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If you are one of the 5 million Chinese citizens who currently live in the US and find yourself needing to do a Chinese passport renewal, I’m here to inform you that the process has been completely overhauled since 2021.  

The procedure to renew a People’s Republic of China (PROC) passport while living in the US no longer requires a visit to the Chinese Embassy or one of its 5 (five) Consulates, as the process has moved entirely online!

Keep reading our how-to guide to find out everything you need to know about Chinese passport renewal in the US, including info about the required documents, the Chinese Consular WeChat APP, and processing fees.  

Chinese passport renewal in the US–required documents

Prior to installing the China Consular Affairs WeChat APP, Chinese passport holders are encouraged to gather all the necessary documents listed below, and to prepare digital copies of said documents (in JPEG format; individual file size not exceeding 5MB) for online submission.  

  • current passport’s ID photo page; any pages with apostilles (if applicable); 
  • 1 (one) compliant Chinese passport photo adhering to government regulations;
  • Proof of one’s long-term residence address featuring the applicant’s name on one of the following:
    • state-issued driver’s license
    • utility bill (water, gas, garbage disposal, etc.)
    • bank or credit card statement

If a minor cannot provide proof of address with their name written on one of the above documents, the parent’s or legal guardian’s proof of address can be used in addition to proof of parental relationship (with said minor). To establish proof of relationship, the parent or guardian must include the following documents during submission: 

  • Birth certificate (for minors living with parents) or authorization agreement granted by a power of attorney to the legal guardians of the minor (for minors living with legal guardians).
  • A prepared statement from the parent or legal guardian stating the minor’s address and living situation.

Additional documents (determined on a case-by-case basis) may need to be prepared in physical and digital copies for submission via the app. These may include:

  • Chinese Household Registration Book, ID card, birth notarization, or any other materials that can prove the applicant’s Chinese nationality (along with this supplementary form).
  • Documents supporting official name change (if applicable)
  • Green Card
  • For lost or stolen passports, applicants must fill out an explanation form (if applicable)

Finally, for Chinese passport applications for citizens under the age of 16 (sixteen), the parent(s) must provide the following documentation:

  • a copy of the minor’s birth certificate
  • a copy of the father’s passport
  • a copy of the mother’s passport
  • Declaration of Consent to Apply for a Minor’s Passport / Travel Certificate signed by both parents

If one of the parents cannot provide a declaration of consent, the situation must be explained in writing. 

If the custody of the child belongs to only one parent (due to divorce), supporting materials, such as a copy of the court decision should also be provided.

If the passport application is submitted by a legal guardian who is not the parent of the minor, a copy of the guardian’s passport, a notarized copy of a power of attorney (granted by the parents or other authorized guardians), and the Declaration of Consent to Apply for a Passport/Travel Document for a Minor must be submitted.

Chinese passport renewal–the WeChat APP

Chinese citizens residing in the United States must apply for a passport renewal by installing the Chinese Consular WeChat APP on their preferred mobile device. To do so, simply scan the QR Code listed below using WeChat’s scanner function, and you’ll be all set to go.

A QR code readers can scan to access the China Consular affairs WeChat app.

Once the app is installed, follow the step-by-step instructions (available in Mandarin only at the time of writing) by filling out all the required fields as prompted. 

The application will then instruct users to verify their passport renewal application with advanced facial recognition technology, and instruct them to mail physical copies (when prompted by the APP) of all the necessary documents to either the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. or one of the 5 (five) PROC consulates situated throughout the US. 

The exact mailing address for the documents is determined by one’s place of long-term residence in the US. Important! The Embassy and Consulates exclusively service specific US states, so be sure to find out which Consulate General location provides passport services for your particular state of residence. 

Chinese passport renewal–document submission & fees

When the Chinese Consul APP changes your application’s status to “under review,” it’s time to mail all of the supporting documents and proof of payment to the PROC embassy or consulate servicing the State where you reside in the US. Important! Please write your State (e.g., Arizona) + Chinese name + HZ replacement on the front of the envelope.

