Can You Wear Eyeliner in a Passport Photo?

Can You Wear Eyeliner in a Passport Photo?
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There are many different types of makeup out there and each one does a different job. Eyeliner is a makeup you can use to give your eyes shape and shade whilst making you look stunning, but can you wear eyeliner in a passport photo? And if so, what types and colours of eyeliner can you wear? In this blog, we answer these questions and tell you whether or not you can wear eyeliner in your passport photo.

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Eyeliner in a passport photo

When it comes to your passport photo, the phrase “less is more” is very important, as it perfectly encapsulates how your appearance should be in your passport picture.

The passport photo makeup rules state that wearing lighter makeup is necessary, as you are supposed to look as natural as possible. This is because passport photos, whether taken in a photo booth, with a phone or digital camera, or by a professional photographer, are now biometric in nature, it means that passport photos are used for identification using AI, so all of the points of your face, including any discernible facial features, must be on show for identification. This way the computer software that reads our passport photos has a much easier time identifying you, and thus enabling you to carry on with your journey much quicker.

Eyeliner is no exception, especially with all of the different kinds available. There are many types of eye makeup available on the market, and eyeliner is the one that can change how our eyes look in a dramatic fashion. Whether you are applying some crazy colours, or making your eyes look like they are surrounded by glitter and sparkle, there is an eyeliner for everybody.

When it comes to choosing whether or not to apply eyeliner before taking a passport picture, the UK government, or passport office, hasn’t set any specific requirements when it comes to wearing eyeliner, so you are free to wear it, but with caveats.

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How to wear eyeliner in a passport photo

If you really want to wear eyeliner in your own passport photo, then it is best to make it look as natural as possible. Our main piece of advice for this is not to wear any glitter or sparkly eyeliner at all, as this will definitely result in you needing to take a new photo, the reason being that not only will it distort how your eyes look, but it will cause glare in the photo itself, which will render it unreadable to the AI.

Creating a natural eyeliner look is your best bet, so using eyeliner with any outlandish type of colour is not a good idea, try to use an eyeliner that looks as natural as possible. The best way to achieve this is by using a pencil eyeliner, and applying the eyeliner very lightly, and even using a smudge brush to smudge it a little bit.

Another aspect of using eyeliner that a lot of people like to do, is to draw extensions from the corners of their eyes and make it appear that the eye is wider than it is, known as winged eyeliner. This would be considered inappropriate, as it is attempting to alter the shape of your eye, especially if you are using a dark shade that will make your eyes look unnatural. 

Try to keep the eyeliner in the very edges of your eyelids and go for a lighter colour, one that doesn’t stand out so much, such as light brown or one that most closely matches your skin tone. If you do use eyeliner on the inner corner of your eye, be sure to only apply a small amount. This way you can wear makeup and try to go for the look you use on a daily basis, albeit more understated if you usually wear heavy makeup.

Eyeliner in a photo with Passport Photo Online

There are multiple ways to get your passport photos taken also by using an app such as Passport-Photo.Online, which allows you to upload a photo and have it ready in just 3 seconds. 

Due to the AI that the application’s software uses, it is the perfect app with which to test your eyeliner look with. If you have too much eyeliner on, or it is too colourful and outlandish, the app will mark your photo as incorrect. Then you will know to change the look and colour of your eyeliner. 

The app will only ever charge you for the photo that gets marked as correct, that you choose to use for your passport application, so you will be able to experiment with your eyeliner and take as many photos as you need to, to create your perfect look.

To get the app you can download it for both Android and iOS, from the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

Can you wear eyeliner in a passport photo: FAQ

Can you wear eyeliner in your passport photo?

Yes, you can, as long as it is not colourful or the kind of eyeliner that has glitter.

Can you wear winged eyeliner in a passport photo?

No, winged eyeliner causes your eyes to look unnatural, so you should not wear winged eyeliner. It is best to keep your eyeliner to a minimal amount, and only use it lightly around your eyes.


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