Visa-Free Countries for Ghanaian Passport Holders in 2023

Visa-free Countries for Ghanaian Passport Holders

Ghanaian citizens can access 38 countries without having a visa.

Most of these nations are situated in Africa and Latin America.

Although it’s not even half of the world, it still makes traveling easier. Not only are there nations that provide visa-free entry for people with Ghanaian passports, but some give the possibility of obtaining a visa on arrival, eVisa, or an eTA.

That makes about 44% of the world easily accessible for Ghanaian citizens, which gives Ghanaians quite nice travel possibilities.

Read the article to find out which countries you can easily visit with a Ghanaian passport.

In this article regarding world accessibility for Ghanaian passport owners, you will read about:
Map and chart showing the percentage distribution of visa requirements for Ghanaian citizens
Visa-free countries38 (19%)
Visa on arrival countries20 (10%)
eVisa countries32 (16%)
eTA countries1 (0,5%)
Visa countries110 (56%)

How many countries can Ghanaian citizens travel to visa-free?

If you have a Ghanaian passport you can visit 38 countries without a visa. This means that you don’t have to worry about any more documents than your passport.

These countries are located in west and east Africa, insular America, Oceania, and east Asia.

What countries can Ghanaian citizens go to without a visa?

Nearly 35% of the world grants access without a regular visa to Ghanaian citizens.

However, without any more documents than a passport, it is possible to enter about 19% of the world’s nations. Check out the list below to find out which places provide visa-free travel for Ghanaian citizens.

In round brackets, there is a number of days that you can stay in a certain country without a visa.

Bangladesh (90 days)Liberia
Barbados (180 days)Mali
BelizeMauritius (90 days)
Benin (90 days)Micronesia (30 days)
Burkina FasoNiger
Cape Verde (EASE)Nigeria
Ivory Coast (90 days)Philippines (30 days)
Dominica (180 days)Rwanda (90 days)
Eswatini (30 days)Saint Kitts and Nevis (90 days)
Fiji (120 days)Senegal (90 days)
Gambia (90 days)Sierra Leone
Grenada (90 days)Singapore (30 days)
GuineaSt. Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days)
Guyana (90 days)Togo
Haiti (90 days)Trinidad and Tobago
JamaicaUganda (90 days)
Kenya (90 days)Vanuatu (30 days)
LesothoZimbabwe (90 days)

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How many countries can Ghanaian citizens visit with a visa on arrival?

With a Ghanaian passport, you can apply for a visa after arrival in 20 countries.

This means that there is no need to have a visa before your travel. You will just need to apply for it at a border.

It usually takes up to 10 minutes to receive this type of travel authorization. After obtaining it a traveler can continue their journey without further complications.

Map of countries Ghanaian citizens can visit with a visa on arrival

What countries can Ghanaian citizens go to with a visa on arrival?

Ghanaian passport holders can visit approximately 10% of the world with a visa granted at the border. Most of these are African countries, but there are also some located in Oceania.

Here is the list of places that grant Ghanaian citizens a visa on arrival:

Angola (pre-visa on arrival)Mozambique (30 days)
Bolivia (90 days)Nicaragua (30 days)
Burundi (30 days)Palau (30 days)
Comoros (45 days)Saint Lucia (42 days)
JordanSamoa (60 days)
Lebanon (30 days)Somalia (30 days)
Macao (30 days)Sri Lanka
Madagascar (90 days)Timor-Leste (30 days)
Maldives (30 days)Tuvalu (30 days)
MauritaniaZambia (90 days)

How many countries can Ghanaian citizens visit with an eVisa?

This type of visa is required for Ghanaian citizens in 32 countries. 

eVisa is an electronic visa that you apply for online and is granted to you the same way. This type of visa must be received before arriving at a certain border.

Some of the countries providing eVisa also offer the possibility of receiving a visa on arrival.

Map of countries Ghanaian citizens can visit with an eVisa

Which countries require Ghanaian citizens to obtain an eVisa?

Countries that expect you to have an eVisa if you own a Ghanaian passport are located mostly in Africa and Asia.

The list below shows all the places that Ghanaian passport holders can visit with an eVisa:

Antigua and BarbudaMadagascar (90 days)
AustraliaMalawi (90 days)
BahrainMalaysia (14 days)
Bolivia (90 days)Moldova
BotswanaMyanmar [Burma]
Cambodia (30 days)Oman
Congo DR (90 days)Sao Tome and Principe
DjiboutiSeychelles (tourist registration, 90 days)
EcuadorSouth Sudan
Ethiopia (90 days)Suriname
Gabon (90 days)Tajikistan
India (30 days)United Arab Emirates
Iran (30 days)Uzbekistan (30 days)
KazakhstanZambia (90 days)

How many countries require Ghanaian citizens to have a visa to visit?

Ghanaian citizens are required to have a visa when visiting 110 countries. 

This number includes most countries from both the Americas, northern and southern parts of Asia, and North and South Africa. All European countries require a visa from Ghanaian citizens. Also, Australia has this requirement for people from Ghana.

Before traveling to any of these destinations, make sure that you have a visa, as, without it, you won’t be able to enter these countries.

For more specific information, visit official government sites.

Map of countries Ghanaian citizens are required to have a visa or eTA to visit

What countries require Ghanaian citizens to get a visa?

More than 55% of the world requires a visa from Ghanaian citizens.

We’ve prepared a full list of countries that demand a visa from Ghanaian passport holders, which you can find below:

AustriaMarshall Islands
Azerbaijan (COVID-19 ban)Mexico
Bosnia and HerzegovinaNamibia
CameroonNew Zealand
CanadaNorth Korea
Central African RepublicNorth Macedonia
ChilePalestinian Territories
CongoPapua New Guinea
Costa RicaParaguay
Czech RepublicRomania
DenmarkRussian Federation
Dominican RepublicSan Marino
EgyptSaudi Arabia
El SalvadorSerbia
Equatorial GuineaSlovakia
EstoniaSolomon Islands
FinlandSouth Africa
FranceSouth Korea
Hong KongTaiwan
ItalyUnited Kingdom
JapanUnited States of America
KosovoVatican City
LaosViet Nam

Only one country requires traveling with eTA authorization from Ghanaian passport holders

Only Pakistan requires Ghanaian citizens to have an eTA authorization.

eTA, which stands for Electronic Travel Authorization, is a type of entry that helps governments track the number of visitors, and it is connected to your passport.

With this authorization, you can stay in Pakistan for 30 days.

Key takeaway on visa-free countries for Ghanaian citizens

The Ghanaian passport doesn’t facilitate traveling as much as some other nations’ passports. However, it is still one of the best in Africa in terms of mobility.

With it, you can visit about 44% of the world without a typical visa. That includes 38 nations requiring just a passport.

In 2023 Ghanaian citizens can visit 20 countries with a visa granted on arrival, 32 with an eVisa, and only one – Pakistan – with an eTA.

Unfortunately, in 110 destinations Ghanaians would still need a visa to cross the border.

FAQ on the topic of visas for Ghanaian passport holders

Is traveling to the USA visa-free for people with Ghana’s passport?

No, traveling to the USA is not visa-free for Ghanaian citizens.

Is a visa required for Ghanaian passport holders entering South Africa?

Yes, Ghanaian passport holders are required to have a visa while traveling to South Africa.

Which European countries can Ghanaians travel to without a visa?

None. All European countries oblige Ghanaian travelers to possess a visa.

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