Where to Take Passport Photos in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

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Searching where to get a passport photo and not getting anywhere?

Look no further! This ultimate guide will walk you through the best in-person and online options for having United States passport photos taken in 2023.

Prepare to say cheese as we explore the various locations and compare their offerings.

Finally, we’ll share some essential tips to ensure you find the best place for your passport pictures.

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Here at Passport Photo Online, we tend to believe that the best place for taking a passport photo is your home. In fact, any place will do as long as you have your phone around! Install our app (Passport Photo Maker App for Android or Passport Photo Booth App for iOS) and breeze through the process in minutes.

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Where can I get a passport photo in person?

When it comes to taking passport photos in person, there are several options available to you:

  • Passport acceptance facilities
  • Pharmacies
  • Professional photographic studios
  • AAA offices
  • Commercial shippers
  • Walmart
  • Photo booths

Whether you prefer a professional touch or require a quick and easy solution (e.g., while shopping), we’ll find a place to meet your needs. Let’s take a closer look at each option: 

Passport acceptance facilities

A graphic showing a county clerk’s office, a USPS office, and a public library as options for getting passport photos done.

Your safe bets for in-person passport photos include your local:

However, be sure to double-check that your local clerk of the court, post office, or library provides passport services by visiting the U.S. Department of State passport acceptance facility finder website, entering your ZIP code, and checking the “Photo On-site” box.

Although most acceptance facilities will require an appointment, many have staff on-site who can assist with filling out your DS-11 application and answer any questions you may have about the process—some even offer expedited services for an additional fee, which can be helpful if you need your passport quickly.

Passport pictures are uniformly priced at $15 per set at all USPS outlets. County Clerk’s offices and libraries have varied pricing, generally in the $12–16 range.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done at passport acceptance facilities in a side-by-side list format


A pharmacy depicted in clipart style.

Chain pharmacies like: 

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Duane Reade (a Tri-State subsidiary of Walgreens)

often provide passport photo services, and they can be easily found in most neighborhoods.

These locations are typically open late and on weekends, making it easy to fit in a photo session around your busy schedule. Best of all, no appointment is necessary, so you can walk in at any time for a new photo.

All three pharmacy chains have uniform pricing set at $16.99 for two passport-size photos.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done at pharmacies in a side-by-side list format

Professional photographic studios

A clipart depiction of a camera with the flash going off.

For those who prefer a more personalized experience, professional photography studios can provide high-quality passport photos. Most studios often have experience with passport photos for other countries and will take, process, and develop your passport photos within the hour.

To find your nearest professional studio, type “passport photo near me” into Google with your smartphone’s location services switched on.

Prices for biometric photo services vary greatly (anywhere from single digits to $200+).

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done at photo studios in a side-by-side list format

AAA offices

A clipart depiction of a car driving down the freeway with a AAA sign hovering above it.

American Automobile Association (AAA) offices often offer travel services, including passport photos for members at a discounted price.

If you’re planning a trip and need a passport picture, it may be worth checking with your local AAA office to see if they offer this service.

In addition to passport photos, AAA can also assist with travel planning, booking flights and hotels, and more.

One set of two standard US passport photos will set AAA Classic members back $8.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done at AAA facilities in a side-by-side list format

Commercial shippers

UPS requires customers to book an appointment beforehand.

The UPS Store provides future travelers with US passport photos that are the correct size and quality mandated by the US State Department.

The commercial shipper requires users to book an appointment in advance and charges customers $11.99 per set of photos.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done at commercial shipping facilities in a side-by-side list format


A clipart depiction of a Walmart supercenter with a shopping cart at its side.

No section on in-person passport photo providers would be complete without mentioning Walmart

The mega-store chain offers passport photo services at any location with a photo center service—all at a very competitive price point ($7.44 per set).

Using the big-box alternative, customers can get their US passport photos and do their weekly shopping all at the same location.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done at Walmart in a side-by-side list format

Pro Tip: Until recently, Target stores also offered in-person passport photos. However, Target’s in-store photo service is no longer available—it’s now entirely online (and under a different name). 

