Passport Photo in Manhattan

With its 1.69 million people residing on 22.82 mi² of available living space, Manhattan is one of the most densely populated regions on the planet. What do locals do when they need a passport photo in Manhattan? Luckily, many options cater to residents’ needs and preferences. 

With this comprehensive guide on getting a photo for passport in Manhattan, there’s no need to spend hours searching the internet. All the information you require is conveniently listed below–including big brand names, local mom n’ pops, and everything in between (all with updated prices).

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US passport photos in Manhattan at acceptance facilities

Before listing the brand-name chains and local businesses, it’s worth mentioning that many US passport acceptance facilities offer passport photo services (strictly for US passports) in the same building. To find a location nearby, use the US Department of State’s Facility Search Page and be sure to select the “Photo On-site” option. 

With just a little under 30 acceptance facilities in Manhattan (all of them US post offices), residents have many options for getting passport photos and submitting their US passport applications in the same building. Some of the more popular locations include:

  • Inwood Station, 90 Vermilyea Avenue, 10034, NY 
  • Grand Central Station, 450 Lexington Avenue, 10017, NY
  • Church Street Station; 90 Church Street, 10007, NY.

Passport photos cost $15 (per set) at all United States Postal Service (USPS) locations and require making an appointment on the USPS website beforehand. For more detailed instructions, read through our guide to USPS appointments

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Passport photos in Manhattan–the brand-name chains

No appointments available on the USPS scheduler? Good thing there are plenty of brand-name chains that offer walk-in passport photos downtown in NYC (as well as one that requires appointments). Let’s have a closer look at what’s out there.

The UPS Store

With 52 locations in Manhattan, there’s always a UPS store within walking distance of any Manhattan postal code. Besides its world-famous shipping services, did you know most  UPS stores offer passport photos? At $11.99 for 2 (two) passport photos, they are one of the cheapest options, but be sure to book an appointment on their website, as walk-in photo services are unavailable. Store hours vary depending on the location but are generally between 9 am and 6 pm. 


Approximately 50 FedEx stores can be found in Manhattan; most offer passport photo services. With no appointment necessary and passport photos costing $15, FedEx can be an attractive option, provided there isn’t a long line of customers when you arrive. Most stores are open 8 am – 7 pm, and just like the UPS Store, FedEx does not explicitly mention passport photo for baby as a provided service.   


Over 20 locations of the iconic pharmacy chain can be found in Manhattan. While not all CVS locations offer passport photo services, the ones that do will charge you $16.99 for 2 (two) standard US passport photos. You can easily get your CVS passport photos taken without making an appointment, but it’s always a good idea to call your preferred location beforehand to confirm availability.

Try these popular locations:

  • 1500 Lexington Avenue (212) 289-3846
  • 253 1st Avenue (212) 254-1454
  • 1569 1st Avenue (212) 249-5198


With more than 20 locations available to Manhattan residents, Walgreens Passport Photo and their subsidiary, Duane Reade, are also thoroughly represented on the island. Similarly priced to their main competitor, the chain offers 2 (two) passport photos for $16.99. Likewise, no appointments are necessary, but be sure to call ahead and inquire whether your nearest location offers passport photo services.   

Why not give these locations a call?

  • 530 5th Avenue (212) 687-8641
  • 459 Broadway (212) 219-2658

Want to know where you can get baby (or adult) passport photos without an appointment, any day and at any time? With Passport Photo Online, that’s how.  

Passport photo services in Manhattan–the local businesses 

For those who prefer to support local businesses, many mom n’ pop photo studios service the various parts of Manhattan. Aside from Passport Photo Online’s highly-rated tool, these retailers are where customers will most likely get international passport photos for passport renewals. 

Need a passport photo for a Greek passport renewal, or maybe you’re looking to renew a Chinese passport in the US and need an acceptable picture? Whatever the case, these mom n’ pops are your best bet–especially for specialty passport photos. 

To make things easier, we’ve done the research and divided Manhattan into three convenient sections to present our final list.

Upper Manhattan

Loosely defined as the area above 96th Street (I’m not looking to start a fight here), area residents have 2 excellent choices for local passport photos.

