UK Passport Photo Template

UK Passport Photo Template
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For a British passport, you are going to need two identical photos, all the required documents, and the appropriate application form. These pictures need to follow very specific guidelines to be acceptable for a passport.

Furthermore, especially if you intend to take them yourself, they will have to be arranged according to the right printing template, to avoid spending more money than necessary.

In this article, we will go over everything you need to know in order to take the perfect photo at home and how to create a template for UK passport photos.

UK passport photo requirements

UK passport photos need to be taken according to strict guidelines, regulating the size, the quality, and all other elements in the frame. Since you can apply both online and in person, there will be different requirements specific to printed photos or digital photos.

First, let’s go over the specifications for printed photos.

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UK passport photo size and quality – printed photo

The photos for a UK passport need to be sized 35 x 45 mm and not be cut out of a larger picture. Your head, from chin to crown, must measure between 29 mm and 34 mm.

In addition, they need to be printed on photo quality paper with dye sublimation, clear and in sharp focus, in colour, and without frames or borders. You’ll also need to make sure that there are no tears, creases, or marks (unless you are turning in a countersigned photo) on the photo. Photo editing is also not allowed.

UK passport photo size and quality – digital photo

If you want to apply online, your digital passport photo must be in jpeg format, at least 750 pixels high and 600 pixels wide, with a file size of no less than 50 KB and no more than 10 MB. Just like the printed photos, it needs to be clear and in focus, in colour, and not altered with any software.

UK passport photo – how it should look

Both printed and digital photos need to follow a series of guidelines regarding the general outlook of the image.

It must be a close-up of your head, whilst also showing the upper part of your shoulders, and containing no other objects or people. The image must be in clear contrast with a cream or light grey background. There must be no defects, such as red-eye.

The picture must be recent, less than 1 month old, even if your appearance hasn’t changed.

You must be facing forwards, staring directly into the lens. You also have to maintain a neutral expression, with your eyes fully open, and your mouth closed.

There must be nothing covering any part of your face, so make sure that your hair is not in the way and, if you wear glasses, take them off. If you must wear glasses for medical reasons, they must not be tinted or create glares or shadows on your face, and the frames cannot be covering your eyes. A head covering is only allowed for religious or medical reasons.

If you wear headwear for religious reasons, make sure that your face is still fully visible.

Children under 6 are not required to maintain a plain expression or look straight at the camera, however, there can’t be any other objects or people in the frame.

Once you have your photos, remember not to attach them to the form, just leave them loose.

UK Passport photo template – Passport Photo Online

You can take the photos for your passport in any photo booth or photo studio in the country, they will definitely be able to get you the right format. But, if you want to save time and money, you can just take the picture at home, all you need is a digital camera or a smartphone.

Set up the right background with a plain wall or a sheet, and face a window during a sunny day. This will make sure that the lighting is evenly distributed.

To get the right distance (a little more than 2 metres), place the camera on a tripod or ask a friend to give you a hand. Once you have the photo, upload it to Passport Photo Online.

Our app is not just a cropping tool, it also has an AI that will make sure that the picture follows all the guidelines to the letter. In no time, you will know if you can use it for your passport!

You can download the file in jpeg format and go straight ahead with the application, or you can have it printed, and delivered, by us in a short time.

If you already have a digital picture that satisfies the requirements, you can get the perfect template on Passport Photo Online’s app, available on your iOS or Android device. Just upload it and choose the 10 x 15 cm template, it will contain 8 photos, perfect for any official document you’ll ever need! All of this for free!

This way, you will have more than two photos and have more on hand for your id card or driving licence. You can print this file at any kiosk or photo store, it will usually cost you less than £1!

You can use this trick for most of the passport and visa photos you will ever need.

UK passport photo template – summary

As you now know, it can be very easy to get a passport photo, just make sure to follow the photo requirements and you can do it yourself.

If you want to submit the application in person, the best way to print your photos is to get them in a 10 x 15 cm format or “postcard-size”. This will save you a lot of money and you will get more pictures.

However, if you want, you can apply online and just submit a digital photo. You can take it with Passport Photo Online and have a guarantee that it will be accepted by the authorities. Our software will analyse it in detail and make sure it satisfies all the official photo guidelines. Your application will be underway without delay!


What is the size of a UK passport photo?

The picture for a British passport needs to be 35 mm wide and 45 mm high.

What size is a digital photo for a UK passport?

A digital photo for a UK passport needs to be 600px wide and 750px high. The file size must be between 50KB and 10MB.

Where do I get the template for UK passport photos?

You can just get it for free on Passport Photo Online’s app.


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