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A Polish passport and a pair of passport photos from Walgreens.
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Getting ready to apply for a new Polish passport in the United States?

Out of all the documents you need, passport photos might be trickier than the rest. 

After looking for a passport photo service in your vicinity, you probably asked yourself if it’s possible to get a Polish passport photo at Walgreens.

In this article, we will see if you can have your picture taken in one of their locations. We’ll also provide you with an alternative to get passport photos of any size anywhere you happen to be.

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A picture converted into a government-compliant passport photo in 3 seconds using Passport Photo Online mobile app.

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Does Walgreens do Polish passport photos?

If you need to renew your passport and want to print your photos quickly and conveniently, you’ll likely consider Walgreens passport photo services.

They offer passport pictures for $16.99.

According to US regulations, the standard format for passports and permanent resident cards is 2×2 inches. In metric units, it corresponds to 51×51 millimeters or 5.1×5.1 centimeters.

Walgreens’ official website states that they also can provide the right dimensions for travel documents from about 30 countries.

However, Poland isn’t one of them.

So, while you can get the right size, there is no guarantee that the picture will comply with official Polish guidelines.

Polish passport photo requirements

Now, to help you get Polish passport photos at Walgreens, we’ll go over all the official requirements. 

Polish passport photo guidelines

Technical specifications ● Size: 35×45 mm
● Head centered and sized between 30 and 36 mm
● Head centered and sized between 30 and 36 mm
● Printed on photographic paper
● Resolution of 600 dpiIn color
Appearance and setting● White background
● Neutral facial expression
● Eyes open and fully visible
Attire and accessories● Glasses allowed, provided they don’t obscure the eyes
● Head covering allowed only for medical or religious reasons
● No uniforms or clothing the same color as the background
Recency● Not older than 6 months

Examples of correct and incorrect positions

Examples of correct and incorrect positions for passport photos.

How to take your own Polish passport photos and get them printed at Walgreens

As we’ve already established, Walgreens doesn’t specifically offer services for Polish passport photos.


You can still get your Polish passport photos printed at Walgreens for a very attractive price.

The problem?

You need to have a digital version of the photos first. And… they need to fully comply with Polish official regulations not to get rejected.

The good news?

You can take such pictures at home, and this is how:

  1. Set up a smartphone or a digital camera in a well lit room. 
  2. Stand or sit straight about two meters away from the device and take a few shots.
  3. For the best results, follow our guide to taking passport photos at home. No special equipment needed.

After getting your digital biometric photo, you can have it printed whenever you need.

Using a 4×6 photo printing template, you’ll be able to print your Polish passport picture at Walgreens for $0.38 at the time of writing. 

With Passport Photo Online, you can get a 4×6 template sent to your email address immediately after taking your passport photos.

You can either use a printer set up in the store or ask a Walgreens employee for a 4×6 print from your USB drive, or choose online submission through the Walgreens mobile app


Can I get a Polish passport photo at Walgreens in Chicago?

Walgreens does not take photos specifically for a Polish passport, but they do provide the same format for other countries. To find the nearest locations in Chicago, just look up “Polish passport photo at Walgreens in Chicago” on your search engine of choice.

Does Walgreens do European passport photos?

Yes, their official website states that they offer passport photos for 30 countries, including 8 European ones.


So, can Walgreens do Polish passport photos?

Not exactly.

While they do similar formats, they don’t specifically provide pictures following Polish standards.

You can still take your photos at home with the help of Passport Photo Online and have them printed at your local Walgreens pharmacy for a few cents.

Even though you can’t specifically pick a Polish passport photo template at Walgreens, you can get a photo there that will comply with the regulations.

To get a Polish passport photo at Walgreens:

  • Take a picture of yourself, preferably using a dedicated passport photo app
  • Make sure the photo is adjusted to follow the passport photo requirements of the country
  • Save the photo on your device, preferably using a 4×6 template that can hold up to two 35×45 mm photos (as per official Polish requirements)
  • Print your photos at Walgreens for $0.38

This way, you’ll get a Polish passport photo at Walgreens that adheres to all official requirements.


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