Should I Sign My Passport with My Middle Name?

Should I Sign My Passport with My Middle Name?
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The process of obtaining a new US passport can last even up to 10 (ten) weeks. After completing every stage and getting accepted, American citizens can finally enjoy their new travel documents. However, this is not exactly the end of their red-tape journey. There’s one little thing left: signature.

According to US State Department regulations, bearers must sign their passports. But is your middle name necessary there as well? Read on to get more insights on the passport signature form.

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Signing a passport—rules and requirements

There is one basic rule when signing a US passport: the owner’s signature must be the one they use every day. It should contain one’s first and last name, so middle name is not essential. Your signature should also be clear and readable, resembling your signature on other important legal documents.

Deciding on a signature

Technically speaking, a signature should look the same in all your legal documents, but obviously, our signatures do change over time. So what should be your signature in a passport like? Here’s a list of some of the rules that the signature has to follow. It should:

  • be readable and clear;
  • contain at least the first and last name;
  • look similar to your previous signature;
  • be easy and as short as possible.

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To wrap it up, let us get some answers to the most frequently asked questions about middle names in passport signatures

Can I sign my passport with my middle name?

A passport should be signed in the most natural way, so holders need to use their typical, day-to-day signature. If your normal signature doesn’t involve a middle name and you still want to add it, you need to make both signatures similar.

I don’t have my middle name signed on my old passportis that a problem?

No, there shouldn’t be any problems. Even though the instructions to sign a passport say that it must be signed with a full name, the message behind this is that your signature should look like your typical, day-to-day one. So if your passport has that, everything is fine

What if my signature no longer looks like the one in my passport?

If the holder’s current signature no longer looks like the one on the passport, changing a whole document might not be necessary. It is important, though, that you use your passport signature while signing important legal documents until the moment you can change it.

Signing your passport with a middle name summed up 

There you have it—a US passport must always be signed with a natural, everyday signature. Even though the booklet you got in the mail with your passport says to sign with a full name, it only means that a signature should contain the first name and your surname (last name).

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