How To Take a Passport Size Photo From Mobile

You may have already heard about a friend or relative of yours that took their passport photo online instead of attending a photo booth or photographic photo studio, but you still aren’t sure about how it works or how taking photos with a phone can be valid for a passport application.

Moreover, hygiene is to be considered too, so photo booths don’t seem like the best places to go these days. But how to take passport size photos with a mobile device? You’ll find this and more other relevant information here, so please sit back and enjoy this complete guide.

Learn how to take the perfect passport photo from home, you just need a mobile and wi-fi connection!

Passport Size Photo Maker

Editing the photo

Different countries have different specifications for passport images. If you choose to take passport photos on your own at home, you might need to take a look at the proper size, background color and other guidelines. Be aware that your photo can be rejected because of any of these specifications.

One of the main things to consider when submitting your application is that a passport image cannot be edited under any circumstances. Therefore, programs such as Photoshop or Gimp are not recommended to be used. The passport photo image should not be manipulated through the digital process, however, an online passport photo tool can help you obtain the perfect picture and save you time and money too.

If you choose a top-quality passport photo tool, an acceptance guarantee will be included, so there is nothing to fear. A picture taken from home can be converted into the proper size, right background and fit the rest of the requirements for passport photos.

How to adapt a picture to passport photo requirements online

An app that runs on an iPhone or  Android smartphone will simplify the process of applying for a newly issued passport, even though you must be very careful with passport photo requirements.

The photograph must reflect your current appearance in order to avoid issues at the passport office or even when going through border security.

That is why you are highly recommended to attach your new passport photo to your passport application, or this may be delayed and you might lose a lot of time to reapply.

Furthermore, the passport picture must fulfill many other requirements.To make sure that your photo meets the requirements, you must:

  • place your camera at an appropriate distance from yourself;
  • make sure you have proper lighting;
  • avoid the “red-eye” effect;
  • make sure the top of your shoulders is visible;
  • look straight into the camera;
  • adopt a neutral facial expression (a subtle smile is allowed in U.S. passport photos);
  • wear an informal outfit (uniforms are not allowed);
  • not wear a hat, glasses, or any accessories that may cover your facial features*.

*NOTE: Headwear and/or glasses are only allowed when worn for medical or religious reasons.

These are some general guidelines for taking a passport photo on your own, though the most relevant requirements are those specified by your government which are related to the correct size or photo background. For instance, a US passport picture must be 2×2 inches in  size and has to be taken against a white, plain background.

To edit a picture from your mobile phone and adapt to the required standards, you may use an online passport photo editor. You can take a look at various applications and sites designed to help you with the process of printing photos for your passport documents in this review.

A passport tool may enable you to take your own passport photo from home in a couple of minutes. See below for the pros of taking passport photos via a smartphone.

Benefits of taking your passport photo online

The number of advantages you can benefit from by obtaining passport photos online are numerous.

  • you can save money;
  • you don’t need to leave your house;
  • it’s fast;
  • you can take the photos at a time and place that’s convenient for you;
  • it’s highly recommended when taking babies’ passport photos;
  • with the right setup and background, you can take the photo yourself.

Choose the right online passport photo tool

As passport photos can be rejected, we recommend readers choose a top-quality passport photo tool. To know how to take a passport size photo with a mobile, first, take a picture using your phone.

If you have questions on how to take a passport photo, don’t forget to read the above-mentioned requirements. 

Then, upload your picture to the photo tool. The app will perform its checks and verify if the photo will work for a passport.

A passport photo app for Android and iOS

Passport photo apps have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years due to the convenience they come with. That’s why you can find numerous photo tools on the net, but as usual, some are more reliable than others. We recommend that you take a look at our review before making your decision, as there are many aspects to take into account.

Passport Photo Online comes in the form of a website and an app available for Android and iOS devices and offers the possibility to get your ID photo from home in just one minute. Why is Passport Photo Online a great way to get photos for your official documents? Continue on to find out.


