truly eye-opening ways how ideas catch on.

Opt-in funnels

Optiin is an online marketing funnel solution with a drag and drop form builder, one-click widgets, and a no transaction fee eCommerce store with fully-featured inbuilt widgets.

12 Common Mistakes Keeping You From Landing Your First Developer Job

In this article, you can learn about the most common mistakes when applying for a job as a developer, including the explanation of why applying through LinkedIn Easy Apply can increase your chances.

Instax Mini Evo Hybrid: la tecnología con una mirada retro

Ya disponible este mes de febrero en España. La nueva Instax mini Evo Hybrid, es el último invento de la marca japonesa Fujifilm en su gama de cámaras instantáneas. El nuevo modelo Instax Mini Evo Hybrid nos transporta, por su estética, a las cámaras clásicas de la fotografía. En su interior muchas novedades, como sus 10 modos de objetivo integrados o sus 10 filtros de efecto de película.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in NYC

In a rapidly digitalizing world, having a strong online presence is essential. Here are the top 50 digital marketing agencies in New York City that will help you choose the right partner to collaborate with.

Interactions – the leading trend for the business of the future

Personalization matters, but it’s not the only reason interactions will be the leading trend for the business in 2023. In this article published on Best Tech Ever, our CEO Tomek Młodzki gives two more reasons why interactions will rule the business world.

Passport Holder: That Every Traveler Needs

Vacations are about to begin, so it’s the perfect time to consider how to carry a passport on your journey. What is a passport holder, what does it have to do with safety, and why is it convenient to use it on your travel? You’ll find all the answers in this article.

How To Protect Your Personal Information While Using A Public WiFi Network

In the era of the popularity of remote work, quite a few people work from cafes, restaurants and other public places. In this case, it is essential to have a secure Internet connection. This short guide explains how to do it.

Today Headline

A great source of information on all hot topics. A site worth following if you want to stay up to date with the latest novelties, exciting news, and important events.

June 2022

Top 15 Public Relations Statistics In 2022

The top 15 PR statistics combined from various reports and studies, including fresh and useful data. You will find information regarding the global and U.S. spending on public relations, data-driven facts about press releases, email pitches, and many more.

Digital Nomads Reddit Channels You Can’t Miss in 2022

Reddit is not only an alternative social media platform. It’s also a gold mine of firsthand information. Here is the list of the nine most helpful Reddit communities for digital nomads.

How to Make Life Easier for Your Frontline Teams

The frontline employees are those who could not stay home during pandemics due to the nature of their work. With the world beginning to return to normal, they are experiencing record levels of stress and burnout. From this insightful article, you may learn how to use technology to support frontline workers.

24 Actionable Positive Feedback Examples For Employees

An employee feedback loop is an important tool that helps employees better understand how their manager views their work. This article discusses the importance of positive feedback and how and when to give positive employee feedback to make your workplace a more productive work environment.

Best waterproof cameras for 2022 holidays

Take a look at an in-depth review of the best waterproof cameras on the market in 2022. Find the best one for your upcoming trip, and get ready for some amazing underwater shots.

May 2022

How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights Like a Pro

An in-depth Google Flights guide. This article explains why searching flights through Google is effective and presents actionable tips on using the search engine and filters to find the cheapest tickets possible.

The Complete Guide to Yoga

Regular yoga practice can give you a moment of breath in the modern, fast-paced world. This guide includes the benefits, styles, and basic poses of yoga.

Who’s Who? ID R&D Tests How Well an AI Computer Can Spot Fake Faces

Who is better at recognizing fake faces – an AI-powered computer or a human? This article provides answers to this question by presenting the latest research and expert opinions.

The Art Of Backpacking & Travel

The vacations are upon us! Do you already have travel plans? It is high time to prepare well. This website is a rich source of information about packing, saving money, and traveling safely. Happy exploring!


On the blog, you’ll find a ton of interesting tricks and facts related to the digital world. The range of topics varies from app recommendations to know-how articles.

Le grotte di Frasassi: uno spettacolo unico e affascinante

L’articolo tratta dello spettacolo naturale delle Grotte di Frasassi, raccontato dagli occhi di un nostro autore. Partendo dalle origini fino alle curiose sculture, l’articolo ci porta alla scoperta di un fenomeno naturale che incanta tantissimi turisti ancora oggi.

April 2022

Personal Productivity: The Definitive Guide 

Personal productivity is a concern for every employee. With this definitive guide, you can learn how to measure it, its types, characteristics, and techniques. This article provides you with a solid dose of knowledge rather than a motivational speech.

Basic Tools Every Online Vendor Should Find Useful

This article presents a range of tools that will improve the work of any online vendor. Graphics help, sales help – it is worth having a look if there is anything you might be looking for.

16 Best Free Social Media Management Tools Every Marketer Should Know 

If you’re struggling to manage all your Social Media platforms – why not simplify that? Here you can find an ultimate guide to the best Social Media management apps. 

All You Need To Know About Hybrid Work [Hybrid Work Statistics 2022]

The “Hybrid Work Statistics 2022” report presents the benefits and negative aspects of introducing a hybrid model to a company.

PhotoAid: Il servizio per le foto dei documenti 

Tra le migliori app per modificare le foto gratis, questo articolo spiega quali sono i diversi strumenti e servizi che offre PhotoAiD. Dalle fotografie per i documenti ufficiali, come passaporto e carta d’identità, fino ai tool gratuiti per il fotoritocco.

Come Comprimere Le Immagini Sul Tuo Sito Web 

PhotoAiD è un generatore di fototessere online basato sull’Intelligenza artificiale. Oltre alle foto tessere per i documenti ufficiali, come carta di identità o passaporto, l’app offre un servizio gratuito di editor di foto. Con l’app è possibile rimuovere lo sfondo, ritagliare la foto, rimuovere le ombre, e tanto altro.

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