Columbia Copy Center 

Located at 2808 Broadway between 108th and 109th street, Columbia Copy Center has been serving Upper West Side residents since 1988. According to the store’s website, 2×2” passport photos cost $13.99 for 2 (two) photos and $21.99 for 4 (four). Walk-ins are welcome between 8 am – 8 pm, Mon-Fri, and 10 am – 7 pm on weekends. 

Pro Image

Established in 1996, Pro Image has been a fixture of the Upper West Side. Serving customers Monday to Friday, 10 am – 7 pm, and 10 am – 6 pm on weekends, the photo service provider is located at 2510 Broadway. Pro Image offers 2 (two) 2×2 inch or 35mm x 45 mm passport photos for $19.95. 

Baby passport photos and other specialty services (e.g., Green Card Lottery photos, Canadian passport photos, etc.) cost $29.95 for 2 (two) prints.       

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown, or the area between 34th Street and 59th Street, has many independent retailers residents can support. For example, to get a quality passport photo in Midtown East, at prices similar to the brand name chains, visit one of the following locations.


Located at 805 3rd Avenue on the second floor, walk-ins are always welcome at ThisPix. Since 1986, the retailer has been priding itself on its extensive passport and document photo service, supplying biometric photos for US documents and those of over 20 countries (e.g., EU countries, Ukraine, Japan, etc.). 

Also, with all passport photos universally priced at $15.99, the retailer is an excellent choice for customers wishing to obtain/renew their foreign passport(s).   

Doi Camera 

Located at 51 East 46th Street, Doi Camera offers Midtown residents passport photos for almost every country in the world. While the number of countries is impressive, the pricing varies widely, and at present, the sore hours are quite limited. Currently, a set of 2 (two) US passport photos costs $15.95, 2 (two) Canadian passport photos cost $25, and baby passport photos are even pricier (up to an additional $25, according to the store’s website).   

What about getting a passport photo in Midtown West Manhattan? Why not try our highly-rated app (we have over 3,800 5⭐ reviews on TrustPilot), available on Android and iOS devices, and save yourself the trip Midtown.

Lower Manhattan

Last but not least (especially since it holds the Financial District), we have the following 2 Lower Manhattan mom n’ pops.

Sammy’s Photo Lab 

Located at 27 Essex Street, Sammy’s Photo Lab is a cash-only business that offers 2 (two) US passport photos for under $10. A darling of Reddit and Google reviews (with an average score of 4.4⭐), the store is open every day except Saturdays, 9 am – 7 pm. 

Bleeker Digital Solutions

Open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 5 pm (passport photo services are walk-in only and stop at 5 pm despite the store staying open until 7 pm), and Saturdays, 12 pm – 5 pm, Bleeker Digital Solutions promises to get you in and out the door in roughly 15 minutes. Located at 85 Kenmare Street, pricing for photos begins at $18 for 2 (two) US passport photos and goes up to $38 for 4 (four) Canadian citizenship/visa photos. Baby passport photos are $22 for 2 (two).

Why the price discrepancy between baby passport photos and adult ones? And what do all these establishments have against Canada? For uniform prices on all passport photos, try Passport Photo Online’s handy app available on Android and iOS devices.

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Passport Photo Online’s single-price guarantee

Here at Passport Photo Online, we feel that baby passport photos, Canadian passport photos, or any other passport photo, for that matter, should cost the same. That’s why we offer 2 (two) passport photos and 1 (one) digital copy for only $16.95, delivered anywhere in the US at no additional charge.  

Why deal with limited store hours or having to travel long distances to get passport photos at a fair price—getting a compliant biometric photo should be as easy as downloading an app on your phone.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Download our app or visit our web-based tool and find out for yourself. With an average rating of 4.5⭐ on TrustPilot and thousands of satisfied customers, there’s a better way to get passport photos in Manhattan, New York, or anywhere else in the country.  

