Pictures for other documents

In this ever changing world, new documents, industries and websites are constantly being created, for which we are required to have specific pictures . We need photography now not only for an ID or passport, but also a specialized photo for your Linkedin profile. The days when it was enough to have one photo that would be suitable for all needs are long and irrevocably behind us, hence photographers and specialized services, such as must constantly specialize, develop and adapt to current requirements and trends.

Sizes and requirements for photos for official documents

Before we get to the aforementioned photos such as those needed for a Linkedin profile (which should present one’s character traits, be relevant to the job, and simply promote us well among potential employers or business partners), it is worth mentioning professions for which an ID or license is required, and hence a often a photo. Few people know that some professions require their own photos of ID, e.g. policemen, dentists, teachers, pharmacists, and therapists. Requirements for the photos and their size also differ, so before going to the photographer read the guidelines well, and be aware of the differing requirements in very niche industries.

Pictures for your Linkedin profile have no imposed standards, and a lot depends on your adopted 'strategy' and how you want to present ('sell') yourself. Once we put on an elegant outfit and find a business-like background, everything else is down to inventiveness. Regardless of what strategy you choose, the picture should be taken carefully and technically well, and therefore should be sharp and expressive. It could be possible to achieve this on a phone camera but really it is worth using an external camera, rather than the so-called selfie, and to ask someone for help in taking your photo.

Pictures for other documents

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