Passport Status Guide for 2023 [Online Renewal Info Included]

How to Check a US Passport Status?

So you’ve applied for a passport and are now afraid it won’t arrive on time? Maybe you’re frantically searching the internet trying to figure out how to check your US passport status. Here at Passport Photo Online, we’ve got your back! 

With this ultimate guide, find out how you can easily track passport application status in 2023–using only a few personal details and your mobile device.

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Passport status–how to check?

Presently, there are three ways to check one’s passport application status: online via the State Department’s website, by phone, or by directly emailing the Department of the State (as a last resort). Let’s have a closer look at each method.

Check passport status online 

Checking one’s passport status online is the most convenient option, as there’s no need to wait on hold while calling the National Passport Information Center (NPIC). It’s also much faster than waiting for a written response from the State Department. 

To check on the status of your passport:

  1. Visit the US State Department’s Online Passport Status System.
  2. Read through the privacy, computer fraud, and abuse acts disclaimer, then check the box to the left and click “Submit.”
  3. Enter your personal details (e.g., last name, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security Number) and the CAPTCHA Code in the appropriate boxes.
  4. Click the “Submit” button to receive your application status. 

Check passport status online–detailed explanations

If all goes well with the online passport status check, applicants will receive one of four possible status updates. Each update is explained in further detail in the table below:

Not FoundWhen a US passport application status is displayed as “Not Found,” it is usually because fewer than 14 (fourteen) days have passed since the submission of the application.
This indicates that the new passport application is still in transit and that the first status updates will be available once 14 (fourteen) business days have passed.
In ProcessThe next status stage is “In Process.” This means that your application is being reviewed by the agent and that the passport processing times depend on the service chosen.
For those who applied without the expedited option, the process normally takes 4-6 (four-six) weeks.
With the expedited service that is paid for additionally, the waiting time is usually reduced to around 3 (three) weeks.
ApprovedWhen the passport application status is shown as “Approved,” it means that the reviewing of the application has been completed and passport printing has begun. Now it is time to wait for the delivery of your passport.
MailedThis is the most-awaited step of the US passport application process. It indicates that the passport has been sent to the address provided in the application. Supporting documents such as birth certificates or ID cards will be sent separately.

Passport status check by phone

Individuals can also obtain information on the status of their US passports by contacting the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 and speaking to a customer service representative.

This service is available from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 10 PM (excluding federal holidays). 

Similarly to online passport status checks, checking passport status via phone is only available 7-14 (seven to fourteen) days after submitting the initial application.

State Department passport status check via email

One final way to check on the status of your new passport is to email the State Department at [email protected] directly.

However, this method should be used as a last resort as response times vary depending on email volume and the time of year. 

When emailing the State Department, include your first and last name, application number, and date of birth to increase the chances of a speedy reply. 

Alternatively, it’s possible to receive automatic email updates about one’s application status. To get automatic updates, applicants must provide an email address while the application is pending in the Online Passport Status System.

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Passport renewal status–how to track it?

Good news! Passport renewals that were submitted in person or with the United States Postal Service (USPS) can also have their status checked using the State Department’s Online Passport Status System. To check your US passport renewal status, follow the instructions described in the section entitled, “Check passport status online.” 

Alternatively, applicants looking for updates regarding their passport renewals may call the National Passport Information Center (1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793) during the listed business hours (Mon – Fri; 8 AM to 10 PM).

Important! Passport status tracking for renewals submitted online (using the limited-release online renewal system) can be found by logging into your MyTravelGov account.

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Passport application status: FAQ 

Read through the following questions and answers related to passport status for more information on the subject.

How to check passport status?

Passport status can be checked:
1. online via the Department of State’s Online Passport Status System;
2. By calling the National Passport Information Center @ 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793.
3. By logging into your MyTravelGov account (only applies to online passport renewals).
4. by direct email: [email protected] (as a last resort).

Where can I check my passport status?

Passport application status updates are available on the State Department’s Online Passport Status System or on your MyTravelGov account (if applicable). You can also call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793.

How to check passport application status?

Online, by calling the National Passport Information Center (1-877-487-2778 / 1-888-874-7793), or on your MyTravelGov account (if you filed an online US passport renewal). For detailed instructions, visit the relevant section(s) featured in this article. 

Where to check passport status online?

If the US passport application/renewal was submitted in person or by mail, passport status can be checked online using the Online Passport Status System. For online passport renewals, individuals can check their status by logging into their MyTravelGov accounts.

How to do a passport status check by file number?

It is possible to do a passport status check by emailing the National Passport Information Center at: [email protected]. Be sure to include your full name, date of birth, and application file number in the email.

Check US passport status in 2023–final thoughts

Individuals now have several options to check their current passport status– options that depend on how they submitted their passport application or US passport renewal.

Did you submit your new passport application or renewal in person or with the help of USPS? If so, you have 3 (three) methods for tracking your passport status:

  1. via the State Department’s Online Passport Status System;
  2. By calling the NPIC during business hours @ 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793.
  3. By emailing the National Passport Information Center at: [email protected].

Perhaps you submitted an online passport renewal using the State Department’s new Online Passport Renewal Service? In that case, passport status can be monitored by logging into your MyTravelGov account. 

Planning an upcoming US passport application or renewal? Try Passport Photo Online for biometric passport photos that are guaranteed to be accepted by US authorities. 


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