Best Online Passport Services Breakdown [For 2024 & Beyond]

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Before you set off on your international adventure, you’re going to need a valid passport.

To get said passport, applicants must submit a photograph that accurately represents their image and conforms to the strict guidelines mandated by the US State Department.

On the other hand, sourcing the photo comes with its own dilemma as there are many options available online—each with its advantages and disadvantages.

To simplify your decision, we’ve prepared a thorough breakdown of 6 of the most popular passport photo services, so keep reading or jump to a specific review:

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Digital passport photo services—in a nutshell

Before diving into the analysis, here’s a table offering a quick comparison of each service:

Photo serviceNumber of copies providedInstant previewExpert verificationGuarantee
Passport Photo OnlineA digital copy and/or 2 printed copiesYesIncluded in the price200% money back if rejected
Passport Photo Now1-8, 10, 20, 35, 50, 100 printed copiesNoIncluded in the priceFree new photo if rejected, but no refund on shipping
ePassportPhotoA digital copy and/or 2 printed copiesNoIncluded in the price200% money back if rejected
IDPhotoDIYA digital copy and one 4×6 printable templateYesNoN/A
PersofotoA digital copy and 6 printed copiesNoOnly for printed copiesN/A
VisafotoA digital copy and one 4×6 printable templatYesYes100% refund if rejected

Passport Photo Online

A browser open to Passport Photo Online’s webpage.

Passport Photo Online is available as a website and a mobile app and is one of the few services that offers its customers a complete package of tools and features.

Using the service, you do not have to worry about details as the advanced AI system can improve contrast, remove shadows and adjust the background to the official requirement—it can even erase objects or patterns in the source image.

In addition, Passport Photo Online has an impressive database of different documents from around the world, thereby allowing the software to crop and resize any picture to pre-determined dimensions automatically.

The process only takes 3 seconds, after which users can preview their images. And if it’s not up to their liking, they can snap another photo until they get the perfect shot.

All retakes are free; customers only pay when they’re 100% satisfied with their pictures.

Passport Photo Online offers digital copies and, for a small surcharge, two high-quality prints delivered directly to any address in the US.

An expert team carefully reviews every photo—that’s why there’s a 100% compliance guarantee for countries such as

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • China
  • and many more! 

Additionally, in rare cases of rejection, users can expect a 200% refund of their original purchase price.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done with Passport Photo Online in a side-by-side list format

Passport Photo Now

A browser open to Passportphotonow’s webpage.

Passport Photo Now takes great pride in its professional photo verification, which is said to be included in the price. However, users do not have the option to preview their adjusted passport picture.

Interestingly, the service allows US citizens to order a large number of photos, even up to 100 copies. The standard set of two passport prints costs $13.98, while the digital copy is considered an additional service and costs an extra $9.99.

The photos are delivered directly to your door, with the shipping fee included in the price. It is possible to order a different shipping service to shorten the waiting time—sometimes down to even one business day. Passport Photo Now offers a new photo for free if the previous one gets rejected; however, additional shipping fees are non-refundable.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done using Passportphotonow in a side-by-side list format


A browser open to ePassportphoto’s webpage.

With a seemingly clear and intuitive layout, ePassportPhoto has been providing users with passport photos for many years.

Users visiting the site can select their desired document and upload a photo—their AI software then automatically creates a passport photo in seconds. Part of this process includes removing and replacing all non-compliant backgrounds and general touch-ups that ensure your photo gets accepted by US passport agents.

All that’s left is payment, where users have two options:

  1. Instant delivery of digital passport photos for $13.95.
  2. Print delivery within 2–3 business days for $16.95.
The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done with ePassportphoto in a side-by-side list format


A browser open to IDPhotoDIY’s webpage.

As a self-service passport photo provider, IDPhotoDIY allows users to order prints or digital photos entirely online.

While many online passport photo services now offer automatic cropping and image adjustment, IDPhotoDIY still does things the old-fashioned way by requiring users to crop and adjust their uploaded photos manually.