Photo booths

A clipart depiction of a photo booth.

Usually located in shopping malls or other areas with high pedestrian traffic, photo booths can provide users with biometric photos for new passport applications and renewals. Nowadays, modern booths are also capable of sending digital prints directly to your email.

Customers can expect to pay around $15 for passport photo prints.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done at photo booths in a side-by-side list format

Where can I take a passport photo online?

If getting to an in-person location is not feasible, or if you prefer the convenience of taking your passport photo from home, several online platforms provide this service. Here are some popular online options.

Passport Photo Online

Passport Photo Online is your one-stop passport picture provider—all from the comfort of home.

Offers a simple and convenient solution for creating and printing high-quality passport photos from the comfort of your home.

The website allows users to upload photos, while the dedicated applications (available for iOS and Android devices) allow them to snap photos with their smartphone’s camera. The images are then automatically resized and formatted to meet the specific requirements of your country’s passport application.

All that’s left is downloading and printing the photos yourself or having them delivered to your doorstep, all for the low price of {digital=price} + $3.00 for printing (optional) with free shipping.


iVisa is a service that provides customers with passport photos.

Provides a way to take and upload a passport picture that meets the specific requirements of your destination country.

The service costs $9.09 for one photo and includes a review by iVisa’s team of experts to ensure that your photo meets all necessary requirements.

Once approved, you can download the photo and use it for your visa or passport application or opt for physical prints to be delivered.


Another online provider of passport pictures is 123passportphoto.com

Claims to make passport photos that meet the requirements of the United States government.

The service costs $9 and allows users to take their own photos or upload existing pictures to their website. Customers are then offered a digital copy they can print themselves.

The entire process takes only a few minutes, making it a great option for busy travelers.


epassportphoto.com allows users to get quality passport photos with only their cell phones—quickly and conveniently.

ePassportPhoto.com offers a simple process to take and create passport photos from home.

They provide both free and premium services, with the premium option including a compliance check and removal of shadows and/or red-eye.

Pricing is set at:

  • $13.95 for a digital passport photo
  • $16.95 for the digital image and print delivery to any address in the US

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Comparison of passport photo locations

Getting a passport photo can be a daunting task. 

But it doesn’t have to be— 

With so many options available, it’s important to consider various factors before deciding where to get your passport picture taken. Here are some additional details to help you make an informed decision.

A bar graph comparing the various places to get passport photos according to cost, convenience, speed, additional services, and customer service.


While cost is an important factor, it’s not always the most important. Some places may offer lower prices, but the quality of the photo may not be up to par. Be sure to read the reviews of any private photo studios or mobile apps you’re considering using, as it’s crucial to balance cost with quality when selecting a passport photo provider. 


One key metric when it comes to getting your passport picture taken is convenience. If you’d rather not take a passport photo at home, consider a location that is close to your home or workplace or one that is located near other services you require. For example, Walmart offers passport photo services so you can get your groceries and photos all at the same place.


The quality of your passport picture is essential to ensuring your application gets accepted. Be wary of services that do not adhere to the strict passport photo requirements, as your application can get rejected due to unacceptable passport photos. That’s why it’s important to choose a location or service that has experience in taking passport photos and can guarantee that your photo meets all the necessary quality standards mandated by the Department of State.


If you’re in a rush, speed may be the most important factor for you. Some locations, such as pharmacies, photo booths, or dedicated photography studios, offer instant prints, which can be a lifesaver if you need your passport photo quickly. However, be prepared to pay a premium for this service, and you may find yourself waiting in line with other customers. 

For the fastest option, upload or snap a digital passport photo at home, then print it on the go using any commercial photo printing service.  

Additional services

Some passport photo locations offer additional services that may be useful to you. For example, some online services offer photo retouching or editing, which can help improve the overall quality of your photo. Likewise, using online services grants you the ability to retake your photo as many times as you like.

