Renew a French Passport in the UK—Step by Step Guide

Are you currently in the United Kingdom and need to renew your French passport? Can you renew a French passport in the UK? 

In this blog post, you will find out how to arrange the renewal of your French passport, as well as what to bring with you. We’ll explain where you need to go, what fees are included in the renewal process, and how long you might have to wait for your new passport to find its way to you.

Renewing French passports in the UK—the basics

Renewing your French passport can be arranged while you’re in the UK and it will resemble the application process to when you first applied in France.

Your current passport will be considered an essential item on the list of documents you’ll need to bring. If, however, the passport you’re carrying right now expired more than 5 (five) years ago, you will have to prepare other documents. You need to show confirmation that you are a French citizen during the renewal meeting. Appropriate documentation includes:

  • a French national photo ID;
  • a birth certificate confirming your nationality.

However, you can renew a French passport in the UK before its expiration date. The recommended time to begin the renewal process is generally half a year before the expiry date.

French citizens must file for a replacement passport through consular services, which means you will need to show up at a French consulate.

Renewing a passport for French nationals usually takes roughly 4 (four) weeks. Passports are produced in France, so you must also consider how long it will take to transport your future travel document back to the UK.

Renewing minor French passports in the UK

You can apply for a passport renewal for your child in their name if they are under 18 (eighteen) years of age and you are their legal guardian.

At least one parent or guardian needs to accompany the child to the meeting and be present for the entirety of the application process.

Every child older than 12 (twelve) years old also needs to come with you to collect their passport.

How to renew a French passport in the UK—the first step

The first thing you should know is where to turn up because attending an appointment in person is mandatory. French consulates will be able to assist you and provide passport services. There are 3 (three) consulates you might consider conveniently located:

  • 21 Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London;
  • 26 Forth Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne;
  • Lothian Chambers, W Parliament Square, Edinburgh.

Once you’ve decided on the consulate where to renew your passport, the next thing you need to arrange is a meeting. According to the website of the French consulate in London, you can schedule an appointment for passport renewal purposes either via email, phone call, or even in person.

You can also either log in or set up an account on the official French government website and fill in an online pre-application. It will facilitate the quicker acquisition of data by passport services in France.

In that case, should you wish to schedule a meeting by phone or via email, find the contact information for the consulate that’s closest to you.

Moreover, if you have lost your passport or had it stolen, you must also report this to the local police and the embassy or consulate you’re about to visit.

French passport renewal in the UK—the requirements

The second step on your journey is to prepare accordingly before your visit to the consulate. To renew your passport you are required to bring:

  • 2 (two) recent and valid passport photos (45mm x 35mm);
  • your current passport/a French photo ID (as confirmation of your nationality);
  • biometric data (to be completed at the location where you’ll be renewing your French passport);
  • a pre-application number (when applicable);
  • proof of your residence address (a utility bill, property tax receipt);
  • a sufficient passport fee or proof of payment (if you’ve paid the fee to the consulate already)

After you’ve submitted the passport application and the meeting has gone well, you will receive a text message on your phone whenever your new passport is ready to be picked up at the consulate.

Renewing French passports in the UK—fees

To successfully renew your passport, you will also need to cover the applicable passport payment. You can pay the fees either before your visit to the consulate or during the scheduled appointment. You can send the payment before submitting the application, addressing it to the consulate you will be visiting.

Submitting a French passport renewal application in the UK will cost €10 more than in France.

  • standard passport application issued abroad: €96;
  • passport renewal application issued abroad at an embassy or a consulate: €96;
  • passport application for children (0-14 years old) abroad: €27;
  • passport application for children aged 15-17: €52;
  • emergency passport additional fee: €45.

You can pay for passport services using a debit or credit card at the meeting. 

If you’ve already paid before the meeting, providing proof of payment will be crucial.

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Renewing French passports in the UK—summary

If you’re in need of a French passport renewal in the UK, you need to head to the nearest consulate or embassy. That’s where you will apply for a passport. You will attend a meeting and present a number of items and documents required, such as 2 (two) passport photos, your current passport, a pre-application number, proof of address, and sufficient payment.

The processing time for your new passport is 4 (four) weeks.

How to renew a French passport in the UK—FAQ

Here is where you will find the most commonly asked questions about French passport renewals in the UK.

Can I renew my French passport in the UK?

Yes, you can renew your French passport while in the United Kingdom. You need to set up a meeting with a French consulate and attend a scheduled appointment armed with means of payment, sufficient documents, like your current passport, proving your French citizenship and 2 (two) passport photos.

How do I renew my French passport in the UK?

To renew a French passport while in the United Kingdom you first need to agree upon a date for a meeting with a French consulate. You may also visit the official French government website and fill in a pre-application form, which will help passport services in France with data acquisition.

You need to bring your current passport to the meeting, as well as 2 (two) valid passport photos, proof of residence, and a pre-application number (when applicable). You will also need to either pay the passport fees or provide proof that you’ve already sent the required payment.

What do I need to renew my French passport?

To renew a French passport you need 2 (two) valid passport photos compliant with the French passport photo requirements. Moreover, you need to bring your passport, a pre-application number, and proof of your residence address. Last but not least, you must either provide evidence that you’ve already made the payment or pay the passport fees at the meeting.

How much does it cost to renew a French passport in the UK?

Renewing a French passport in the UK will cost an adult €96, while minor passports for children younger than 14 (fourteen) will cost €27. Getting passports for older minors will demand a fee of €52.

Additionally, emergency passports for both adults and minors will require you to pay an extra fee of €45.

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