German Passport Photos– Meet the Requirements From Home

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Are you looking to get German passport photos done and not sure where to go?

Maybe you’ve searched for a “German passport photo near me,” checked out a few local options, and are worried whether your photo will actually meet all German passport photo requirements.

If so, you’ve scrolled to the right place. Keep reading to learn all about German passport photo guidelines.

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German passport photo requirements—in detail

No matter whether you’re taking your German passport photo on your own at home or opting to get it done at a photo studio, it’s imperative to be aware of the guidelines. That’s because German passport photo requirements differ from their US counterparts.

Not only is the German passport photo size different (e.g., 2×2” in the US vs. 35×45 mm in Germany), but applicants must also follow specific guidelines.

German Passport Photos Explained

RequirementPrinted Passport Photos
ColorColor photos must have proper color balance and reproduce natural skin tonesYour photo may be in black and white or in color
RecencyThe photo should accurately represent your current appearance. Should have been taken within the last 6 months
Image clarityThe photo must be in sharp focus, clear, and with proper contrast
BackgroundThe background must be one color and bright, ideally a neutral gray color, and in a contrasting color to the face and hair. It must not be patterned, and shadows on the background are not acceptable
SizeYour photo must be 45 mm in height by 35 mm in width. Your face must take up 70–80% of the photo, corresponding to a height of 32–36 mm
Print QualityMust be printed on high-quality photo paper
ResolutionA resolution of 600 DPI is recommended

The finer details of German passport photo requirements

Besides the general guidelines mentioned above, there are also finer requirements you need to follow to ensure compliance with all Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community specifications. Namely, your German passport photo is compliant if it meets these criteria:

  • Smile: Your facial expression must be neutral with the mouth closed
  • Eyes: Must be open, clearly visible, and not covered by hair or eyeglass frames. You should look directly at the camera
  • Hair: Must not cover the eyes. Voluminous hairstyles should allow the entire head, including hair, to be visible without reducing the size of the face
  • Head position: Should be neither tilted nor turned (portrait style), and the face must be centered in the photo
  • Glasses: Eyes must be clearly visible (no glare, no tinted lenses or sunglasses). The edge of the lenses or frames should not cover any part of the eyes
  • Headgear: Hats or head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons. If allowed, your face must be visible from the bottom of the chin to the forehead without shadows
  • Children: For children aged 9 and under, the face should take up 50–80% of the photo. Special requirements apply for babies and very young children, such as not needing to have a neutral expression or look directly at the camera, and babies under one year do not have to have their eyes open

Compliant German passport photo examples

Picture examples of compliant German passport photos, including one showing appropriate lighting, another showing the correct background, and the final photo showing a correct baby passport photo.

How to meet German passport photo requirements from home

It’s 2024, and gone are the days of needing to visit a studio or pharmacy to get document pictures.

Now you can get professional German passport photos taken from the comfort of home—all with unlimited retakes.

With our intuitive app (available for download on iOS and Android) or online photo tool, you can get German passport photos (that are guaranteed to be compliant) delivered to any address in the US!

Here’s how it works:

Passport Photo Online’s 3-step process explained in 3 images.
  1. Select “German passport photo” in the app or online tool, and upload your preferred photo or take a new one using the mobile application.
  2. Give us 3 seconds to transform it into a professional passport photo and prepare a template with several pictures on it.
  3. Download the digital passport photo template and print it via your preferred printing service AND/OR opt to have prints delivered to the address of your choice.

Prefer getting your photo done in person? Let’s have a look at your brick-and-mortar options in the next section.

German passport photos near you

Finding a physical location capable of snapping German passport photos nearby shouldn’t be a problem—especially in larger cities in the US. However, it’s important to remember that most providers exclusively take US passport photos and, therefore, may be unfamiliar with some of the more subtle regulations that apply to German document photos.

In any case, searching for “German passport pictures near me” is an excellent starting point that should net you a few local options to visit.

Also, out of the major passport photo providers in the US, only Walgreens explicitly mentions their ability to take German passport photos. Nevertheless, it’s worth calling your local CVS or UPS Store on the off chance they’re also capable of providing said service.


What are the photo requirements for a German passport?

German passport photos must:

● Measure 45 mm in height by 35 mm in width (1¾ by 1⅜”)
● Be printed on high-quality paper at high resolution (600 DPI)
● Have a neutral gray background

These are just the basics, so click here for a full list of German passport photo requirements.

Does Walgreens do German passport photos?

Yes, they do. According to Walgreens’ website, the pharmacy chain provides passport photo services for more than 25 countries, including Germany.

What is the format for passport photos in Germany?

German passport photos are 35 mm in width by 45 mm in height—that’s 1⅜ by 1¾ in inches. Additionally, they must be printed on high-quality photo paper with a recommended resolution of no less than 600 DPI.

German passport photo size & other requirements—closing thoughts

The key to a successful passport photo is not just in meeting the technical specifications but also in ensuring that the photo meets the finer requirements outlined in this blog post.

A 5-star review from a satisfied user who recently purchased German passport photos with Passport Photo Online.

However, with the right preparation and understanding of the requirements, you can navigate this step of the passport application process with confidence—no matter whether using a trusted online service such as Passport Photo Online or opting to get in-person German passport photos from a local photographer.


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