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Body-camera distance
The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.
Posture: Straight ahead
Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.
Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Digital Photo for Austalian Passport - Size & Requirements

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Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
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Image definition parameters
Head height: 36 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 2 mm
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Background Color
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Great service. I submitted a photo that was not adequate for an Australian passport, and they personally contacted me to help.
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More about Australian Passport Photo - Requirements

Australian passport photo

Did you know that Australian passport photos need to meet the international standards for biometric matching? This means that when submitting your passport application form and attaching 2 (two) photos (identical copies), you are responsible for satisfying all the passport photo requirements. This guide will help you to understand the official guidelines for your Australian passport photo. 

Size of Australia passport photos (dimensions in mm)

The required dimensions for Australian passport photos are between 35 x 45 mm and 40 x 50 mm. The size of your face (from your chin to the top of your head) must measure between 32 and 36 mm.

The rules specify that your entire neck and head needs to be visible, along with the upper part of your shoulders. In order to achieve this, we recommend that the person taking the photo stands a minimum of 1.20 metres away from you. In order to take a compliant picture, we recommend that you either use a tripod or ask another person to help you.

Lighting and colour in your Australian passport size photo

A photo for an Australian passport must be in colour, because the picture needs to accurately represent the colours of your eyes and skin. For this reason, if your photo has a “red-eye” effect, the passport services will automatically reject your application. 

The background needs to be white or light grey, no other colours are accepted. In addition, the background must be plain, without any patterns, shadows, other people or objects present in the image.

The light must be evenly distributed on both sides of your face, as well as in the background. Make sure to adjust contrast and brightness whilst taking your picture, as the passport photo guidelines require you to have a focused image, which is clear and well exposed. Overexposed and underexposed images will not be permitted.

Shadows on your face are also not permitted. If you wear glasses and cannot remove them for medical reasons, you will need to provide a medical certificate. You must still make sure the frames do not obscure your eyes or cause shadows on your face. The same rule applies to facial piercings. You are not obliged to remove piercings when having your pictures taken, but you must make sure they are not causing any shadow or glare on your face. For this reason, we advise you to remove any larger items, and only use smaller earrings or studs.

Applicants who wear a head covering for religious reasons can take photos for their Australian passports wearing head coverings in a plain colour only (i.e. that is free of any patterns), and which do not cover your face or eyes. 

Passport photo requirements - Australia 

It is recommended that you take your Australian passport photo using a digital or film camera. In the case of a digital camera, you should use a focal length of 90‐130 mm, or 35 mm film equivalent. You may also take a picture using your smartphone. Nowadays, such devices come equipped with high-quality lenses and can therefore produce high-resolution pictures. Moreover, you can use the Passport-Photo.Online app to help with the process of cropping, resizing and adjusting your photo for your Australian passport.

If you take an Australian passport size photo on your own and wish to print images in a store near your, simply follow these guidelines:

  • print only high-quality pictures on heavy‐weight, glossy prints (200 gsm minimum),
  • do not use heavy back‐printing,
  • use dye sublimation (photos from an inkjet printer will not be accepted),
  • you must make sure that your photo closely follows the official composition and image requirements.

If you want to take a perfect Australian passport photo, all you have to do is follow these rules: 

  • images need to have been taken within the last 6 (six) months,
  • pictures must be printed in colour,
  • you need to make sure you only provide original photos and you must make sure that you do not retouch passport photos using any design tools such as Canva or Photoshop,
  • you must avoid cutting photos for Australian passports out from other bigger images or files.

Your head must be positioned in the centre of the image, and must not be tilted in any direction. Applicants need to look straight at the camera and keep their eyes open. You must make sure that you keep a neutral facial expression in your Australian passport photo, with no smiling or frowning allowed, per the requirements for Australian official documents. Keep your mouth closed but relaxed. Your whole face must be clearly visible, so make sure that your hair or head covering does not cover it, especially your eyes and eyebrows. 

