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Due to how expensive it can seem for simple passport photo printing at CVS, a lot of people try to save on printing because $14,99 for a CVS passport photo is expensive. That’s why we suggest you use CVS coupon trick and save over 97% on photo prints with CVS.

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CVS photo coupons

We all love to save money, no matter the product we are purchasing, whether it’s groceries, books, video games, electronics; any money saved is a good thing. When there is an item that many people will need at least a few times in their lives, then that is something we will want to save money on. And that item is a passport photo, which can also be used as an ID photo, so we search for passport photo deals. Then we come across a pharmacy called CVS, and that search becomes “CVS coupon for passport photo,” or “CVS passport photo discount”.

This life hack will help you get more U.S. passport photos for only 23¢! All you need to do is download Passport Photo Online app or use the website, take a photo or upload an existing one from your phone or computer. Then, you should let our special A.I. algorithm transform the image into a professional passport photo that meets all the official U.S. passport photo requirements (access the tool here). You will receive a CVS passport photo template with 4 photos, that is ready to be printed for the price of one 4 x 6 inches photo. You don’t need any CVS photo promo codes or CVS coupon codes for a passport photo now that you know this life-hack! Check our article to compare the prices in different stores and get the cheapest passport photo printout possible!

Get a cheap passport photo using CVS printing

In order to save money when printing your U.S. passport photo at the photo center at CVS you need to download our app or proceed to the Passport Photo Online site.

  • Take a photo and upload it.
  • Let the tool do its job and you will receive a professional U.S. passport photo template that is ready to be printed at any photo center.
  • Look for a CVS near you to get your photos printed in store or use our Premium Service to have the U.S. passport photo delivered to your door.
  •  Download the passport photo or purchase the Premium Service.
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The benefits of Passport Photo Online app

You don’t need a CVS photo coupon or promo code, you can get a cheap passport photo using our photo app. There’s no need to worry about the U.S. passport photo requirements anymore, Passport Photo Online app will edit and crop the photo so that it will meet all the official passport photo requirements, and will be accepted in any government office. Moreover, you have the possibility to review the CVS passport photo before buying it.

What if there’s no CVS near me?

Can’t find a photo center close to you? The best solution is to use Passport Photo Online Premium Service that allows you to prepare a 4 x 6 template with several U.S. passport photos and have it delivered straight to your door. Furthermore, we offer a 200% money-back guarantee if the passport photo made with our photo app, or on our website, was not accepted in the office you applied to. Your passport photo will be checked by an expert to make sure it’s perfect.

Passport Photo Premium Service will allow you to save lots of money, not only on the CVS passport photo but on its shipping as well – all that for only $9.95! Prepare your passport photo prints with Passport Photo Online and order them now!



Can I get a passport photo at all CVS locations?

No, passport photos are only available in select locations and if you want to find out if your nearest CVS has this option you will need to look on their website or contact the store itself and ask.

What is a CVS passport photo coupon code?

A CVS passport photo coupon code is a coupon that helps you save money on your passport photo at CVS. However, the CVS passport photo discount that you receive won’t be as large as the savings we can offer you when you use our services. The coupon codes are also time sensitive, as opposed to our service.

Where can I get a CVS passport size photo coupon for $2 off in 2022?

The best place to find this is to look around on the internet and check the CVS website for what offers they have available. If you can’t find one on their website the chances are that they don’t currently have any passport photo deals at the moment, which is even more reason for you to choose to use our service using the advice we gave you above: our advice works all of the time.

Can I get a CVS free passport photo coupon?

From our research this doesn’t seem to be a possibility, unfortunately. Whilst they do sometimes offer a CVS pharmacy passport photo coupon on their website or via other outlets, they are always for money off, rather than for getting one for free. If you follow our advice above you will get your passport photo for almost nothing, which is practically free, so it is the best option out there if you want it as cheaply as possible.

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