Get British Passport Photos in the US [Your Ultimate Guide]

Find out where to get British passport photos in the US with this comprehensive guide by Passport Photo Online.
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According to the latest BBC figures, there are over 670,000 people with British nationality residing in the US.

With British passport photos differing from their US counterparts, many expats may be wondering, “Can US pharmacy chains and independent photo studios take passport pictures according to British regulations?”

Don’t get stuck with a faulty British passport photo or opt for a service that doesn’t offer the necessary passport photo codes for online renewals.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover all there is to know about getting UK passport photos in the US, including:

Need a passport photo ASAP? No need to search “British passport photos near me” when you can get UK document photos that are guaranteed to be accepted by His Majesty’s Passport Office—delivered within 3 days to anywhere in the US.

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Where can I get a UK-size passport photo in person?

Some brand-name photo centers, independent photo studios, and passport photo booths offer in-person British passport photos.

Let’s examine all three options in detail.

Major brands

Pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens can provide you with printed British passport photos in the US.

Even though Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or other big-box retailers may have teams of people specializing in taking passport photos, they primarily focus on US passport photos. 

Look at the following table for British passport photo availability by brand name photo centers and United States Postal Service (USPS) locations.

UK Passport Photos in the US (Major Retail Brands)

BrandBritish passport photo availabilityDigital passport photo with ID photo code availabilityPrice
Walgreens✅ Physical prints$16.99
CVS✅ Physical prints at some locations$16.99

Since UK passport photos are subject to different requirements than their US counterparts, it is best to call their photo centers directly and ask whether they provide British passport photo sizes (45×35 mm or 1.77”x1.38”).

Additionally, UK passport photos must include ID photo codes (IDPCs) to be eligible for online renewals. 

As evidenced in the chart above, none of the major brands supply these codes, so you must look elsewhere for passport photos to submit your UK passport renewal online.

Independent photography studios

It’s also possible to get British passport photos at some professional studios.

Professional passport photo studios are usually a good bet for in-person passport photos. Hence, searching “uk passport photos near me” on your preferred search engine is a good idea to see which businesses pop up. 

Once you’ve found a potential business, ring your selected studio to see if they provide digital passport photos and employ IDPC-compliant photographers (if you opt for online renewal)—then you’re all set. 

This approach’s main downside is finding a professional studio capable of taking a British passport photo, as it may be challenging in less populated areas. 

Also, with individuals having to do some digging in advance and the likelihood of studios requiring an appointment booking, it’s essential to consider the time aspect of using photo studios.

Photo booths

Some photo booths can be manually adjusted to provide British passport photos—complete with IDPCs

Many photo booths in the US only take 2×2” photos for US passports. 

Nevertheless, some machines allow manual modification of passport picture size, so you can adjust it to accommodate British passport photo size requirements of 45 x 35 mm (1.77 inches x 1.38 inches).

Look at the side-by-side comparison between UK and US passport photos—both the size and aspect ratio differ significantly between the two pictures.

Best of all, modern photo booths can send digital passport photos to your email—with valid IDPCs to boot.

Important! If you decide to adjust the settings manually, study all UK passport photo requirements before taking your photo. 

Can I get a UK passport-size photo online?

Yes, you can. 

Many passport photography apps exist, including our Passport Photo Booth App for iOS and Passport Photo Maker App for Android, which can provide a compliant British passport photo in minutes—ID photo codes necessary for online submission included.

Use our highly-rated software (4.5⭐ on TrustPilot) to instantly transform your image to meet British passport photo guidelines. Alternatively, you can use your mobile camera and our application to snap your new British passport photo on the spot.

All photos processed by Passport Photo Online are verified by our passport photo experts and guaranteed to follow all of His Majesty’s Passport Office regulations. No need to worry about the dimensions, background, or cropping—everything is taken care of.

You get 100% compliance or double your money back—that’s the Passport Photo Online guarantee.


Need more information about getting UK passport photos in the US? Read through the following frequently asked questions related to the topic.

What type of photo is required for a British passport?

British passport photos must be 45 by 35 millimeters (1.77×1.38 inches). 

Printed and digital photos are acceptable; however, digital passport photos must have a minimum resolution of 600×750 pixels and an accompanying ID photo code.

For a complete list of requirements, familiarize yourself with the website.

Does CVS do British passport photos?

Some CVS locations have been reported to provide customers with printed British passport photos.

Unfortunately, digital passport photos with IDPCs are not available at the pharmacy chain’s photo centers.

Still, we recommend contacting your selected location beforehand, as not all stores provide these services.

Can I use my iPhone to take a UK passport photo?

Yes, you can. Snap the perfect British passport photo with our Passport Photo Booth App for iOS. We guarantee compliance with all regulations, and we provide IDPC with each image. So, you can rest easy knowing HM Passport Office agents will accept your passport photo.

Get a digital British passport photo with accompanying IDPC in minutes thanks to Passport Photo Online’s incredible software. Upload a photo that reflects your current appearance, and try it out today!

A photo uploaded to Passport Photo Online’s web app via an internet browser on a laptop and turned into a compliant passport photograph in 3 seconds.

Getting British passport photos in the US—final thoughts

Both CVS and Walgreens offer British passport photo prints at many locations nationwide—just be sure to call your preferred pharmacy to confirm service availability.

For digital passport photos with accompanying IDPCs, professional photo studios or photo booths might be able to provide you with said services.

But wouldn’t you rather invest your time and money on a sure bet?

With Passport Photo Online, you can skip the “UK passport photos near me” query and get expert verification, an IDPC, and a 100% compliance or double your money-back guarantee—all while being accessible from your home, office, or anywhere else for that matter.

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