Is 123PassportPhoto a convenient tool to save your money and time?

No matter what document you apply for, whether it’s a passport, ID, visa, citizenship certificate, employment authorization or any other type – you will need a good photo that meets all the requirements! The good news is that you don’t have to go to a photo department or studio anymore. There are many passport photo tools that offer the possibility to prepare passport photos online and photos for other documents, one of them being 123PassportPhoto. Want to know how it works? Then continue reading!

How does 123PassportPhoto look like?

The interface of this passport photo tool is simple, the most important information and steps to prepare a photo being presented on its main page. It is quite colorful – green, blue and orange are highlighting information and buttons. On the top of the page, the 5 steps you have to follow to download passport photos are presented, along with an illustrative image of a boy and the resulting pictures.

Scrolling down, you will find useful information listed. In particular, there are some reasons to use 123PassportPhoto, some general passport photo guidelines, an explanation of how to download and print the photo, the steps to follow to create passport photos and how to get a baby passport photo. There are no advertisements and the website is simple enough not to distract you from your main goal – preparing passport photos.

The main page will lead you to some useful pages with US passport photo requirements, UK passport photo guidelines and Australian passport photo requirements. You can also find a list of pages with tutorials to use when taking passport photos for other countries. They include the requirements, lighting on the photo, tips on how to position your face and steps.

Passport photos’ quality

The quality of the resulting passport photos and the 4×6 inch passport photo template this tool creates depends mostly on the photo uploaded. The passport photo maker does not include face recognition and background editing, the only things proposed are manual cropping and some enhancements that could help make the photo look better. This means that the framing and lighting on the passport photo depend on the way the user chooses the area to crop and the enhancement preferred. Some of the other passport photo tools, as Passport Photo Online, use AI algorithm and human revision to ensure the best and the most professional result, not leaving the user to do everything himself. This way, the probability of photo rejection is significantly reduced.

123PassportPhoto allows placing several passport photos on a template, giving the opportunity to choose between several sizes (4R 4×6 inch template, 5R 5×7 inch template, 8,5×11 inch letter template, etc.). You can download a single digital photo as well if you are not planning to print passport photos and want to submit it online. Both the 4×6 inch template and the single photo cost $5,95, which is more expensive than the services of other passport photo tools. Find an example of a ready-to-download 4×6 inch passport photo template made using 123PassportPhoto.

The tool misses some important options: background removal and the possibility of taking photos directly on the web site. It also doesn’t have a passport photo app to download and use in your phone for convenience. This means that you will have to take the photo on a white background before uploading it and that it will not be automatically checked, which may result in a photo that doesn’t meet all the US passport photo requirements. 123PassportPhoto does not guarantee that the passport photo prepared with their service is acceptable.

More about the privacy of your passport photos

When using their free service, the passport photos you upload on the site will be stored and deleted periodically. If you use the paid services, your passport photos will be stored for the purposes of validating and printing them, being deleted after the printouts are ready. The passport photo editor also collects your information and uses it for delivery purposes.

Our final verdict: 4/10

123PassportPhoto is a good online photo booth if it meets your needs and you follow the official passport photo guidelines when taking your photo. Here is a short summary of its strong and weak points:


  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Prepares document photos for many countries
  • Offers explanations how to take a passport photo
  • The services are more expensive than of other passport photo editors
  • Does not guarantee that the photo will be accepted
  • No face recognition
  • No background removal
  • The user is completely responsible for proper editing
  • The interface may be too simple and basic compared to the style of other passport photo makers
  • Some enhancements make the photo too light colored
If you want to make sure your passport photo will be accepted – try other passport photo editors as well, for example – Passport Photo Online! For a cheaper photo, prepare a passport photo template on the site of our editor and print it at the closest store or pharmacy that has a photo department!