How Many Passport Photos Do I Need for Green Card Application?

How Many Passport Photos Do I Need for Green Card Application?
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The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) receives around 6 (six) million Green Card applications every year. This number provides non-negotiable proof that the United States keeps attracting nationals from all over the world.

Procedures of every official document involve specific steps and supportive documentation—in this article, we will focus specifically on the number of photos applicants need for their Green Card. So, if you are asking yourself, “how many passport photos do I need for a Green Card application?”—look no further.

We are going to cover different circumstances and forms that are necessary to apply for a Green Card. With our structure guide, there should be no more doubts about your Green Card photos.

The number of photos for Green Card application: explained

Non-US citizens and nationals without permanent residency can apply for a Green Card on their own or by a sponsor (usually an immediate relative who is already a US citizen or a permanent resident). This and the location where the forms are submitted influence the number of passport photos necessary for Green Card applications.

For a personal Green Card application, there are 3 (three) different ways which determine how many photos need to be attached:

  • If the applicants submit the form within the US, they must provide 8 (eight) identical passport photos.
  • If the application is completed outside of the US, through the consulate or US embassy, applicants must bring 2 (two) identical passport photos to their Green Card interview.
  • Online applications require 1 (one) digital image of the applicant attached to the form in the dedicated space.

For the application to be accepted by the USCIS, providing a proper number of photos is not enough. Applicant’s passport photos must meet all the requirements for a Green Card photo. You can read more about the Green Card photo requirements here.

American citizens or US permanent residents who wish to apply for a Green Card for their family members—spouses or children—can do so as a so-called “Petitioner for Alien Relative.” This step is essential to show and prove the existing relationship between the petitioner (sponsor) and the beneficiary to USCIS authorities.

While applying for a Green Card with I-130 Form, US citizens must submit 4 (four) passport photos: 2 (two) passport photos of themselves and 2 (two) passport photos of the beneficiary, be it their spouse or a child.

After that—or simultaneously with the I-130 Form—the beneficiary must submit an I-485 Form along with 2 (two) identical passport photos if they are already in US territory.

If the beneficiary has not arrived in the US yet, they must provide the USCIS with DS-260 Form and attach 2 (two) passport photos.


Passport Photo Online for your Green Card application

Regardless of the application form, each should be accompanied by a passport photo. To ensure that your own photo meets all the requirements stated by USCIS, we propose using Passport Photo Online.

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Additionally, we provide both printed and digital versions of your passport photos, which, if reflecting the applicant’s current appearance, can be successfully used for your Green Card application.

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How many photographs should I send with Green Card application: FAQ

To help you feel more comfortable with your Green Card application, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the necessary number of photos.

How many photos do you need for Green Card application?

It depends on your residence status and location. If you apply as a non-US citizen within the US, you need 8 (eight) identical passport photos for the Green Card application. Applications from outside the US require 2 (two) pictures, and online applications require 1 (one) digital image. If you are a US citizen, though, and want to apply for your child’s, spouse’s, or parents’ Green Cards, you need to submit 4 (four) passport photos: 2 (two) of yourself and 2 (two) of a respective family member.

How many passport photos do I need for my mom Green Card application?

If you are a US citizen, first, you need to apply for your mom’s Green Card as a Petitioner. In this way, you need to provide 2 (two) photos of yourself and 2 (two) images of a beneficiary—your mom. Then, as your mom becomes an applicant, she needs to provide an additional 2 (two) passport documents with an I-485 Form (within the US) or DS-260 Form (outside of the US)

How many passport photos do I need for I-485?

Applicants who submit the I-485 Form need 2 (two) identical passport photos attached with their Green Card applications.

How many pictures should I send to USCIS?

The number of pictures USCIS requires depends on the form applicants submit. If the application is sent from within the US for a personal Green Card, 8 (eight) identical passport photos are required. Online applications require 1 (one) digital photo. If you send the I-130 Form as a Petitioner, 4 (four) photos are necessary: 2 (two) photos of yourself and 2 (two) photos of the beneficiary.

Do I need 1 or 2 passport photos?

The applicants submitting the form from outside the US must attach 2 (two) passport photos. 1 (one) photo is only required for online applications. Non-US citizens should submit their passport photos digitally.

Do you need passport photos for I-130?

As a US citizen applying for a Green Card for your immediate relative—a child, spouse, or parent—who is not a US citizen or permanent resident, you need 4 (four) passport photos with your I-130 application. There should be 2 (two) photos of you as a petitioner, and 2 (two) photos of your family member, as a beneficiary.

Passport photos for Green Card application—closing thoughts

Depending on the form, location, and the person applying for a Green Card, a different number of passport photos is required by the immigration services. It may vary from 8 (eight) passport photos to just 1 (one) digital image. What is crucial, however, is to double-check that your Green Card photos meet all the requirements stated by the USCIS.

Regardless of the number of photos you need, try Passport Photo Online—featured in Forbes magazine, among others. This mobile app will help you take a perfect passport photo compliant with Green Card requirements.

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