Singaporean Baby Passport Photo

Singaporean Baby Passport Photo

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Singaporean Baby Passport Photo - Size & Requirements

Singaporean Baby Passport Photo Online Tool
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 34.5 mm
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to make a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Singaporean Passport photo guidelines

Getting a passport for a baby might seem more stressful and overwhelming than for an adult. Especially when you start to think when exactly is the right time to take a photo of your baby for a passport because they grow so fast! 

This guide will dispel your doubts and help you make the process of applying for your baby’s passport so much easier. We will explain when is the right time to take a photo of your baby so how long the passport is valid for, what are the general baby passport photo specifications, how to take a passport photo for minors at home and how to help yourself with a photo mobile app.

Singaporean Passport photo requirements for babies 

If you are planning some holiday after your little one arrives, you must sort some formalities. It is important to get all the paperwork done before a few months of a baby’s birth to stay calm and go on a planning trip without stress. 

However, in Singapore, after the baby is born, the hospital gives the mother a Notification of Live Birth and an Advisory Note from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Within 2 weeks, should use these documents to register for a birth certificate. You should get a passport for the baby from your embassy or high commission for 6 weeks.

Regarding babies passports, as long as they are valid, everything is fine. You don’t have to change the photo every month, even when you think that your child changed so much from a few months to a few years. Usually, babies' passports are valid for 5 years

If you wonder how to take a passport photo for your baby, you will find out today!

Size of the Singaporean baby passport photo

The Singaporean baby passport photo size is no different than adults’ which means the dimensions are 35mm x 45mm

Singaporean baby passport photo specifications

Regarding other factors, the baby photos for a Singapore passport should:

  • Be in colour and show the natural skin colour of your baby
  • Be photographed on a white background - the simplest way is to place a white t-shirt or pillowcase in their baby bed, car seat or on any soft, flat surface.
  • Show only the child - nothing or no-one else can appear in the photo. This means you cannot be holding your baby during the photoshoot because your hands should not appear in the frame
  • Show your baby without anything obscuring their face. This means they cannot have a pacifier in their mouth during the shoot. Also, make sure your baby’s hands are not covering any part of their face.
  • Show your child looking directly at the camera. This can be tricky if your baby turns their head to the side the moment you put them down on their back.
  • Show your child’s face with a neutral expression. Smiling is okay, but if your baby is laughing or crying your passport photo will probably be rejected.
  • Show the eyes of your model in a visible way; they have to be open. 
  • Have no red-eye effect. We recommend turning off your camera’s flash, but if you choose to use a flash make sure you remove any red-eye with a Passport Photo Online service before submitting your baby’s passport photo, as the editing is forbidden.

Make sure that the paper of printing also contributes to the quality of the photo, it has to be printed on high-quality paper at high resolution with a matt or semi-matt finish with no ink mark or crease. You cannot submit a damaged, creased or blurred photograph.

Baby passport photo at home - do it yourself!

While you might dread the process of your baby’s passport applications, we are to help you make it easier. Taking photos for documents might be fun and not stressful at all, especially for your little one!

You might decide to avoid crowds and strange photography ateliers and take photos at home instead, that’s an excellent idea! It can be fun for both you and your baby so let’s start!

5 steps guide for you about how to take photos for babies passport:

  1. Prepare the background baby - a wall with coloured wallpaper will not suit the passport requirements, try to find a light-coloured or white background. You can use a t-shirt, pillowcase, sheet, etc.
  2. Position - the easiest will be to put the baby on the bed covered with a white sheet, your little child gonna feel comfortable and maybe even curious of what their parent does upon their heads
  3. Face and eyes - your little model can’t be asleep and their eyes must be open and visible and look straight in the camera, make sure that nothing covers their face like toys, baby pacifiers, hands, etc. 
  4. Light and quality - it is best to take a baby passport photo in daylight as the room gets a lot of natural light. Make sure to put your child in a place where no shadows obscure their face and the photo is correctly exposed. 
  5. Watch your child - keep an eye on them during photo sessions because especially with toddlers, make sure they are safe and have fun during the photo session.

If you decided to take photos at home, you should try our photo maker which will make the process so much easier for you! 

Singapore baby passport photo Mobile App

While you meet the above rules and you know how the process of applying for your Singaporean child’s passport looks like, you might want to use our Passport Photo Online service.

The Photo Mobile App which you can find on iOS or Android devices is very simple and it will work fantastically on iPhone or any other smartphone you choose! This service offers perfectly cropping, editing and verification of your Singaporean baby’s passport photo.

Start by choosing a passport as your document you want a picture for. It automatically resizes your photo to the official requirements of Singapore. Then, the app editor involves background editing, resizing and verifying if the Baby Singaporean passport photo meets the standards of the chosen document. 

The whole process takes less than a minute and the app is free of charge! Try it now and save time and money!

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ How do I apply for a passport for my newborn baby in Singapore?

You can apply online or through post which cost approximately S$70, meet the reuirements and collect documents like birth certificate, recent photograph, identity card, identity card of parents or guardian, etc.

❓ Can newbord travel without passports?

Rules, comparing to the past, changed regarding passports for babies. While back children travelled on their parent's (usually mom) passport but now everyone so babies and children like adults are required to have their own passport.

❓ Can I take my baby passport photo?

Taking passport photos at home for your children's passport can be fun and is allowed. You just have to meet the Singaporean requirements and follow guide to be sure that you take the right photographs.
To take photos of a nebor for passport you have to know how to do it, what avoid and meet the requirements. They require that a picture must be in colour and across a white background, show the baby with no chair back, toy or other people visible, show a full baby’s face looking directly at the camera with their head straight and eyes open, taken with uniform lighting and should be printed on high-quality paper and more.
You can use any devices like smartphone, digital camera or tablet. While using your phone, download a photo maker app on iOS or Android and make the process so much easier.
People who has one or both parents Singaporean and were born in Singapore are eligible for a Singapore passport. Children who are born abroad with at least one Singaporean parent can also apply.
Babies should have their mouth closed and eyes open that they are visible and nothing covers their face like pacifiers, toys, etc. Although some agencies are flexible with their passport photos is important to know official gouvernment requirements.
You're not required to update the photos until renewal time, many opt to do so to avoid problems caused by a conflict between the photos and the older child's features but it doesn't matter as long as the passport is valid (usually for 5 years for babies.
To become a Singaporean citizen by birth, he or she has to be born in Singapore with at least one parent who is a Singaporean citizen provided both parents are registered officially as legally married.

About the document

Singaporean Baby Passport

Children are no longer allowed to travel on their parents' passports which means that they need to have their own Singapore passports. They have the same passports as their parents just have to get a new one after 5 years. It allows them to travel and gives them identity as citizens and nationals of the Republic of Singapore.

Who is eligible for a Singaporean baby passport?

If one or both parents are Singaporean, and the child was born in Singapore, then it is eligible for a Singapore passport. Children who are born abroad with at least one Singaporean parent can also apply.

Singaporean baby passport application requirements

While applying for a Singapore babies passport you have to meet some requirements and collect some documents:

  • Identity Card number
  • Identity card of a consenting parent or legal guardian (legal document of guardianship must be produced)
  • Completed passport application and additional information forms
  • Birth Certificate number or Citizenship Certificate number
  • A recent passport colour photograph (taken in the last three months)
  • The passport expiry date for a current Singapore passport if you are renewing the passport
  • Current Singapore passport unless it is first
  • Passport fees

Fees for Singaporean baby passport

The cost for a baby passport fee is S$70 for online or post applications.

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