CVS or Walgreens Passport Photo for Canadian Citizenship

CVS or Walgreens Passport Photo for Canadian Citizenship
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With so many passport photo options available these days, it’s understandable that it may sometimes be overwhelming to decide on the right one. Both CVS and Walgreens pharmacies take US passport photos, however, which one of these two pharmacy chains offers better photo service for Canadian citizenship?

Canadian citizenship photos are not the same as Canadian passport photos – they differ in size and other specifications. Read our post to learn about the best and most cost-effective option for your Canada citizenship photos.

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Canadian Citizenship photo in 3s!

Take a photo with your smartphone, upload it to the website, we will prepare it as required and send you a digital or printed version. Simple? You can’t get more convenient than that!

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Photos for Canadian citizenship

First, let’s go over the specifications for Canadian citizenship photos as they differ from those for Canadian and American passports, visa photos, or other ID photos. A photo for Canadian citizenship should:

  • be 1.3″ x 2″ (35 mm x 53 mm) in size, with the face measuring between 0.98″ and 1.37″ (25 mm x 35 mm);
  • be black and white or in color;
  • have a white background;
  • include a white signature strip at the bottom that is anywhere from 6 mm and 10 mm deep;
  • be printed on single-weight matte paper;
  • have been taken within the last 12 months;
  • include the applicant’s name (printed and signed), the name and address of the photographer or studio where the photo was taken, and the date on the back of the photo.

If you’re submitting a Canadian citizenship application, you will need to include:

  • 2 (two) identical printed photos – if applying on paper to become a Canadian citizen or applying to get proof of Canadian citizenship
  • 1 (one) digital photo – if applying online to become a Canadian citizen or applying to get proof of Canadian citizenship
  • 1 (one) printed photo – if applying to renounce Canadian citizenship

These must be professional quality passport photos that comply with the Canadian government requirements listed on the official government of Canada website.

In the paragraphs below we will give you a brief rundown of both the CVS and Walgreens photo services for Canadian citizenship photos and provide you with a simple tip on how to get your photos with a 100% guarantee of acceptance.

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CVS for Canadian citizenship photos

If you’re in need of a high-quality passport photo, look no further than CVS Pharmacy. With nearly 5,000 locations across the United States offering copy and print services, getting a CVS passport photo is convenient and affordable at only $16.99.

However, according to CVS, they can only guarantee compliance with government requirements for US passport photos. You can ask your local store if they’ll be able to take a Canadian citizenship photo, whose measurements are defined as 1.3″ x 2″ (35mm x 53mm). Make sure to also find out if your CVS Pharmacy requires an appointment for the photo service.

Yet keep in mind that photo compliance does not entail just correct size – a Canadian citizenship photo should also adhere to other criteria, such as for example, the height of your face (which should measure between 0.98″ and 1.37″, or 25mm x 35mm, in Canadian photos). Applicants are not allowed to cut their photos themselves, so the images must be perfectly sized in order to be accepted by the Canadian government.

Walgreens for Canadian citizenship photos

Similar to CVS, Walgreens locations are dotted all over the United States, with most of their 7,750 drugstores offering photo services.

Also similarly to CVS, Walgreens pharmacies ensure compliance with US government passport photo requirements only. Since Walgreens’ passport photo offer doesn’t cover other countries, you should reach out to them to ask whether they can take Canadian citizenship photos. Some Walgreens locations may be willing to assist you with pictures for a Canadian citizenship application.

When compared to CVS, the Walgreens passport photo option is a little cheaper, as you can get two printed photos for $14.99. However, Walgreens doesn’t allow its customers to cut their photos either – they must be ready to be attached to the passport application upon printing, so the measurements and other specifications must be correct.

Get compliant photos for your Canadian citizenship

If you want to print photos for your Canadian citizenship at CVS or Walgreens, there is also another option. You can prepare a photo template with Passport Photo Online and print it at one of the drugstore locations or other retail chains. That way, you can be sure that your photos will be compliant with the Canadian government requirements.  

Passport Photo Online is a convenient online photo tool equipped with an advanced AI system that scans each photo to make sure it meets all the requirements according to the country whose passport or visa you’re applying for. 

Each photo is then reviewed by a human expert for a double check. All you have to do is upload a picture that you think is suitable, or take a new one and let the AI system do the rest of the work, including cropping, resizing, replacing the background, removing red eyes, and even some minor shadows. You can also skip your trip to CVS or Walgreens altogether and order both digital and printed photos.

CVS or Walgreens photo for Canadian citizenship: FAQ

In this section, we will try to answer any additional questions regarding taking Canadian citizenship photos at CVS or Walgreens.

Does CVS take Canadian citizenship photos?

Some CVS locations may be able to take Canadian photos, however, they don’t guarantee compliance with the Canadian government passport photo requirements or Canadian citizenship photo requirements.

And since Canadian citizenship photos are not the same as Canadian passport photos, make sure to specify this information to your local CVS employee.

Do Walgreens take Canadian citizenship photos?

Some Walgreens locations may offer to take photos for a Canadian citizenship application, however, they only guarantee compliance for US passport photos.

Do CVS or Walgreens offer digital Canadian citizenship photos?

Neither CVS nor Walgreens offers digital copies of your citizenship or passport photos – you can only get your photos in printed format. Not every CVS or Walgreens location will take pictures for a Canadian citizenship application, and you should contact them beforehand to ask about this photo service.

Is a Canadian passport photo the same as a Canadian citizenship photo?

They differ in some aspects – Canadian passport photos should measure 1.9″ x 2.7″ (50mm x 70mm) and the correct size for Canadian citizenship photos is 1.3″ x 2″ (35 mm x 53 mm). The height of your face in a Canadian passport photo must be between 1.22″ (31 mm) and 1.41″ (36 mm), and in an application for Canadian citizenship, it must be between 0.98″ (25 mm) and 1.37″ (35 mm).

Also, a Canadian passport picture cannot be older than 6 (six) months, and Canadian citizenship pictures must have been taken within the last 12 months.

What is the size of a Canadian citizenship photo?

A Canadian citizenship photo must be 1.3″ x 2″ (35 mm x 53 mm).

CVS or Walgreens passport photo for Canadian citizenship – wrap up

If you are applying to become a Canadian citizen or to renounce your Canadian citizenship, providing a printed or digital photo is a must.

Having your Canadian citizenship photo taken at CVS or Walgreens may be tricky, as not all of their US stores can guarantee that the picture will adhere to the official government requirements. You should contact your local store and find out if they’ll be willing to provide you with compliant photos for your Canadian citizenship application.

Let Passport Photo Online verify your pictures and rest assured that they will be compliant with the requirements set forth by the government of Canada.


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