Best Way to Carry a Passport? – Safety Tips

Are you planning your next trip? We are here for you. This is a not standard travel checklist, but take a look at what we are about to tell you. Every travel checklist should include safety tips to help you safeguard your passport and most important documents. A passport is the document that gives you the chance to leave your country and safely get back – you should take really good care of it. Do you want to know the best way to carry your passport while travelling? Take some time to read our safety tips, prevention is always the key! Hop on board!

Best Way to Carry a Passport

Why should you know how to keep your passport safe? 

A passport is the most important official document when travelling internationally. Security standards are increasing everywhere and travelling abroad without a passport is getting almost impossible. Exceptions are limited to just a few examples, such as travelling around Europe with an ID of a European country. In all other cases, a passport is your getaway to the world and you need to take good care of it. It plays two fundamental roles: it is the most important form of identification and it identifies you as citizen of a certain country. It gives you the chance to travel abroad, but it is also the key for getting back home. Losing your passport while travelling might cause a sudden change of plans and cost you money and time trying to get a new one. 

If you still don’t have one, check the passport requirements on our website and start the procedures as soon as possible. But if you already have your passport and you are concerned about its safety, keep on reading.

So, what’s the best way to carry a passport while travelling? Here you will find passport safety tips that will help you protect your important documents from scams, thefts and other incidents.

Passport safety tips – BEFORE LEAVING HOME

A safe and pleasant journey starts from home. Planning in advance is the best way to enjoy your travel with little concern.

Check your passport expiration date

This tip does not precisely concern safety, but having your passport expired during your trip can cause as many problems as losing it. You can’t travel back to your country with an expired passport and, in case the expiration date is close to the departure date, you might even be prevented from boarding a flight. Check our website for more information about passport requirements and how to renew your passport.

Scan it

Having copies of your main documents is extremely important. Scan your important documents and especially the pages showing documents’ essential information and your signature. After scanning, save the file on your cloud memory or email it yourself. You could also save it on a USB stick that you will keep in a safe place, so that you can access this information even without internet connection. A digital copy is a copy of your passport you will always have at hand in case you need to provide your personal information, while, in the event you need a new one, will speed up the replacement process.

Make copies

A paper copy is as useful as a digital copy. You can have access to it any time and anywhere, you don’t need internet connection or a computer and you won’t even need your phone, which will be safely stored in your bag. Make multiple photocopies and put it in different places: in your bag, in your wallet, give one to a friend travelling with you and leave another to someone at home. In the event, you lose your passport or it gets stolen, the copy will provide essential information, which will help you get a new one faster and it is also useful as a form of prevention. During your travel you could be asked for your identity and personal data on several occasions, but you do not need to show your passport every time.  In some cases, showing a copy of your passport should be enough or you could provide another document, such as your driver license. In doing so, you will keep your passport in a safe place and the chances to lose it will decrease.

Note embassies and consulates information

If you lose your passport while travelling, you should replace it as fast as you can with an emergency passport. In order to do that, you need to know exactly, where to go and who to contact. Before leaving home check the embassies and consulates of your country in the nations you are visiting and note their address and telephone number.


To keep your passport safe, you might invest in little gadgets. Our first tip is: consider buying a money belt. Yes, it is a belt, but it is supposed to be worn underneath your shirt and it has a concealed pouch for storing your important documents and, of course, money while you are on the road. We agree, it is not at all a fashionable accessory, but it is really useful to keep your passport out of sight and always safe with you. Another gadget you might take into consideration is a passport cover. You might still have your passport, but if it is seriously damaged, it will be completely useless. A passport pouch or a waterproof cover will prevent your passport pages from becoming unreadable.

Finally Abroad

Passport safety tips – WHILE TRAVELLING

Finally abroad! You used our tips and we are really proud of you!! But, please, do not lose focus. You already did most of the work by preventing most of the risks, but still a little precaution is needed while travelling. But do not worry, we are here to guide you. Follow us in the last steps to your passport-safe journey.

Leave your passport in the hotel

As mentioned before, you won’t need to present your passport any time and sometimes a copy is enough. For this reason, you could leave it in your hotel room, at best in the safe or in your luggage, but remember to lock it.

Keep it by your side

If you need to have your passport with you, here the money belt is the perfect solution! We suggest that you do not leave your passport in your handbag. You should always keep it by your side and in a safe place. In case you are asked to leave your handbag unattended in a storeroom before a trip or to be asked to leave it at the gate, your most important belongings will always be safe with you. Nonetheless, the money belt is not the only solution, even your inner jacket pockets will do (but keep your jacket with you)!

Hold your passport

Never leave your passport to somebody else. Anyone should be responsible for their own passport and this will also lessen the chances that all passports get lost at once.

Check you still have it

Every now and then, check if you still have your passport. Never do it in public, but find a private place where you can safely check that you still have all your most essential personal belongings.

Be aware of what is happening around you

During your travel, you will find yourself in different situations, but do not lose focus. Be aware of the environment you are in and decide accordingly if you should use extra care in managing your documents.

Keep it covered

Using your passport in plain sight, in the middle of the crowd, might attract too much attention and increase the chance that it gets stolen. If you use a cover for your passport, as we suggested earlier, you will achieve two things at the same time: you will protect your passport from any damage and will keep it covered, so strangers will not see it while you use it.

As you have seen, if you want to avoid unpleasant incidents and enjoy your travel, be aware of the risks and follow our passport safety tips. In the unfortunate event that you will need a new one, check our website. You will find more useful information to make the renewal process faster and easier.

Now you are fully prepared, enjoy your trip!