Listed below, Chinese nationals can find a typical list of documents that must be mailed to the embassy or consul general’s office: 

  1. original Chinese passport;
  2. Printed screenshot copy of the order information page from the Chinese Consular WeChat APP;
  3. 2 (two) passport-size photos adhering to Chinese regulations;
  4. Commitment letter of application for a Chinese Passport Travel Permit with the applicant’s original signature;
  5. Printed copies of all supporting materials (e.g., driver’s license, utility bill, bank statement, etc.);
  6. Proof of payment (via WeChat),  Money Order, or Cashier’s Check (do not sign the back) made payable to “Chinese Embassy” for $23/person (unfortunately, there’s no expedited or rush service available for passport renewals);
  7. Return USPS envelope (with tracking) with your return mailing address clearly printed on the front (with paid postage);
  8. Printed copies of all documents required for applicants under the age of 16 (described above)

All that’s left now is to wait for your new Chinese passport to arrive. Be sure to monitor the status of the application in the Consular WeChat APP and use the USPS tracking system (associated with the provided return envelope) to track your new passport.

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Chinese passport renewal: FAQ

Read through the following frequently asked questions to learn all about the new Chinese passport renewal process in the US. 

How to renew a Chinese passport in the US?

Applicants must prepare all necessary documents and upload them to the Chinese Consular WeChat APP. When the APP status changes to “under review,” they must mail all physical copies and proof of payment to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate that holds jurisdiction in their area of residence.

How many photos are needed for Chinese passport renewal?

You will need 3 (three) biometric photos for the renewal: 1 (one) digital photo for submission via the WeChat APP and 2 (two) physical prints for submission by mail.

Chinese passport renewal cost–how much is it?

The cost for a new passport is $23 per person. This price does not include external costs such as the price of passport photos, or the return postage applicants must provide when applying for Chinese passport renewal.

How to renew a Chinese passport in Los Angeles?

First, download the Chinese Consular APP on your mobile device. Next, when prompted by the Consular APP, mail all necessary documents to the PROC Consulate in Los Angeles located at 443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA. 90020.

Chinese passport renewal NYC–where to get it done?

Download the China Consular Affairs WeChat APP on your phone and follow the uploading instructions. Once you receive notification your passport renewal application is “under review” via the APP, mail all the necessary documents to the PROC Consulate in New York located at 520 12th Ave, New York, NY. 10036.

How to renew a Chinese passport in Chicago?

Get the China Consular Affairs WeChat APP and carefully follow the instructions. When prompted to mail all required documents, send them using USPS to the PROC Consulate in Chicago, 100 West Eirie Street, Chicago, IL. 60610.

Chinese passport renewal in D.C.–where to get it done?

After downloading the China Consular Affairs WeChat APP, wait for the notification to mail all necessary documents to the PROC’s Embassy located at 3505 International Place, N.W. Washington D.C., District of Columbia. 20008.

How to renew a Chinese passport in San Francisco?

You’re in luck. The Chinese Consulate is located right next door. Download the Chinese Consular APP on your smartphone, upload scans of all necessary documents, then send all your documents by mail (when prompted by the APP) to PROC Consulate in San Francisco, 1450 Laguna St, San Francisco, CA. 94115.

Chinese passport renewal Houston–where to get it done?

Texas residents (including residents of Houston) can mail their documents to the PROC Consulate in Houston, 3417 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX. 77006. However, it is important to first download the China Consular Affairs WeChat APP and only mail the documents when instructed to do so by the APP.

How do I renew my Chinese passport in Seattle?

Citizens of Seattle need to download the China Consular Affairs WeChat App, then send their documents by USPS mail to the Consulate General in San Francisco. The consulate’s address is 1450 Laguna St, San Francisco, CA. 94115.

How to apply for a Chinese passport in Denver?

If you live in Denver, you must download the Chinese Consular WeChat APP, then mail all  necessary documents (when prompted by the APP) to the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, Illinois. The consulate’s mailing address is 100 West Eirie Street, Chicago, IL. 60610.

Chinese passport renewal in the US –final thoughts

China can now count itself amongst the few countries who have moved their passport renewal process almost entirely online. Simply download the China Consular Affairs WeChat APP and follow the instructions carefully. Then, wait for your passport application’s status to change to “under review” (in the APP) to mail the physical copies of your documents to the embassy or consulate servicing your place of residence. 

Now that Chinese passport renewal has moved online, why not get your Chinese passport photos using the newest technology as well? With Passport Photo Online, you get perfect passport photographs for the entire family with no appointments or waiting in line required. Most importantly, all photos procured through our service are guaranteed to be accepted by Chinese passport agents through our 100% acceptance or double your money back guarantee.  

That’s all there is to it.


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