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New Zealand Baby Passport Photo
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Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

NZ Baby Passport Photo - Size & Requirements

New Zealand Baby Passport Photo
Width: 1500 px
Height: 2000 px
1 dpi
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Head height: 70 %
Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 54 %
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New Zealand Baby Passport Photo - All You Need to Know

New Zealand baby passport photo

It is important for early development to show your children the world. It is true especially at a very young age. To make it possible, think about the passport application for a baby – it is the only way to travel internationally with an infant. To obtain a travel document for your newborn you will need to face the challenge of taking a baby photo for a passport.

We know that sometimes it can be a difficult job to do, because it requires meeting certain criteria. Requirements that are hard to comply with, while working with a newborn. We would like to help you with this process. We created this guide especially for you! It contains tips and advice on taking newborn baby passport photo at home, and on how to meet all the baby passport photo requirements.

NZ baby passport photo requirements

When it comes to facial features, very young children are allowed to have an open mouth, but they cannot hold any toys. Children under one do not need to have their eyes open, and children under 6 do not have to be looking directly at the camera, or have a plain facial expression (grimaces are allowed). The face should not be covered by anything. Other people or items should not be visible in the photo.

Technical requirements for New Zealand passport photo

Passport photo size Required resolution of digital infant passport photo size is between 900 and 4500 pixels wide, and 1200 and 6000 pixels high, and it cannot be less than 250KB or more than 10MB. Try to make it using the best quality you can manage. This way they will not look pixelated.

Passport photo format The electronic image file should be a portrait photo with a 4:3 aspect ratio or 3:4 on a smartphone in JPG or JPEG format for baby passport photo online application. If you plan to file by mail, your prints should be 35 mm x 45 mm in size.

General New Zealand passport photo requirements

Validity Photo should be taken within the last 6 months. If you take a picture of a newborn, we recommend taking it no sooner than 30 days before filing the application – it will show current likeness. Quality Good quality of the photos is required: they should be in high-resolution, not digitally changed, not blurry, and in focus. Remember about taking a color photo with natural contrast. It should show the natural color of your baby's skin, hair, and if possible, eyes.

Children appearance

  • The photo should show the full-face front view, exposed entirely and centered in the photo.
  • The baby must be alone in the photo.
  • Holding toys or other items is not allowed.
  • Newborns (under 1) do not have to have their eyes open.
  • They are also allowed to have an open mouth.
  • Children under 6 do not have to be looking directly at the camera.
  • Facial expression is acceptable.

Digital New Zealand baby passport photo

For online passports system, the photo must be:

  • a portrait photo with a 4:3 aspect ratio, or 3:4 on a smartphone
  • in jpg or jpeg format
  • between 250KB and 10MB
  • between 900 and 4500 pixels wide and 1200 and 6000 pixels high

Newborn baby passport photo – a guide

Taking a baby passport photo can be difficult, but it is certainly better for a child to stay at home instead of going to a professional photographer. It saves you money, time, and with a small effort, you will take a better photo yourself than you would in the local photo booth or photo department.

Where to take baby passport photo?

The best way to take an accurate passport photo for a baby is to lay the infant on its back on a light coloured sheet and take a picture from above (place the camera around 1-1.5 meters away from your infant). Try to make your baby look at the camera. You could snap your fingers by the lens.

Don’t search for ‘baby passport photo near me’, it is a much better decision to stay at home. It allows you to take as many shots as needed to catch the right mood and facial expression of a baby.


You can use a digital camera or a smartphone. Use a plain, light sheet or a blanket for a background. Try to take a picture in good lighting, preferably in daylight. It is also a good idea to feed the newborn first and to let a baby sleep before any action. Additionally, prepare some toys to catch the baby's attention just for a few seconds.

Basic tips

  • Natural light is not only best for showing the natural skin tone and contrast, but also it is easier to avoid shadows, which are unacceptable. Try to make sure that the lighting is very soft – diffuse light from several sources, but if the room is too bright, close the curtains to avoid overexposure. You can even film the baby, not take a single shot, and that way find a perfect moment.
  • You can support the baby's head with a hand or a rolled blanket (which cannot be visible, so place it under a sheet).
  • The camera must be parallel to the face, and the head has to be centered in the picture

How exactly can we help you with NZ baby passport photo?

All you have to do is to take a good-quality baby passport photo and then to upload it on our site. We have specialized tools, which will prepare your photo perfectly. Not only will we crop your photo to correct size, remove the existing background and professionally set the light coloured instead, but also check all the other elements (like the position of the head, color, or lighting) to let you know if the photo is acceptable for the application.

Last update: 1/10/23

About the document

New Zealand Passport

New Zealand Passport is a document issued to New Zealand citizens, which gives them the right to travel internationally. Nowadays, it is one of the most powerful passports in the world – It is in 3rd place (with Denmark and Norway) with a total number of 132 countries open for traveling (Visa-free: 89, Visa on arrival: 43, Visa required: 66).

In New Zealand, around 70% of the population has a passport, which is close to 3 mils. of New Zealand passports in the circulation. NZ passports are issued by the Department of Internal Affairs since 1915. They are also an indication of New Zealand citizenship, which facilitates the process of securing assistance from New Zealand consular officials abroad.

Types of New Zealand passports

  • Ordinary – for New Zealand citizens for ordinary travels (holidays, business trips),
  • Diplomatic – for New Zealand diplomats, top ranking government officials and diplomatic couriers,
  • Official – for individuals representing The New Zealand government on official business,
  • Emergency Travel Document – for urgent travel only,
  • Certificate of Identity – for alien residents of New Zealand who are unable to obtain a national passport,
  • Refugee Travel Document – for recognized refugees in New Zealand.

5 steps of getting a NZ passport

Preparing the documentation You have to know what you need: referee details, credit card to pay and if you’ve had a passport before then previous passport details. Getting your New Zealand baby passport photo The photo must be in color, taken within the last 6 months, showing your baby’s current appearance.

Applying for a passport You can complete an online application or print the PDF. Submitting You can submit your application online, including a digital photo or post a paper form with 2 identical passport photos. Waiting for processing Once officials receive your application it will be processed and you will be notified when your baby’s passport is ready. It will be couriered to your address on file.

Biodata page information

  • About document: type, code, passport number, issuing state, date of issue, date of expiration, issuing authority;
  • About citizen: name of a holder, nationality, date and place of birth, sex, and passport's photo in black and white

New Zealand passport was issued in four different editions: First version since 1915, machine-readable passport since 1992, biometric passport since 2005 and current version since 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can I take my own passport photo NZ?

+ -

Yes, however selfies and digital scans of physical photos are not accepted. If you will apply online, your photo will be assessed twice.

Can you Photoshop your photo for New Zealand passport?

+ -

No, your photo cannot be digitally changed or altered by Photoshop or other computer software in any way.

Can baby smile on NZ passport photos?

+ -

Smiling in the photo is not allowed, you must have a neutral facial expression, with the mouth closed and without showing your teeth, unless you are a baby.

Yes, and the photo for the baby's passport meets the same requirements as for adults. They are just less stringent on appearance.

Yes, and if you do it right, it is recommended. It relieves the child of stress caused by going to a professional photographer.