What does a US passport color mean?

Did you know that the US passport colors haven’t always been blue? Even now, not all types of US passports have a blue cover. In the past, there were specific periods when the US State Department issued passports of different colors. For example, between 1926 and 1941, citizens could get a red US passport. Later on, green US passports were issued and only in 1976 where the United States passport covers changed to blue in case of ordinary passports. It was possible to get a green passport in ‘93-94 in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Consular Service of the United States. Now, if you’re curious what are the US passport colors now and what the passport color meaning is, just continue reading this article that will explain it to you in every little detail.

US Passport Colors

Blue passport of the United States

The blue passports are also called regular passports, ordinary passports or tourist passports. They have a blue cover and are issued to most of the US citizens with the goal to travel abroad. You can get a blue US passport if you want to travel as a tourist, as a flight crew member, as a businessman or travel for employment or education. Simple blue passports are issued by all US passport agencies.

There are also blue passports that are no-fee passports and are issued to employees of the American National Red Cross, the Department of Defense employees and Peace Corps volunteers that will travel abroad.

USA Passport Cover Colors

Brown American passports

Brown US passports are official passports that are issued to employees of the US Government that have to travel abroad for their duties. Also, the members of the family of such persons can get brown US passports when they are authorized by the Department of State. To get the official US passport, you must submit the same application form and documents as for the regular blue passport and an evidence of your official status. The official passports are no fee passwords which means that for this type of passport you don’t have to pay any fee. The validity of an official passport or a brown US passport is of 5 years maximum. The official passports cannot be used for leisure travelling and should be returned when the duty of the governmental employee ends.

Official passports are also issued to members of the military who are active and will have to travel overseas. The military US passports are issued at the Special Insurance Agency of the Washington Passport Agency. American citizens may hold a valid blue passport and a military passport at the same time but use the official passport for traveling for duties only.

Black United States passport cover

Black passports are diplomatic passports US that are issued to the employees of the United States State Department that have to travel overseas in order to work for the interests of the State Department. They have a validity of 5 years and cannot be used for leisure travel. This type of US passports is also issued only at the Special Insurance Agency of the Washington Passport Agency.

Green US passport

The American green passport is issued by the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services as a refugee travel document. It looks exactly like a passport but it does not indicate the United States citizenship because it is a document for non-citizens. The green passport is issued to the refugees that are living on the territory of the United States of America who are not able to get a passport or from their country of origin.

Gray US passport cover

When the United States passport cover is gray, this is a service passport for contractors that are travelling to the US to support the government. Gray US passports or service passports are used in case a regular blue passport doesn’t allow the travel. They are no fee passports and are issued by the Special Issuance Agency in Washington.

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