The option to print passport photos, pick them up in-store, or have them delivered to your home address can also save you time and hassle.

Customer service

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of good customer service. A friendly and knowledgeable staff can make all the difference when it comes to getting your passport photo taken. Look for locations that have good reviews and a reputation for excellent customer service. 

For online applications, look for prompt replies on independent third-party review websites such as Trustpilot, as they are indicative of the caliber of service you can expect to receive using the app. 

Also, while online customer service may not be able to welcome you cordially at the door, they will double-check the photo you submit against the government requirements and let you know if it’s all right. 

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you have a smooth and stress-free experience when getting your passport photo taken. Whether you choose an in-person location or an online service, be sure to do your research and choose a location that meets all your needs.

Where to go for a passport photo—tips

Now that you know where to get your passport photo taken, it’s important to remember a few key tips to ensure that your photo meets all of the requirements. For example:

Also, while taking a passport photo online can be convenient, be sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Follow the application’s instructions carefully to ensure that your photo meets the government’s requirements. This includes factors such as the size of the photo, the background color, and the positioning of your face and body
  • Consider the quality of the photo. While online platforms may offer editing services to enhance your image, it’s still important to start with a passport photo that isn’t blurry or pixelated 
  • Take the photo in a well-lit area using proper contrast and exposure
  • Use a service with a bulletproof compliance guarantee. Most reputable companies will offer a refund and free passport photos should your photos get rejected by passport agents. Passport Photo Online does one better—we guarantee your photos will be accepted, or we’ll refund double your purchase cost

By following these tips, you can ensure that you get a clear and professional-looking passport photo that meets all the requirements set by the government. This will help make the process of applying for a passport much smoother and less stressful.

Where to have passport photos taken: FAQs

Still wondering, “Where can I get a passport photo taken?” Check out these frequently asked questions for more answers.

Where is the best place to get a passport photo?

The best place to get passport photos is the one that works for you. If you live next to one of the stores mentioned in the article, then choosing a nearby location may be the best option. Need a digital passport picture for an online passport renewal? Then Passport Photo Online is the best choice.

Can I take a passport photo with my phone?

Yes, you can. Taking passport photos with an iPhone (or any other smartphone brand) is possible when using an app that transforms your photo to conform with official passport photo regulations (we’re kinda partial to Passport Photo Online).

Where can I get my passport picture taken near me?

Go to your phone’s settings and turn on location services. Then, open your browser of choice and type “passport photos near me” to see what pops up. Chances are, there will be several options nearby 😉

What does UPS charge for passport photos?

UPS charges $11.99 per set of 2 US passport photos. The commercial shipper also requires customers to make an appointment beforehand.

How much is a passport photo at CVS?

CVS, along with other national pharmacy chains, charges $16.99 for 2 US passport photos.

Where is the quickest place to get a passport photo?

Use a smartphone application, such as Passport Photo Online, to get a digital passport picture in minutes. For physical prints, your best bet is to go to your nearest CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart (*fingers crossed* that the line isn’t too long).

Is it cheaper to get passport photos at Walgreens?

Walgreens, and other national pharmacy chains, may be cheaper than some professional studios; however, charging $16.99 for 2 US passport photos makes pharmacies one of the more expensive options for getting passport photos done.

Best place for passport photos—final thoughts

When it comes to passport photography, multiple options are available for both in-person and online services. Therefore, customers must carefully evaluate each location based on cost, convenience, quality, and personal preferences to make the best decision.

To summarize, here’s a handy list of the best places where you can take a passport photo:

  • Passport acceptance facilities
  • Pharmacies (e.g., Walgreens, CVS, and Duane Reade)
  • Photography studios
  • AAA centers
  • Commercial shippers (e.g., The UPS Store)
  • Walmart
  • Photo booths
  • Online passport photo apps

Have a look at our comparison graph, keep the helpful tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to submitting the perfect passport photo online or in person at the passport acceptance facility. Happy travels!

Ready to get started? Upload a photo now to experience the ultimate convenience of getting your passport photos from home!

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