Fortunately, there are guidelines on head position; however, during our testing, we failed to create a compliant passport photo—despite multiple attempts.

After manual adjustments, users are presented with 5 versions of their processed photo with various background hues ranging in color from white to gray.

Users can then select their favorite background and are then offered the option of downloading a 4×6 digital photo template or having printed copies delivered for $8.90.

Unfortunately, there is no expert verification, so future passport holders have to be aware of official US guidelines. Also, the service provided no information on a refund policy.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done with IDPhotoDIY in a side-by-side list format


A browser open to Persofoto’s webpage.

The first thing users should pay attention to is that the default currency is GBP. Thus, depending on the chosen service, there might be a significant difference in pricing with rival services. Fortunately, Persofoto offers pictures for over 200 countries and 9 specific document types, including passports.

It is crucial to note that US citizens must first take their photos against a white background, as Persofoto does not offer a background remover. Other than that, its service seems pretty decent.

After uploading the image and cropping it manually, customers then choose their delivery method: either hard copies or prints with an additional digital copy.

Opting for the hard copy option will get you 6 fine-tuned pictures verified by experts. The digital copy is available at an extra charge.

All retouching features and shipping are included in the price. However, it is hard to provide an exact cost due to fast-changing currency rates—currently, the price in GBP is set at 7.95 or approximately $10.15 in US dollars.

Finally, It is possible to download a basic digital image for free; however, this option does not ensure compliance with official passport photo requirements, nor does it include any adjustments.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done with in a side-by-side list format


A browser open to Visafoto’s webpage.

Visafoto allows users to create US passport photos that are 100% compliant with all official guidelines by cropping, resizing, and removing the background from any uploaded image. For approximately $7.00, users receive a digital copy and a 4×6 inch printable template; however, ordering physical prints via the service is impossible.

It is possible to preview the image before paying. Also, a detailed table of requirements and the link to the Department of State’s website are provided. Although the service offers a refund in the case of photo rejection, there have been complaints about this option and the customer service in general.

The advantages and disadvantages of getting passport photos done with Visafoto in a side-by-side list format

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Is Passport Photo Online legit?

Yes, Passport Photo Online’s service is 100% legit. According to Trustpilot, it is a verified company with an excellent TrustScore of 4.5 stars as a result of over 7,400 reviews.

Is 123passportphoto safe?

123PassportPhoto’s service is safe, meaning that it prepares photos and gives guidelines for taking your pictures at home. However, at the time of writing, it has a “Poor” score of 2.3 on Trustpilot, thereby excluding it from this guide. For a more detailed look at the service, check out our review of 123PassportPhoto.

Which site is best for passport photos?

The best site for passport photos is going to depend on your priorities. If you’re looking for a free service, Persofoto is probably your best option, as it resizes your photos to passport size for free.

However, if you’re looking for a service that crops photos, adjusts their background, ensures compliance through expert verification, and delivers prints to your doorstep, Passport Photo Online can’t be beaten.

What is the best app for taking a passport photo?

Available on both iOS and Android, Passport Photo Online’s application allows users to snap or upload countless photos, select their favorite one, and instantly get a compliant passport photo for online submissions—with the option for physical print delivery to any address in the US. Everything is done seamlessly and intuitively within the app, making it the best choice for biometric photos.

Closing thoughts

If you own a decent printer capable of printing your own passport photos, Persofoto is the best free passport photo service. However, they do not offer any verification, so US citizens must ensure the final image satisfies all of the strict guidelines required by the State Department or risk costly delays with their passport applications.

For paid services, we crown Passport Photo Online as the best service since it offers digital and printed photos for almost any type of document, with expert verification—and all for a very competitive price. Additionally, with its double-your-money-back guarantee, you get complete peace of mind that US passport agents will accept your photo!

Give us a shot and see why we have over 6,200 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

photo uploaded to Passport Photo Online’s web app via an internet browser on a laptop and turned into a compliant passport photograph in 3 seconds.

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