How to Print a Passport Photo on 4×6 Paper? [2 Options]

Two passport photos printed on 4x6 paper template.
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Why pay for retail passport photos when you can print them on 4×6 paper for a fraction of the price?

All you need is your own digital template!

We’ll guide you through the best options to print your 4×6 passport photo template—or get physical copies without leaving your home.

Look through our simple money-saving solutions to get high-quality, government-approved passport photos for traditional paper applications. Whether you’re tech-savvy or a complete beginner, we’ve got you covered!

Get your passport photo at a photo studio… or do it yourself in 3 minutes from your own home. Download our Passport Photo Booth App for iOS or Passport Photo Maker App for Android to get printed pictures in your mailbox.

A screenshot showing the before and after of an automatic process of creating US passport photos on a smartphone.

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Why use a 4×6 template for passport photos?

US passport photos must measure 2×2 inches, according to official specifications. Because of these square dimensions (sometimes referred to as “square aspect ratio”), it’s possible to place two passport photos onto a 4×6 template and print them anywhere. Why do it, you ask?

Because it’s cheaper (no travel time, waiting in line, etc.)! 

Getting passport pictures usually costs anywhere between $17–20. But here’s the trick—a 4×6 template isn’t a standard passport photo size. So, most copy shops will print it for a few cents (as you’ll see further down). 

And here’s an example of how your digital image should look. You can get this template for only $16.95 with Passport Photo Online.

Example of an Acceptable 4×6 Passport Photo Template

An example of the correct 4x6 passport photo template.

How to print passport photos on 4×6 paper

Have your digital image ready? 

Here’s how to print your own passport photos on a 4×6 template:

Option 1: Print at a local store

Whether you want to use a DIY passport picture or our template, you can print passport pictures using the 4×6 photo method at independent photo printing stores and stores like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

Where to Print Passport Photos on a 4×6 Template in the US

Price (for two photos)

These prices are for printing services only

It’s up to you whether you want to DIY your own photo template for free or use Passport Photo Online’s template (available for $16.95) to ensure that all official requirements for passport photos are met.

Important! A non-compliant passport photo will result in a rejected passport application, so it’s best to err on the side of caution! 

Get peace of mind with our Passport Photo Booth App for iOS or Passport Photo Maker App for Android, and go from a selfie-style picture to a compliant passport photo template that’s verified by passport photo experts in seconds!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take your own passport photo and upload the image. If you’re in doubt, have a look at our tips on taking passport-size photos.
  2. We’ll turn your picture into the perfect passport photo—compliant with all regulations.
  3. Your photo is ready! Use the downloaded image to print it at one of the above locations or at home. Alternatively, you can save yourself the hassle and order printed passport photos to your address of choice.
A visual explainer showing how to get a printable 4x6 template with 2 passport photos superimposed on it.

Option 2: Print at home

This option is for those who want to avoid wasting time in traffic (50+ hours yearly on average!) and get the job done at home.

Along with the printable 4×6 passport photo template, you’ll also need:

Print the template and carefully cut out the photos — you’re now ready to apply!

Pro tip: Remember that passport pictures must be in impeccable condition. Photo prints with any damage (e.g., ink smears, creases, or folding lines) will automatically be rejected by passport agents.


Need quick answers? Check out these frequently asked questions about printing passport photos on a 4×6 template.

How to get a passport photo template 4×6 for printing?

Once you resize your passport photo to the correct size, you can create a template with tools like Photoshop. Simply resize the canvas to 4×6” in size, and then place two images next to each other (with space in between). You can also get a printable passport template with the Passport Photo Booth App for iOS (also available for Android & online).

Can you use a 4×6 photo for a passport?

No, you can’t. The required US passport photo size is 2×2’’ (51×51 mm). You can print two passport-size photos on a 4×6 template and cut them out.

Can I get a passport photo 4×6 template for free?

Yes, you can. If you’re confident in your PhotoShop skills, you can create your own 4×6 template for free. However, for the rest of us, Passport Photo Online will create a 4×6” template with 2 compliant passport photos for only $16.95.

Print passport photos on a 4×6 template—closing thoughts

To recap, here are the steps to print a 2×2 photo on 4×6 paper:

  1. Make sure your digital photo meets all official requirements
  2. Prepare the template
  3. Print it at a store or at home

Although printing passport photos without additional help is possible, remember that submitting unacceptable photos is the number one reason the US Department of State rejects or delays passport applications.

That’s why you should let the passport photo experts at Passport Photo Online handle everything for you—compliance is guaranteed, or we double your money back!

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