Can I Travel if the Names on My Passport and Green Card Don’t Match?

What if the names don’t match on my passport and Green Card?
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Not everyone living within the United States is an American citizen. Many are legal permanent residents who hold the LPR card, better known as the Green Card.

The US permanent residence card is valid for 10 (ten) years. A lot can happen in ten years: people get married and change their names all the time. Because it takes time to get all documents up to date, there may be a transitional period during which not all of them have matching names.

This raises the question: What if the names don’t match on my passport and Green Card? Can I still travel?

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You can still travel, even internationally

Getting a new passport from your country of citizenship can be a real chore. You probably have to go to the nearest embassy or consulate, which may be in another state. The processing could last for months. Meanwhile, the new US Green Card, in your new name, has already arrived. Now you have an overseas trip planned to meet relatives for the holidays. What do you do?

The good news is that you can still travel freely. Of course, there is a catch: additional documentation is required to prove that you are the same individual named in both documents. So you should carry proof of the name progression such as:

  • certificate of marriage
  • decree of divorce
  • other court documents showing a legal name change.

You will need to show this document or decree to the US immigration officer when returning home.

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Airline tickets must match the passport

When traveling internationally, the most important thing is that your airline tickets match the name on the passport. This is TSA regulation. If you booked the flights under your maiden name and the passport is also still in your maiden name, there will be no problem getting aboard the flight.

But if you booked under your married name and the new passport has not yet arrived, you are in trouble. A marriage certificate is not going to get you aboard an international flight. To avoid any kind of problem, you should rebook flights under your passport name.

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To make sure everything’s clear, we’ll answer a few questions about name changes on your passport and Green Card.

Is it possible to keep my maiden name on my passport even though I have changed my legal name?

Yes, in most countries you have the option of adding an “also known as” name to your passport. In addition to name changes due to marriage, this option is often used by people who work under a professional name, such as the actor Martin Sheen, also known as Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez.

Can I use my nickname in my passport?

If you have documentary proof that you have been known by this nickname for over 5 (five) years, you can try to add it as an “also known as” name.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a permanent legal resident or just a world traveler, it is extremely important to keep all your travel documents up to date. You need a new passport when your name, gender changes, or facial features change. Remember that you can submit a passport renewal application up to a year before expiration.

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