Costco Photo Center–How To Get Passport Photos Done in 2024 and Beyond!

Costco Passport Photo Lifehack You Wish You Knew Earlier
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It’s been over two years since Costco closed its remaining in-store photo centers and moved its photo printing services online. At the same time, the retailer stopped offering passport photo printing services (on its online store), leaving many of us scrambling for a viable alternative. 

What if I told you there was still a way to print passport photos on Costco’s online photo center for less than comparable big-box stores or professional photo studios? Keep reading to find out the ultimate lifehack: How to print your passport photos at with a little help from Passport Photo Online.

How to get Costco passport photos online–prerequisites

To be able to print passport photos on, users must first have an account on the website. To create an account on Costco’s online photo center website (the photo center’s website is separate from, customers must have an active (i.e., non-expired) Costco membership.  

Simply follow the instructions to set up your account, and you’ll have access to Costco’s online photo printing service, where you can print various customized products, including mugs, books, posters, various-sized prints, and with our lifehack…passport photos.

If you do not have an active Costco membership, it is impossible to print any type of photo on 

Costco passport photos with Passport Photo Online

As mentioned earlier, Costco’s online photo center no longer allows the printing of passport photos. However, there exist several third-party apps, such as Passport Photo Online, that can superimpose biometric passport photos onto standard 4×6” photo templates. These templates can then be printed using any commercial printing service, such as  

Since you’ve read this far, we can assume you have a Costco membership which makes printing at Costco the most cost-effective option (as opposed to other big box stores and pharmacies) since they charge $0.11 per 4×6” print and offer free standard delivery to anywhere in the US with no minimum photo amount. 

Why choose Passport Photo Online?

With many third-party apps that can superimpose biometric photos onto a 4×6” template, why choose Passport Photo Online over other options? I’ll give you three reasons: convenience, an intuitive interface, and the best money-back guarantee. Let’s take a closer look at each one below.


With a dedicated app on iOS and Android, Passport Photo Online is the pinnacle of convenience. Take your passport photos anywhere and at any time. No need to find an appropriate background for your passport photo, long drives to find a photo booth, or making appointments at photo studios –simply download the app, and you’re good to go!

Intuitive user interface

The user interface is intuitive – snap a photo yourself or ask a friend to take a picture of you, then we’ll take care of the rest. There are no manual adjustments on your part (unlike those other apps); no need to zoom or rotate your photo. Everything is done automatically with the help of our amazing AI technology.   

100% compliance or double your money-back guarantee

At the end of the process, our AI ensures your biometric photo is compliant with all necessary specifications, then one of our in-house photo experts double-checks compliance (can’t always trust those robots). That’s how we can offer you the best compliance guarantee in the business: We’re so sure passport agents will accept your photos that we’ll double your purchase cost if your photos are rejected!

Costco passport photos with Passport Photo Online: FAQ

Read through the following frequently asked questions to understand better how to print Costco passport photos in 2024 and beyond.

Does Costco do passport photos?

Costco no longer offers its members traditional passport photo-taking/printing services. However, a workaround exists by using Passport Photo Online to superimpose biometric passport photos onto a 4×6” template, then using Costco’s online photo services to print said 4×6” (for $0.11) and having them delivered free of charge.

Costco passport photo price–what is it?

Printing a 4×6” template containing 2 (two) US passport photos will cost you $0.11 with standard delivery at To create the template, Passport Photo Online charges $13.95 for biometric passport photos that are guaranteed to be accepted by US passport agents. As such, the total price for 2 (two) US passport photos printed using Costco’s online service is $14.06.

Does Costco print passport photos?

No, it doesn’t (officially, anyways). does not have the option to print passport photos. You can, however, print 4×6” standard photos with biometric passport photos superimposed on them (available through third-party software such as Passport Photo Online).

Which Costco does passport photos?

Since February 2021, all Costco locations have ceased providing passport photo services. However, users can still get passport photos by using Passport Photo Online to create a 4” x 6” template and print it using Costco’s online photo center. 

Costco passport photo near me?

With its migration to completed in February 2021, users are never far from getting high-quality passport photos at a reasonable price. Simply use Passport Photo Online to create a 4×6” passport photo template, then print your passport photos utilizing the retailer’s web-based service.  

How to get Costco passport photos in 2024 and beyond–closing thoughts 

Costco has officially been out of the passport photo game since its photo center business transitioned to an online-only model early last year. Since the retailer’s photo center website ( does not list passport photos as one of the available print options, customers around the US have been looking for a way to replicate Costco’s passport photos (i.e., high quality at a low price) from years ago. 

With the help of third-party software like Passport Photo Online, Costco patrons can once again print passport photos for much less than at other big-box retailers. By taking advantage of’s free standard delivery, a pair of US passport photos (superimposed on a 4×6” standard photo) can be printed for $0.11. With Passport Photo online charging $13.95 for the 4×6” template (that’s guaranteed to be accepted by passport agents), the total cost for 2 (two) biometric passport photos is $14.06 ($13.95 + $0.11) with delivery to anywhere in the US.   


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