Passport Photo Jewellery Requirements

Passport Photo Jewellery Requirements

Want to travel the world? First, you’ll need to ensure you have a valid passport. If you don’t, it’s time to apply for a new one. The UK passport application process has many stages, but possibly the most difficult is taking a suitable passport photo. You need to get to know the rules the UK Government has set out for what makes a satisfactory passport picture. There are even specific rules for how to wear jewellery in your passport photo! Luckily, we’re here to help – read on as we demystify the passport photo jewellery requirements, so you can get your picture taken with confidence.

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Can you wear jewellery in a passport photo?

There are three general themes concerning passport photo jewellery rules: your face needs to be visible, there can’t be any reflections and there can’t be any shadows. Remember, your passport picture needs to carry your biometric information so that your passport picture is valid.

Earrings in a passport photo

In general, earrings will be allowed in your passport photo. However, larger earrings, particularly ones that dangle, may obstruct your face, create reflections or cause shadowing. Therefore, it would probably be a good idea to choose a smaller set, or even just use studs, that won’t create any of these problems.

Passport photo necklace rules

Necklaces are generally allowed in passport photos. The main concern with any accessory is that it might obscure your face, which is unlikely with a necklace. However, there may be an issue with reflections, which would affect the quality of the photo, depending on the size of your necklace. Our advice would therefore be to choose a smaller necklace, and one that is less likely to cause reflections.

Facial piercings in a passport photo 

This can be a bit trickier. The UK Home Office guidelines say that they may accept facial piercings like lip rings and nose rings in passport photos. However, they also reinforce the message that your face must be visible, saying that having lots of facial piercings can interfere with the photo’s ability to hold biometric information. The issue of reflection comes up again here, as well, with larger piercings having the potential to interfere with the photo’s integrity.

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Summing up

When the passport photo jewellery rules are all laid out like that, it seems a lot easier, doesn’t it? What’s important to remember are the rules of thumb I mentioned above, keep your face visible, avoid reflections and avoid shadows. There are, of course, variations for different types of jewellery, but a lot of the rules on how to wear accessories boil down to these three.


Can you wear earrings in your passport photo?

Yes, you can wear earrings in your passport photo! Just make sure that they aren’t too big or elaborate, as this can cause problems, e.g. covering your face, creating reflections or shadows.

Can you wear a necklace in your passport photo?

Necklaces are fine to wear in passport photos, as they’re unlikely to cover your face. Just make sure it is not likely to cause a reflection, and your photo should be accepted.

Can I have piercings in my passport photo?

Facial piercings are less likely to be accepted, particularly if you wear a large number of them. The UK Government advises that you take your piercings out before taking the photo, so they don’t interfere with the biometrics, so that’s the safest option.


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