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Irish passport photos online generator

A biometric photo is needed for your Irish passport, ID, or driving licence. Sometimes when you travel around the world, you may need a visa to enter the country you’re visiting. Today you don’t have to go to a professional photographer or a photo booth, because you have a lot of possibilities in your pocket! Use your smartphone and Passport Photo Online tool and prepare a perfect identity photo you need. 

Keep reading to find out about:

  • requirements for Irish identity documents;
  • complete guidelines on how to prepare an appropriate passport photo at home;
  • the most common mistakes when taking passport photos at home.

Photos for Irish identity documents

Passport photo

The Irish passport photo has standard European requirements. The photo must be 45 mm in height and 35 mm in width. You should maintain a neutral facial expression, so no smiling is allowed. The picture must be taken en face, your head cannot be at an angle, and you cannot take a portrait-style photo. The photo should not be older than 6 months - it must reflect your current look. Your Irish passport photo should have a white background and be taken using even lighting, without any shadows.

Keep in mind that your eyes must be fully visible and your ears must be in the shot. Also, you have to look straight into the camera lens. The photo must have a high quality, any blurred or shaky pics will be rejected.

Visa photo

Irish visa specification is the same as that for an Irish passport photo. Keep in mind that you can use our online photo editor - read the requirements and ask someone to take a few shots of you with a smartphone or digital camera. Next, choose the best photo and upload it to our app. The application will crop the pic, change the background, and verify that it meets the requirements. It works for document photos from all over the world. For example, you can use it to prepare a photo for your visa to China or your Russian visa photo. 

Driving licence photo

Prepare two passport-style photographs to get an Irish driving licence. These must be identical and recent (no more than six months old), and they must meet the following guidelines: the width of the photo should be 35–38mm and the height 45–50mm. The image must show a full frontal view of your head, it must be sharp and clear, and taken against a plain white or light gray background. Since the same requirements apply for the Irish passport, basically, it means that if you took photos for your Ireland passport recently, you can reuse them for your driving licence. 

ID Card photos

If you need photos for your ID card, age card, work permit, or student card, don’t worry - you don’t have to to go to a photo studio or photo booth. Our app will adjust and verifiy your Irish ID photo as well.

DIY passport photos for Ireland - get a passport/visa photo from home

Taking passport photos at home is a great option - it’s faster, cheaper, and definitely more convenient than heading to a drugstore or photo studio. Below you will find the guidelines on how to prepare a perfect pic for your Identity documents (passport, driving licence, age card, etc.). Keep in mind that all the most important photos are biometric, however, images may differ in size, for example, so you have to pay attention to the particular specification of the document you’re applying for.

How to take a perfect passport/visa photo at home?

Firstly, don’t take selfies, because they won’t be accepted. Ask a friend to take a photo of you, and choose the best place at home with uniform lighting. Remember that the photo must be taken en face, hence stand or sit facing the camera directly and look into the camera lens. Don’t tilt your head and/or smile, and maintain a neutral facial expression. Make sure your face is 100% visible. 

Once our app validates your photo, crops it, and replaces the background with the correct one, you will get your perfect, biometric passport photo sent to your email within just a couple of minutes.

What to wear for your passport photo?

Since the Irish passport photo requires a white background, avoid wearing a white or off-white shirt, otherwise you may end up blending in with it. Head coverings are allowed only for religious purposes. Normally, glasses are not allowed in passport photos, however if you need to wear them, make sure your eyes are fully visible. You may be asked to provide a signed doctor’s note justifying your need to wear prescriptions glasses in your passport photo. Sunglasses or tinted glasses will cause

a photo rejection.

Taking a passport photo at home - the most common mistakes

People make similar mistakes when taking their passport photos, thus we’ve prepared a list of the most common mistakes to help you save time.

Keep in mind that the requirements may be different depending on the type of document. Scroll down to learn about five of the most popular mistakes you can make when taking an Irish passport/visa photo.

No 1. Bad format or dimensions

The required dimensions of images are: 4.5 cm height and 3.5 cm width. Your head needs to be centered and should occupy 70-80% of the photo. 

No 2. Low quality/resolution

All passport photos must be of high quality. The picture cannot be pixelated, blurred, shaky, scanned, or damaged in any other way. 

No 3. A wide smile

Most of us like photos with a wide smile, but in a biometric passport photo, you must maintain a neutral facial expression.

No 4. Outdated look 

Your passport photo cannot be older than six months. Keep in mind that if your look has changed, you have to take a new picture. 

No 5. Your photo is not biometric

If your photo does not qualify for biometric standards, it will be rejected, so make sure the photo shows a frontal view of your face and that your face is evenly illuminated on both sides, with all your facial features clearly visible. Also, jewelry, accessories, or any other items cannot obscure your jawline.

Passport online photo tool

Your job is to go over the passport photo specifications and take an appropriate photo. Our job is then to take care of everything else. The online tool adjusts the passport photo size according to the document requirements. Passport Photo Online removes the background completely or replaces it with a correct one. It properly crops and frames the entire photo. As a result, the face in the photo is centered and positioned according to the requirements of the document. Passport Photo Online is also a validator that checks the image whether there are no items obscuring your face.

Photo app for iPhone

We have developed a mobile photo booth app, which is ready for iOS, so if you have an iPhone, all you have to do is just go to the AppStore and download it. Please check out our positive reviews and recommendations! Thanks to the photo booth app for iOS, you can prepare your Irish passport photo in a few minutes from your iPhone.

Passport photo app for Android

We also have an application for smartphones with the Android system. You can install it on Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi devices, and more. Go to Google Play and download our Photo Aid app for Android, and start preparing your Irish ID photo today!

Passport photos online - the best option 

No 1. Saves you time

It’s faster to use your smartphone in comparison to looking for a photo booth or a photo studio.

No 2. Saves you money

It’s cheaper than a visit at a professional photographer’s studio or even a photo booth.

No 3. Built-in photo validator

Passport Photo Online checks the photo in accordance with the requirements - for example, Irish passport photo requirements or any visa photo requirements. Photo booths won’t assure you that the photo you took meets all the standards of a biometric photo, meanwhile our AI-enhanced photo validator for sure will.

No 4. Unlimited quantity of photos

Once you get the digital photo template, you can print it out as many times as you want. A printout that will contain two passport-style photos can cost as low as 20 euro cents. If you renewed your passport and now need to renew your driving licence, age card, or any other document that has the same photo requirements, you can simply reuse the photo. You can also print a few more photos, and give them to your loved ones. Those will easily fit in a wallet or phone case. 

No 5. 100% guarantee your photo will be accepted

In case your photo gets rejected by official authorities, we will refund you twice the money you paid for the photo. Stay safe and keep calm about your passport/visa/age card photo.


We provide photos for IDs from all over the world. You’ll find the one you are looking for!

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