Can You Travel on Felony Probation – A Definitive Answer

Can You Travel on Felony Probation—A Definitive Answer

Are you on probation and keep wondering if you can travel? Can you receive consent for a trip? Who has jurisdiction over such matters?

This blog post will give you a straight answer as to if you can travel on felony probation. You’ll learn who has the authority to enable a felon to move despite probation and what kind of travel may be permitted.

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Can you travel while on felony probation?

The purpose of probation is to limit a person’s movement and keep them in one state for surveillance. Formal probation, assigned to felony offenders, always requires supervision. That means that the subject must first report any attempt at travel. Even driving from one city to another requires reporting to their assigned supervisor.

Without judicial permission or approval from a probation officer, a criminal’s ability to travel is severely limited. 

That being said, you can still attempt to bypass travel restrictions while on felony probation by asking for permission. In order to gain the right to travel, you need to contact your supervisor. Your probation officer may decide to let you travel. You need to:

  • explain your travel plans (where you want to go, when, for how long, etc.);
  • describe the emergency that requires you to travel (when applicable);
  • be ready to provide reports to the probation officer.

The more cooperative a person under probation is, the higher the chances of getting approval for travel. Gaining the trust of your assigned probation officer is crucial in acquiring permission to travel despite felony probation. 

You must also be ready to stay in contact with the officer to avoid any mix-ups. They will want to make sure you stick to the plan.

If your legal infringement was a minor offense, getting permission to travel out of your immediate area may be straightforward. First-time offenders will have an easier time getting permission.

The harshness of travel restrictions is based on a number of factors:

  • the nature of the law breach (if it was a misdemeanor or a felony);
  • the felon’s habits or tendencies;
  • the criminal’s employment status.

The misdemeanor and felony probation can also allow you to travel for work purposes. That will, however, require the approval of a judge.

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Traveling on felony probation without consent

If you decide to travel outside the city or state without informing the probation officer, you will be penalized. According to The Ansara Law Firm, a probation violation will result in the felon being arrested without a warrant. The felon will be brought in front of the court soon after.

The penalty for breaking probation rules is a prison sentence.

Traveling abroad on felony probation

The case of how far you can travel on felony probation is essentially a matter of acquiring a court order. You can fly out of the U.S. while still on probation if you get an order from a judge. You do that by appearing in court and asking for travel approval. Reasons for such travel include:

  • accepting a new job offer;
  • being closer to family.

However, you will still be assigned a probation officer.

Can you travel on felony probation – conclusion

If you wish to travel while on felony probation, you need to secure either a court order from a judge or a permit from your assigned probation officer.

If you cooperate with your supervisor, you are allowed to travel interstate. 

A court order is another way of acquiring the ability to travel despite formal probation. Staying closer to family or pursuing a new job are two arguments that will be respected in court.

Traveling on felony probation: FAQ

Here’s where you’ll find common questions about how to travel while on felony probation. You’ll learn about the rules surrounding travel restrictions in light of criminal offenses.

Can I travel while on probation in Florida?

You will need a court order to travel. That includes traveling abroad, as well as interstate travel. You may ask a judge to set up a rule allowing you to drive between your workplace and home.

How far can you travel on felony probation?

You can appear in front of a judge and gain a court order. Once you’ve secured it, you can legally leave the United States of America while still on formal probation. How far you can travel largely depends on what argumentation you use, whether staying close to family or accepting a job offer abroad.

Is it safe to travel if you are on felony probation?

Felony probation requires preemptive consultation with a probation officer before moving outside the city or state. Traveling without their approval is punishable and will end in a court case. The felon will receive a prison sentence.

Can you move on felony probation?

Yes, you can move even under formal probation. Moving from one state to another and essentially transferring probation is possible thanks to the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.


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