Can I Mail More Than One Passport Application in the Same Envelope?

Can I Mail More Than One Passport Application in the Same Envelope?
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You may have asked yourself this before when applying for a passport renewal, when making a correction or name change to a passport issued a year ago or less, or when applying to replace a limited passport. Because, according to the US Department of State, the above circumstances allow US citizens to submit passport applications via mail in all applicable cases*.

If there is another person in your household wishing to join your passport package, the question on your mind may be can I mail more than one passport application in the same envelope? If so, this is the article for you as we will be focusing on that issue in particular.

*NOTE: in the case of a new name, you must be able to legally document the name change with a court order, marriage certificate, or divorce decree to apply via mail.

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Mailing multiple passport application forms together in the US

According to the US Department of State, you are allowed to send multiple passport applications together. However, each passport application must be filled out separately and you must remember to include separate payments for each one.

For example, you’re submitting 3 (three) passport forms in the same envelope:

  • 1 (one) passport renewal form (Form DS-82) with standard processing / $130
  • 1 (one) passport form to replace a limited validity passport issued less than a year ago (Form DS-5504) with a request for expedited service / $18.32*
  • 1 (one) passport form for both a passport book and a passport card with a request for a name change (Form DS-5504) with standard processing / $160

In the above example, you would have to pay a separate application fee for each of the passport forms you’re including in your envelope, which would amount to $308.32 in this case. All three passport fees could be paid using a single check or money order.

While multiple passport forms can be included in the same envelope, it’s very important to remember to get a large enough envelope that will be able to not only safely hold the application forms, but also any other required documents such as any old passports, name change documents (if necessary), passport photos, and application fees (check or money order).

So, multiple application forms equal additional documents which could make your envelope pretty bulky. Therefore, choose wisely and opt for separate mailings if many people are applying. The US Department of State also makes it very clear that passport photos cannot be bent or damaged in any way, so be extra careful when including multiple pictures in the same envelope.

Your package with the completed passport applications and required documents should be mailed to the National Passport Processing Center using USPS’ Priority Mail Express.

If you have any questions regarding passport services, you should call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday.

*NOTE: if you paid the passport fees when applying for your limited validity passport, in this case, you only have to cover the expedited service costs.

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Mailing multiple passport application forms together outside of the US

US citizens residing abroad can apply for passport renewals via US embassies or consulates. Prior to COVID-19, US passport renewal applications in countries other than Canada required appointments. However, that has recently changed and now most US embassies and consulates strongly recommend that applicants submit their passport renewal applications via mail.

Embassies and consulates follow the US Department of State rules – you can send multiple passport applications in the same envelope. While most of them will accept passport renewal applications in the same package, we still recommend getting in touch with your local US embassy or consulate to make sure this is an option.

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Can I mail multiple passport applications in the same envelope: FAQ

In this section, we will do our best to answer your frequently asked questions regarding mailing multiple passport applications in the same envelope.

Can I mail multiple passport renewal applications in the same envelope?

Yes, the US Department of State allows multiple passport renewal applications to be sent together. Make sure that all forms and their supporting documents (including photos) are neatly and safely packaged, without any tears or creases.

Can I mail my passport renewal application with that of my husband’s?

Yes, your US passport renewal applications can be mailed together. Just make sure to include a separate renewal fee of $130 for each form ($260 in total if you’re not requesting expedited services).

Can I mail my child’s passport renewal application together with mine?

No. Passport renewals are not accepted for children under 16. The application for a child’s US passport book or passport card must be submitted at your local acceptance facility (such as a post office) or at a passport agency.


We hope that our post has dispelled your doubts regarding mailing more than one US passport application in a single envelope.

When sending a couple of applications together, make sure that you have covered each application fee, including any expedited service fees.

You don’t need separate payments to do this – the total can be paid using one check or money order. Although you don’t need a separate envelope for each application form, choose one that is big enough to keep all your documents safe and neat.

Also, if your passport package is breaking at the seams, perhaps it’s a good idea to go for separate mailings. 

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