Guaranteed acceptance

Unlike other tools, Passport Photo Online offers total security to its customers when obtaining a passport photo. This service ensures that in case your image is not accepted, you will receive double the money you paid for your passport photos.

Background removal

You can take your photo wherever you want, as this app lets you erase the background from your photo, replacing it with a white background. No need to look for a white wall to take your picture!


Passport Photo Online strives to know the specific requirements for each type of photo. That’s why you will be sure that your photo is adjusted to the correct size, regardless of what type of document you apply for.

Hundreds of photo options available

Not only will you be able to get  a photo for your U.S. passport application, but also other official documents, including driver’s licenses, , visas, and IDs for countries all over the world.

AI system verification

Your photo will be carefully scanned by an AI system and additionally by a human expert after, to make sure your photo meets all the official government requirements. Alternatively, you will be informed of any errors and asked to retake your photo.

Compliance check

Once your photo has been uploaded, you will be able to see how it has been reviewed and the aspects that have been examined to ensure its validity.

Instant download

Right after your photo is verified by the AI system, it will be ready to be downloaded in digital format and uploaded to your digital passport application.

Home delivery

In case you need a passport-size picture printed on photo paper, you can order printouts to be sent to your home for $9.95.

How to take a passport photo size photo from mobile – Passport Photo Online

Follow the steps below to get your passport photo with PPO:

  • Access the Passport Photo Online website or download their app, available for iOS and Android.
  • Dress informal, choose good lighting, avoid shadows, keep your eyes open and follow the rest of our recommendations.
  • Take your picture and upload it to the app.
  • Wait a second, the validity of your photo is being checked.
  • If there is an error, you will be informed of it. You can then take a new photo and make sure it is correct.
  • Once ready, you can download your photo in digital format or request a home delivery.

How to take a passport size photo from mobile—wrap up

Taking your own passport photo has never been easier now that we have amazing online photo tools such as Passport Photo Online. All you have to do is upload an already existing photo or take a new one and upload it to the app. The image will get scanned by an AI system and you will receive an immediate response whether you can use it for your application or if you should upload a new shot.

Passport Photo Online provides a meticulous compliance verification by AI and human experts. Either your photo gets accepted by passport authorities or you will get a double refund, it’s that simple.

What makes Passport Photo Online stand out among other photo apps is its guarantee of acceptance which saves our customers stress and makes the passport photo-taking process smooth and pleasant. Take a US passport photo in seconds with Passport Photo Online!

How to take a passport-size photo from mobile: FAQ

In this section we will go over some of the most commonly asked questions regarding taking your passport photo with your phone.

How to take a photo with your phone for a passport application?

Thanks to our top-quality passport photo tool, you can obtain the perfect photo for your U.S. passport  or other official document. We highly recommend trying out Passport Photo Online as it’s easy-to-use and instantly notifies you whether your picture is suitable for your document of choice.

Can I get my passport photo online and receive it at home?

Sure! Passport Photo Online generates and sends printed photos to its customers. You can receive your photos in paper form at home for the price of $9.95, which is up to 40% less expensive than other passport photo services offered online.

Which is the best passport photo software?

Read this review to learn more about the pros and cons of different passport photo software available. If you’re looking for a high-quality, user-friendly photo app that offers a guarantee of acceptance, try Passport Photo Online and get a double refund if your photos get rejected.

How to create a passport-size photo on your phone?

With our passport photo application, you can easily upload a picture of yourself and let our app do the rest, including cropping the photo to the correct size. No matter what type of document you apply for, your photo will be set to exactly the dimensions that particular document requires.

How to take a passport-size photo on a Samsung phone?

Our passport photo app is available on Android devices (Google Play Store), so you can easily download it to your Samsung phone and get your passport-size photo in seconds!

How to convert a mobile photo to passport-size?

Passport Photo Online will convert a photo taken using your smartphone or digital camera to passport-size in 3 (three) seconds. All you have to do is upload it to our app to immediately get a passport-ready pic without leaving your home.

Can I take a passport photo on my phone?

Yes, if your phone’s camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels or more, you can easily take a passport photo with it.

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