Clothing and accessories in an Australian passport photo 

There are no specific passport photo guidelines regarding dress code. Applicants can wear their usual outfits, ideally in a casual style. As you will be holding your passport for 10 (ten) years, you will need to make sure your passport photo is one you are happy with. Applicants who like wearing jewellery are permitted to do so, provided it is reasonably low-key, e.g. a pair of small earrings or a small necklace. Wearing massive earrings or hair decorations should be avoided, however, as jewellery can obscure the face line, which will cause your picture to be rejected by the authorities. 

Wearing glasses in Australia visa photos is, in general, not allowed. If applicants must wear glasses for medical reasons, they have to remember that the frames cannot obscure their eyes and reflection from the lenses is not allowed. Lenses must be transparent. If you wear glasses for medical reasons, you will need to provide a medical certificate informing:

  • about the reason you wear glasses,
  • who signed the certificate, e.g. a registered medical practitioner,
  • medical practitioner’s full name and registration number, as well as the address and phone number of the medical practice.

What is forbidden when taking an AU passport photo?

With only a small number of requirements regarding AU passport photos, the rules are clear and strictly enforced. If your Australian passport photo does not meet these rules, the images will almost certainly face rejection, and you will therefore need to start the process again. It is easy to avoid this by becoming familiar with the most common mistakes that people make when taking passport photos for an Australian passport. 

Make sure that your Australian passport picture is NOT:

  • retouched by any form of graphic software or filters,
  • printed on an inkjet printer,
  • overexposed or underexposed,
  • blurry or otherwise unclear - you need to have a focused image.

In the picture for an Australian passport, applicants must avoid:

  • tilting their head in any direction (downwards, upwards, or sideways),
  • looking sideways,
  • having their eyes closed,
  • having their mouths open,
  • smiling or raising their eyebrows,
  • wearing glasses, except when they need them for medical reasons,
  • wearing a head covering, except when worn for religious reasons.

Australian passport photo near me

You may be asking whether someone knows “where to get a passport photo near me”, and you will often get different answers. 

We have great news for you - there is a way you can take an Australian passport photo that saves you time and money. You can create an Australian passport photo online, using your smartphone, from your own home with our software!

All you will need is a good place to take the picture, with a plain neutral background, a friend or family member who can take the picture for you, and a smartphone. Once the photo is taken, you can simply upload it to Passport-Photo.Online’s professional passport photo application.

Our software will size, crop, remove unwanted background, colour etc. within a few seconds and will notify you when your Australian passport photo is ready! If a photo does not meet certain requirements, our AI will inform you of what needs to be changed. 

Where to find an Australian passport photo maker?

Passport-Photo.Online software is cheap, user-friendly and intuitive. If you want to buy our Premium Service, it can save you up to 50% on your passport photos! All you need is to use the app or software, take your passport pictures, and follow the instructions. 

All images that are edited by Passport-Photo.Online are guaranteed to be accepted by the authorities, or you will get double your money back!

Last update: 5/10/22

About the document

What is an Australian passport?

An Australian passport is an official travel document distributed to Australian citizens under the Australian Passports Act 2005, by the Australian Passport Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which enables the passport holder to travel abroad.

The Australian passport primary role is to verify the citizenship and identity of its holder, mainly for personal identification when travelling internationally. A passport photo is crucial for usability and security purposes.

The Australian Passport Office now solely issues biometric passports that are equipped with an embedded microchip that carries the same personal information as on the colour photo page of the passport. The technology of facial recognition used in cooperation with Australian passports makes border processing more efficient. These facilities reduce the potential for identity fraud. If your image does not meet the rigorous standards detailed above, you may experience some problems at the automated border.

Australian passport requirements

If you are an Australian citizen, you are already eligible for a passport. To get an Australian passport, you need to:

  • complete an application form online,
  • present your supporting documents,
  • provide 2 (two) photos that are identical and both meet the passport specifications,
  • locate a guarantor or referee who is willing to verify your identity,
  • lodge your application in person,
  • pay an indicated fee.

