Ethiopian Passport Renewal in the US – Application Process

Ethiopian Passport Renewal in the US – Application Process
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As an Ethiopian citizen residing in the United States, you can renew your expired passport through one of the foreign offices in the country. The Ethiopian authorities will only be able to issue an electronic passport, as the old manual blue passport has been discontinued. The process can be done either by mail or online.

If you need to know more about Ethiopian passport renewal in the US, keep reading this article. We will go through all the details you need to know to apply for a new travel document.

How to renew an Ethiopian passport in the US

If you want to get a new passport in the United States, the first thing you need to do is locate the Ethiopian Embassy or Consulate General office that has jurisdiction in the area you are in.

You can find 5 (five) main offices in the US:

  • the Embassy of Ethiopia in DC
  • the Consulate in Houston
  • the Consulate General in Los Angeles
  • the Consulate in New York
  • the Consulate General in Seattle.

Once you locate the office where you can access consular services, gather the required documents for your passport renewal. If you are replacing an expired or lost machine-readable passport, you need to provide:

  • a completed application form;
  • 2 (two) copies of your passport’s data page;
  • your current passport (provide a police report if the passport is lost or stolen);
  • a copy of any document that proves your US residence status (work permit, Green Card, I-94);
  • 2 (two) 30 x 40 mm passport photos;
  • a money order payable to the Ethiopian Embassy;
  • a self-addressed return envelope (from FedEx, USPS Priority, or USPS express mail).

If you still have the old manual passport, to have it replaced with a new electronic passport, you need to provide additional copies of the documents mentioned above, specifically:

  • 1 (one) additional application form, for a total of 2 (two);
  • 2 (two) copies of pages 1 (one) to 7 (seven) of your passport;
  • 1 (one) additional copy of your residence document, for a total of 2 (two);
  • 2 (two) additional passport photos, for a total of 4 (four).

An adult’s passport application also requires mandatory finger print registration. If you have applied for an electronic passport earlier, they will already have them. Otherwise, you have to include a finger print capture form (available on the Embassy’s website) in the application paperwork.

The passport service fee for a 32-page booklet is $60, for 64 pages, you’ll have to pay $110. The consular officer will only accept money orders.

After you’ve applied, your renewed passport will be ready in 3 (three) to 4 (four) months. The Embassy states that they might ask for additional paperwork, depending on the case. It’s advisable to send the requested document as soon as possible, to avoid delays.

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Renew a child’s Ethiopian passport in the US

If you need to renew a minor’s passport, the Embassy of Ethiopia requires a few additional documents to complete the procedure:

  • an authenticated birth certificate
  • 2 (two) copies of the application form
  • 2 (two) copies of a document proving the parents’ Ethiopian citizenship
  • 4 (four) passport photos.

Providing finger prints is not required for citizens under 14 years of age.

How to get an Ethiopian passport online

Recently, the Ethiopian Government has added the option to renew your passport online with the INVEA app.

The first step for an online Ethiopian passport renewal application is to download the app and insert your personal information.

Next, you need to upload scans of all the necessary documents, including the finger print capture form, and upload a digital passport photo.

If everything is in order, provide a mailing address and wait for the usual processing time.

Passport Photo Online

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Renew an expired Ethiopian passport in the US: FAQ

In this section, we will answer some of the most common questions about renewing an expired or lost passport at the Ethiopian embassy.

How much does it cost to renew an Ethiopian passport?

The processing fee for an Ethiopian passport is $60 for 32 pages and $110 for 64 pages.

How long does it take to renew an Ethiopian passport in the US?

The total processing time for Ethiopian passport renewal in the US is between 3 (three) and 4 (four) months.

Can I renew my Ethiopian passport online?

Yes, just download the official INVEA app and get started.

How can I renew my Ethiopian passport in the US?

You have to find the nearest Ethiopian Embassy or Consulate and send them your application. Alternatively, you can apply online with the INVEA app.

Ethiopian passport renewal in the US – final remarks

As an Ethiopian citizen, to renew your expired, lost, or stolen passport, you can mail your application to the nearest consular office or complete it online. In both cases, you will need the same supporting documents to prove your identity, your citizenship, and your status in the United States.

To get your photos ready to be sent, online or by mail, use Passport Photo Online as over a million customers have done so far. You have a 100% guarantee of compliance with Ethiopian passport photo requirements.


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