Passport Photo Online■ Available 24/7
■ No appointments or waiting in line100%
■ Compliance or double your money back guarantee
■ Possibility of getting passport photos for any country 
■ Requires a stable internet connection and some technical knowledge
■ Online payments only 
Pharmacies■ Walk-in service
■ Consistent quality and refund policy for non-compliant photos
■ Special promotions and coupons are occasionally available
■ Limited operating hours (although some offer 24-hour service)
■ Potentially long lines
■ Limited options for international photos & baby photos
Retail shipping providers■ Competitive pricing
■ Walk-in service (FedEx) and appointments (The UPS Store) available
■ Consistent quality
■ Many locations to choose from
■ Unclear policy regarding baby photos
■ Only US passport photos offered
■ Limited store hours
Photo studios■ Very competitive prices at some locations
■ Physical prints for both US and  international passports (some locations)
■ Warm feeling for supporting local businesses
■ Widely varying prices depending on services rendered
■ Limited store hours with potential for long lines & wait times
■ Inconsistent quality and lack of acceptance guarantee (at some locations)

Getting passport photos in Manhattan: FAQ 

Read through the following questions and answers related to the topic for more information about getting a passport photo in Manhattan.

Where can I take passport photos in Manhattan?

Many options exist. Big-brand retailers such as the UPS Store, CVS, and Walgreens offer passport photo services in Manhattan. Alternatively, customers can visit independent photo studios or use a popular app like Passport Photo Online to get their photos done. 

Where can I get a passport photo in Manhattan 24/7?

Download Passport Photo Online’s app on Android and iOS to get a passport photo on your schedule anytime and anywhere.   

Where can I take a baby passport photo in Manhattan?

Get baby passport photos without dragging your child across Midtown with Passport Photo Online. Snap your picture when your child is cooperating, and we’ll deliver compliant passport photos to any address in the US–your photos are also guaranteed to be accepted by the relevant authorities. 

Where can I take photos for a Polish passport in Manhattan?

Midtown Copy, located at 249 E 55th St. does Polish passport photos. Alternatively, you could use a highly-rated app, Passport Photo Online, to get quality photos with only a few clicks.  

Where to get a passport photo in Lower Manhattan?

Sammy’s Photo Lab, located at 27 Essex Street, is a popular spot for passport photos. Or, you could skip the lines and use your phone to snap the perfect passport photo with Passport Photo Online.  

Where to get a passport photo in Midtown Manhattan?

There’s Midtown Copy, ThisPix, and Doi Camera. There’s also the possibility of using a popular app like Passport Photo Online (we have over a million downloads on Google Play) to bypass the lines and save yourself a trip to Midtown. 

Where to make a passport photo in Manhattan?

The best place to make a passport photo in Manhattan is from the comfort of your own home. Download Passport Photo Online’s app on Android and iOS and make your photo in seconds. Then, print the photo at home or choose to have it delivered–all without stepping foot outside.

Where to take 2×2 passport photo in Manhattan?

2×2 inch passport photos are standard US passport photos that can be taken at brand name pharmacies (CVS and Walgreens), retailers (The UPS Store, Walmart, Target), local mom n’ pop photo studios, or by using popular mobile applications such as Passport Photo Online.   

Cheapest passport photo in Manhattan–where to get it?

Sammy’s Photo Lab (cash-only business) at 27 Essex Street sells 2 (two) US passport photos for under $10. Individuals can also try to DIY their own passport photos for free using the Department of State’s web-based tool.

Is there a passport photo vending machine on 42nd street in Manhattan?

Residents looking for passport photos in Midtown, NYC, can visit the CVS located at 500 W 42 Street. Alternatively, Manhattanites can get a passport photo vending machine in their pockets by downloading Passport Photo Online on either Android or iOS.

Where to get a passport photo around Hudson street, Manhattan?

Plenty of options for passport photos can be found near Hudson Street, including the Village Station Post Office located at 201 Varick Street. For walk-in photos, there’s a Walgreens nearby at 352 Greenwich street

Photo for passport in West Village Manhattan–where can I get one?

There’s a FedEx Office that does passport photos located at 229 W 4th Street in West Village. Besides that, there’s Passport Photo Online–a service that lets anyone get quality passport photos in only a few clicks.


Residents of Manhattan have a lot of choices when it comes to getting passport photos done. Do they want to pay extra for baby passport photos and foreign passport renewals (as with some independent retailers), or would they rather get quality passport photos for a uniform and fair price with Passport Photo Online?

There’s also the question of convenience: brick-and-mortar stores have set store hours that not everyone finds favorable. Get your passport photo in Midtown East, the Financial District, or anywhere else in NYC on your terms with Passport Photo Online–all for less than the brand-name retailers charge.

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