The same procedure will apply in the case of renewing your passport when the previous document expires.

Who can be your referee or guarantor?

Unless you qualify for the renewal of a previous passport, you will need a referee or a guarantor to verify your identity.

If you use our online service and apply in Australia, you will be required to nominate a referee. This person doesn’t need to sign anything but must be willing to confirm your identity if contacted by an officer.

In other situations, you nominate a guarantor. They have to sign section 11 of your application form and be willing to endorse the back of a passport photo by writing “This is a true photo of (your full name)” and signing in black pen.

Your referee or guarantor must:

  • be an Australian citizen,
  • be an adult,
  • be able to claim to have known you for more than a year,
  • NOT be any form of relative, or in a common-law marriage relationship with you, or living at the same address as you.

You’ll need to provide your referee or guarantor’s full name, phone number, and current Australian passport details, or the address at which they’ve been on the electoral roll for the past 12 (twelve) months.

Dual citizenship and two passports

If you're a dual citizen, you may be able to have 2 (two) passports. This will allow you the opportunity to travel with one document or another. But there is one main rule: all Australian citizens, including dual nationals, must leave and enter Australia on their Australian passport only.

If you have a passport from a different country, you can only use that for travel once you have left Australia. Dual nationals may choose to enter and exit the country of their other nationality on that country's passport, so it will be up to you to decide which passport you want to travel on once you have left Australia.

Types of Australian passports

There are 3 (three) categories of Australian passports:

  • Ordinary Tourist Passport,
  • Official Passport,
  • Diplomatic Passport.

If you are not employed by the Australian government, you are a holder of an ordinary passport, as this travelling document is the one that is most commonly issued to Australian citizens. 

Ordinary passports will be valid for five or ten years. Children under 16 (sixteen) years of age will be issued 5 (five) year passports, and adults aged 75 (seventy-five) or over are permitted to choose between a 5 (five) and 10 (ten) year validity. The passport fee is reduced for 5 (five) years of validity. Other adult applicants are usually issued passports with a 10 (ten) year validity.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can you wear makeup in the Australian passport picture?
+ -

Yes, you are allowed to wear makeup.

Can I take an Australian passport photo wearing a hijab?
+ -

Yes, you are allowed to wear a hijab, on the condition that it does not obscure your eyes or the edges of your face.

Why can Australian passport photos be rejected?
+ -

There are many reasons for the Australian passport office to reject your passport photo:

  • Your photo may be unfocused, blurry or damaged.
  • Your photo may have been retouched by Photoshop.
  • Your photo may be either underexposed or overexposed.
  • Your photo may have been printed on an inkjet printer.
  • You may be tilting your head in the picture.
  • You might be smiling or frowning.
  • You might have your eyes closed or mouth open.
  • You may be tilting your head in the picture.
  • You might be wearing headgear that obscures your face.
  • You might be wearing non-medical glasses.

Any one of these is grounds for rejection, so it is important to make sure you are compliant with the rules.

Yes, you can use Gimp to create your passport photo, but only to resize your photo. Retouching it, as you would with Photoshop, is not permitted.

There are a variety of passport photo apps out there, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. In our opinion, though, Passport Photo Online is the app you should use. The system is cheap and flexible, it works 24/7, so you can fit it around your life, no matter how busy you are. We guarantee success, so if your application is denied because of the photo, we’ll refund you 200% of what we paid for your photo.

Taking a passport photo at home is easy. You will need a smartphone, with a good camera that can take high-quality photos, a plain, neutral coloured background and a friend or family member who can take the picture for you. From there, you should prepare yourself and the environment to make sure you are compliant with the rules detailed above. Then, simply stand in front of the background, making sure your friend is at least 1.2m away from you, and get them to take your photo. After that, upload your photo to the Passport Photo Online photo tool and wait for the reworked photo to be returned to you.

