How to Renew a Passport in Georgia

How to Renew a Passport in Georgia
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In Georgia, like in the rest of the United States, passport holders can find more than one passport acceptance facility in each county. Not all of them will accept a passport renewal application. However, especially in central areas, citizens won’t need to travel far to find one that offers a full range of passport services.

In this article, we’ll explain how to renew a passport in Georgia, covering all the necessary details for a successful passport application.

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How to renew a US passport in Georgia —requirements

Differently from the regular application process, renewing a passport requires much fewer materials and steps. However, not everyone qualifies for the simplified procedure. The authorities state that only citizens who meet the following requirements can renew their passport:

  • the old US passport must be undamaged;
  • it was issued when the applicant was 16 (sixteen) or older;
  • the last passport was issued less than 15 (fifteen) years ago.

In any other case, it’s necessary to apply with the regular process using Form DS-11.

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How to renew a passport in Georgia— documents

According to the Department of State, to renew a US passport, applicants can provide the required documents either in person at a passport agency or by mail. In both cases, it’s necessary to present:

How much does it cost to renew a passport in Georgia?

The fees for a new US passport depend on the format of the document requested by the applicant. They are as follows:

  • $130 for a passport book
  • $30 for a passport card
  • $160 for both forms.

It’s possible to request expedited passport delivery for an extra $60. The authorities will only accept personal checks and money orders made payable to the US Department of State.

How to renew an expired passport in Georgia by mail

Generally, the State Department instructs applicants to send their renewal application by mail and resort to a passport agency or center only for emergencies.

There are two facilities that process mailed passport applications; one in Irving, Texas, and the other one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Residents of Georgia need to mail their documents to the second one, including the following details on the envelope:

National Passport Processing Center

Post Office Box 90155

Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155

If you chose to request expedited service, remember to write “EXPEDITED” on the outside of the envelope. To further speed up the passport service, applicants can use a USPS Priority Mail envelope.

The processing time for US passport renewal is between 8 (eight) and 11 (eleven) weeks, 5 (five) to 7 (seven) for the expedited service. Applicants can check the status online on the State Department’s website.

How to renew a passport in Georgia in person

As stated before, renewing a passport in person is only possible in specific circumstances. The Department of State highlights two possible cases:

  • Life or death emergency: the applicant needs to travel internationally in 3 (three) days or less, for emergency reasons.
  • Urgent travel service: for international travel in less than 14 (fourteen) days or a foreign visa appointment within 28 (twenty-eight) days.

For these services it is necessary to book an appointment, by calling the respective offices during business hours. Keep in mind that they are usually closed on federal holidays.

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How to renew a passport in Georgia: FAQ

To conclude, we’ll cover a few recurring questions about renewing a US passport in Georgia.

How to renew a passport for a minor in Georgia?

You can’t renew a child’s passport. When it expires you should apply for a new passport with Form DS-11.

How to renew a passport in Atlanta, Georgia?

You can apply for renewal by mailing the necessary documents to the processing office in Philadelphia.

How to renew a passport in Dekalb County, Georgia?

Passport renewals are mostly handled by mail, the office that covers the state of Georgia is in Philadelphia.

How to renew a passport in Georgia— closing remarks

US citizens living in Georgia can renew their passports by mail, with just the form, a photo, and the previous document. However, renewal is possible only for an undamaged adult passport, issued less than 15 (fifteen) years before the application. In any other circumstance, citizens need to apply for a first-time issuance.

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