How to Get a Passport in KY

How to Get a Passport in KY
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According to the Department of State, Kentucky offices issued a total of 82,568 US passports in 2021. The application procedure is mostly unchanged across the whole country, with some minor changes in the booking process. So, what applicants need to do is find the closest passport office and gather the required documents.

In this article, we’ll go over how to get a passport in KY in detail. Keep reading to find out all you need to know to apply without delays.

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How to get a passport in Kentucky – the process

The first step to apply for a passport in Kentucky is finding a passport office in the vicinity. Across the state, there are about 100 (one hundred) facilities that will process a passport application. Applicants only need to find the closest post office or County Clerk office, as most of them offer the service. Public libraries are also a common provider of passport services.

The way appointments are handled is generally up to local management. Some of them will accept walk-ins, and others require applicants to book an appointment in advance. To know for sure, it’s advisable to contact them and ask for information.

For a regular application for a passport card or book, it’s necessary to hand in the documents in person. According to the Department of State, applicants need to provide the following materials:

  • Form DS-11;
  • proof of US citizenship, original and photocopy (certified birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, consular report of birth abroad, or a naturalization certificate);
  • a government-issued photo ID (US or foreign), original and photocopy;
  • 2 (two) 2″ x 2″ passport photos.

All these documents have to be presented to the passport agency in physical form. The copies need to be:

  • on 8″ x 15″ paper;
  • single-sided;
  • in black and white.

On the day of the appointment, applicants need to go to one of the Kentucky passport offices and provide the material as the acceptance agent asks. Form DS-11 needs to be signed in front of the clerk, not before.

At the end of the procedure, the applicant must pay the passport fees. According to the National Passport Information Center, the costs are as follows:

  • a passport card costs $30;
  • a passport book costs $130;
  • both cost $160.

There is an additional execution fee of $35 for the passport service. The fees have to be paid separately.

A passport acceptance facility like a post office, County Clerk’s office, or public library will accept the following payment methods:

  • check (cashier’s, personal, traveler’s, certified)
  • money order.

For the execution fees, some Kentucky passport offices also accept credit cards or the exact amount of cash.

In a passport agency, it’s possible to pay by:

  • money order or check;
  • credit card;
  • cash in the exact amount.

After finishing the procedure, applicants generally have to wait 4 (four) to 6 (six) weeks to obtain a passport in KY. 

To get a passport fast, it’s possible to pay an extra $60 for the expedited service, which will take 2 (two) to 3 (three) weeks. Residents of Kentucky can check on the status of their passport applications through the State Department’s website.

the steps for a US passport application Kentucky

Passport application in Kentucky for children

To get a passport for a minor in KY, parents or legal guardians need to prove their relationship with the child and give consent. As proof of parental relation, passport offices will accept:

  • certified birth certificate issued by US authorities
  • foreign birth certificate
  • consular report of birth abroad
  • custody or divorce decree
  • adoption decree.

The quickest way to give consent is for both parents to accompany the minor to their appointment, carrying a valid photo ID. If one parent or legal guardian cannot be present, the State Department requires one of the following documents:

  • Form DS-3053, with copies of both sides of the parent’s ID and signed in front of a notary public;
  • Form DS-5525, for special circumstances.

The application fee is lower for citizens of the age of 15 (fifteen) or younger:

  • a passport card costs $15;
  • a passport book costs $100;
  • both cost $115.
the steps for a child’s passport application Kentucky

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How to get a passport in Kentucky: FAQ

To conclude, we’ll answer a few common questions about getting a passport in Kentucky.

How do I get a passport in Kentucky?

You just need to find a passport acceptance facility in your area and provide them with all the documentation required by the State Department.

How to get a passport card in Kentucky?

When completing Form DS-11 you have to specify which document format you want (card, book, or both).

How to get a passport online in Kentucky?

Passport applications in KY are not handled online. To get a new passport, you have to provide the documents in person.

How to get a passport in Louisville, KY?

You can present your passport application at one of the following locations:
– Downtown Station, 835 S. 7th Street;
– Hikes Point Post Office, 3050 Hunsinger Lane;
– Jeffersontown Post Office, 3801 Billtown Road;
– Louisville Main Post Office, 1420 Gardiner Lane;
– Louisville Middletown Post Office, 119 Evergreen Road;
– Lyndon Post Office, 8127 Lagrange Road;
– Okolona Post Office, 7400 Jefferson Boulevard;
– Shively Post Office, 3131 Crums Lane;
– St. Matthew’s Post Office, 4600 Shelbyville Road;
– Standiford Post Office, 4440 Crittenden Road.

How to get a passport in Lexington, KY?

Residents of Lexington can hand in their applications at these offices:
– Lexington Main Post Office, 1088 Nandino Boulevard;
– Wildcat Passport Services, 160 Avenue of Champions.

How to get a passport in Bowling Green, KY?

You can go to one of the following passport acceptance facilities:
– Bowling Green Post Office, 5300 Scottsville Road;
– WKU Passport Services, 1906 College Heights Boulevard.

How to get a passport in Nicholasville, KY?

You can present your application at the Nicholasville Post Office, at 410 S. Main Street.

How to get a US passport in Danville, KY?

Passport applications are handled by the Danville Post Office, at 200 E. Main Street.

How to get a passport in Cave City, KY?

There are no passport offices directly in Cave City, however, there are others about 10 (ten) miles away:
– Postal Store Post Office, 445 W. Main Street, Glasgow, KY;
– Munfordville Post Office, 215 S. Washington Street, Munfordville, KY.

How to get a passport in Owensboro, KY?

Applicants can hand in their forms at the following locations:
– Daviess County Clerk’s Office, 212 St. Ann Street;
– Owensboro Post Office, 54 Bon Harbor Hills.

How to apply for a passport in Prestonsburg, KY?

The closest acceptance facility is the Salyersville Post Office, at 330 E Maple Street, about 17 (seventeen) miles from Prestonsburg.

How do I get a passport in Elizabethville, KY?

You can apply at the Elizabethville Post Office, at 2934 Dolphin Drive.

How to apply for a passport in Grayson County, KY?

In Grayson County, KY, applicants can find the following passport offices:
– Leitchfield Post Office, 210 S. Main Street;
– Grayson County Clerk’s Office, 10 Public Square, Leitchfield.

How do I get a passport in Frankfort, KY?

In Frankfort, there are 2 (two) passport acceptance facilities:
– Frankfort Post Office, 1210 Wilkinson Boulevard;
– Franklin County Clerk’s Office, 315 W. Main Street.

How to apply for a passport in Florence, KY?

Passport applications are processed by the Florence Post Office, at 7101 Turfway Road.

How to obtain a passport in Georgetown KY?

Citizens can apply for a passport at the Georgetown Post Office, at 101 N. Bradford Lane.

How do I apply for a passport in London, KY?

You can apply at the London Post Office, at 1760 Highway 192 W.

How to apply for a passport in Versailles, KY?

Applications can be submitted at the Versailles Post Office, at 149 Fieldview Drive.

How to get a passport in Newport, Kentucky?

Applicants can refer to the Newport Clerk’s Office, at 998 Monmouth St.

How to apply for a passport in Shepherdsville, KY?

Passports are processed by the Bullitt County Clerk’s Office, at 149 N. Walnut Street.

How do I get a passport in Madisonville, KY?

You can go to the Hopkins County Clerk’s Office, at 24 Union Street.

How to get a passport in KY – conclusions

Getting a passport in Kentucky follows the same process as in the rest of the country. Applicants only need to find a passport office near them and gather the required documents. In larger cities, there are multiple passport acceptance facilities, while in rural areas only post offices generally accept applications.

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