London is a fantastic city, full of places where one could get an Australian passport photo. Reload Paddington and Kodak Express Camden, for example, offer Australian passport photos for customers. Another way to get an Australian passport photo is to use Passport Photo Online. It’s fast and convenient, you can use it from anywhere in the world, anytime you want to. You can save a lot of money, too!

There are many places where you can get an Australian passport photo in the UK. For example, some UK stores, like Snappy Snaps, have services where you can get international passport photos taken. If you want a quick and easy way to get your Australian passport photo while in the UK, though, consider using Passport Photo Online! Our service is simple and flexible, offering digital files, delivered to your email address, or physical copies of your photos delivered to your UK address. It’s perfect for fitting around your busy schedule!

Here’s what you need to do. You need to get a friend to take a picture of you in front of a neutral background using their smartphone or digital camera, one that conforms to the government regulations. Then, you simply upload your photo to the Passport Photo Online website, and it will automatically edit your image, reformatting it into a digital passport photo that is perfectly compliant with the requirements, ready to be attached to your passport application.

Don’t worry, you will be informed by email when your passport is ready.

If you live in a large city, it will not be difficult to find a professional photography studio or branch of Officeworks (e.g., Auspost passport photo) but this is not essential. You are perfectly capable of producing the passport photo by yourself. All you need is a smartphone and Passport Photo Online’s passport photo maker - a dedicated tool to adjust your picture to the government's requirements.

You can do it with our passport photo app, which automatically crops and resizes your image in a matter of seconds.

Absolutely not. You must not use Photoshop or filters to retouch your photo. Any pictures that have been altered in this way will be automatically rejected.

The required Australian passport photo dimensions are between 35 x 45 mm to 40 x 50 mm.

The current document will be granted for 10 (ten) years. Then its validity will expire, and you will need to repeat the procedure with a new application form and a new photo.

Yes, the Australian government gives you the option to apply for a passport online.

Yes, you can put on a necklace if you want to. Earrings are also permitted, but only if they do not obscure your face, particularly your eyes. Large hair decorations, massive earrings and accessories could obscure your facial features as well, so they too should be avoided.

Yes - you only need a smartphone or a digital camera to prepare your ideal passport picture. If you are not sure if the image you’ve taken is correct, just let the online passport photo app resize, crop, and adjust it to the necessary requirements!

Of course! You don’t even need an iPhone; you can do it with any type of smartphone equipped with a camera.

To adjust your picture to passport photo requirements, check out our online passport photo maker.

After providing all the relevant supporting documents and a passport photo, the process to obtain a passport takes approximately 6 (six) weeks, but keep in mind that this period may vary depending on the current situation.

No, smiling is not allowed, as the government guidelines specify a neutral facial expression. Remember to close your mouth, open your eyes and relax your face muscles.

You may search on the map or in your neighbourhood the closest photography studio or a photo booth, but much easier is to be your own photographer! It does not mean we recommend you to take a selfie, but you can prepare the photo with your smartphone any way. Just ask someone to help you and use an online photo editor to adjust the photo to Australian passport photo requirements and that’s it!

If you need to wear glasses while taking an Australian passport photo, you must prove that it is medically necessary. You will be asked to submit a certificate to the passport office which:

  • gives an explanation regarding why you can’t remove the eyeglasses,
  • is signed by your medical practitioner,
  • includes the full name and registration number of your medical practitioner, along with the address and phone number of their medical practice.

Generally speaking, yes, you should. However, if you must wear them for medical reasons, you must provide a special medical certificate. And even in these cases, you must make sure that the frames do not cover your eyes and that there is no reflection from the glass. Lenses must not be tinted.

If you cover your head for religious reasons on a regular basis, there is no requirement to take it off for the passport photo. But you must keep in mind that your whole face must be clearly visible, and a head covering must not cover it, particularly your eyes.

The maximum size of the face from your chin to your crown is 36 mm and the minimum is 32 mm.