Photocopy of a Passport: All You Need to Know

A woman photocopying the first and second page of a US passport book
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You might have thought about it, but you’ve never actually checked it—

Is it possible to make a photocopy of your passport?

The short answer is: Yes, it is. 

But how can you do that, and in which situations such a photocopy will come in handy?

No need to wonder anymore.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about a passport photocopy, including:

Along with the passport photocopy, having a spare passport image is always a good idea.

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Should I make a photocopy of my passport?

Since you already know that making a photocopy of your passport is possible, now comes another question: Should you do it?

Generally, photocopying your passport is optional, but it can certainly improve your (traveling) life when unexpected situations occur.

It may happen that your passport gets lost, or even worse—stolen. 

Regardless of your current location, you must contact relevant authorities (e.g., a passport office) and inform them about this fact. 

Having a copy of your passport will help you expedite the process of getting a replacement passport.

A passport photocopy will also come in handy in the case of a damaged passport. 

Like in the previous example, carrying a good-quality photocopy of your passport will make the replacement passport application process faster and easier.

And what if you’ve lost an expired passport

It’s also a possible scenario.

In all these situations apart from the necessary information you need to provide, a passport photocopy will help to get your passport renewed without needing to apply for a new one.

Remember! A copy of your passport is not a valid form of identification. While it can help you during administrative processes, you can only travel internationally with an original passport book.

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What should be included in a photocopy of the passport?

A passport photocopy aims to help the authorities identify your personal data. 

Thus, when preparing a photocopy of your passport, pay attention to the second page—this is where you can find all the necessary information, including:

  • Your full name and last name
  • Biometric photograph
  • Passport number
  • Passport’s expiry date
a representation of a 2nd page of US passport

Along with your passport photocopy, the US Department of State recommends carrying two extra passport photos.

With a documentation kit like that, any unexpected passport situation will be but a breeze!

How do I make a photocopy of my passport?

Creating a photocopy of your passport is a simple task you can do from the comfort of your home. 

All you need is a printer with an in-built scanner—a desktop scanner will also be sufficient.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open your passport book on the first and second pages.
  2. Put an open passport upside down on the scanner.
  3. Study the printer settings carefully—the default options might be too dark*.
  4. Set the highest possible quality and preferably change the settings from “grayscale” or “black and white” to “color.”
  5. Click the scanning button.

*Look for the “density” feature and ensure it’s set to “normal” or “0” (depending on your copier) to avoid getting photocopies that are too dark.

Depending on your device, your photocopy might get printed instantly or be saved on your computer in a digital version.

The latter option might be even more comfortable as you can store your passport as an electronic copy on your mobile device.


Can I travel with a photocopy of my passport?

No. A passport photocopy is not a valid ID form, so you can’t board a plane with only a copy or scan of your passport. However, it can help you in administrative situations, like passport replacements or renewals.

What can I use a photocopy of my passport for?

When you lose the original passport or it gets stolen, a photocopy will come in handy to expedite the renewal process or get a replacement, depending on your situation.

Is a photocopy of a passport valid ID?

No. Only the original passport book is a valid identity document that allows you to travel internationally.

How to copy a passport on a printer?

Open your passport book on the first and second pages and put it upside down on a scanner. Most importantly, check the printer’s settings and change them if they are too dark. Click the scanning button and receive your passport copy within seconds.

Wrap up

Creating a passport photocopy may prove useful. It can speed up the replacement or renewal process if your passport is lost or stolen. 

You can create such a photocopy in the comfort of your home using a printer or a scanner. Prepare the passport pages with your data. Ensure the device’s settings are set for a colored copy, and that the photocopy you end up with is clear and visible.

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