Review – Visafoto VS Passport Photo Online: which is the best online photo booth?

No matter what document you want to apply for, whether it’s a visa, passport, birth or citizenship certificate or any other – you will need a good photo that will meet all the official requirements. Thankfully, there is a possibility to prepare it online and sometimes even get it printed and delivered, which makes the process much easier. The first thing you do is try to find “passport photo tool” or “online photobooth“. There are many of them on the internet, Visafoto and Passport Photo Online being one of the most popular. There’s no need to try both of them to form an opinion – we already did it for you!

This article will introduce you to the most important information regarding these two passport photo makers and will help you choose the one that fits you better. Both of these photobooths help prepare great pictures, but there are some differences to discuss. Continue reading to discover them!

The main differences in interfaces


Both of the passport photo editors have simple interfaces that do not disturb the user from their main purpose – preparing document photos. They are very user-friendly, the most important things being placed right on the homepage – the country, type of the document, requirements and contact. To some, Visafoto’s interface may look a bit too simple, but it does not influence the quality of the ending result. None of these passport photo makers display ads on their page.

On both homepages, you can proceed to the page of a specific document, in our case, of a US passport. Both sites offer additional explanations regarding the photo and list the US passport photo requirements. No doubt that Passport Photo Online uses a more attractive and elegant interface to present the passport photo guidelines, specifying that the time to wait for your passport photo to be automatically edited is only 3 seconds!

Passport photo online

Another crucial difference is the lack of a passport photo app in case of Visafoto. Unfortunately, there is no way to download an app to use on your phone, although that would be very convenient since you will most probably use the phone camera to take the photo and it would be easier to upload it in the app, instead of transferring them to your laptop or computer. Passport Photo Online proposes a great app for both Android and iPhone so don’t forget to check it out!

Is it worth it to pay?

Both of the passport photo tools we mentioned offer paid services, while Passport Photo Online offers the possibility to download a free passport photo template if you take the photo directly on white background. Obviously, the paid services have many advantages but it is you who chooses what’s the most convenient depending on your needs.

Passport Photo Online’s free option

Passport Photo Online allows you to upload a photo on a white background and get a passport photo template with the dimensions of 4×6 inches, that you can easily print at any photobooth, store or pharmacy that has a photo department, whether it’s Walmart, Walgreens, Costco or any other. Using this trick, you will save a lot of money because a postcard print costs less than 35 cents! Visafoto does not offer such free service but allows changing the background if you choose its paid option.

Paid passport photo services

Visafoto prepares a single digital photo or a 4-passport photos template that you can download by paying a little over $4,70. It is a bit cheaper than the services on Passport Photo Online but there are disadvantages! The passport photos prepared using Visafoto are edited automatically, which means that you will have to carefully read the US passport photo requirements because no one will check them for you. (If you want to check whether you have all the necessary documents required for US passport application, click here). Passport Photo Online, however, proposes a service that includes background editing, a warranty and human revision for only $4,99, which means that your photo will be checked by an expert and the probability for it to be accepted is higher! The warranty ensures that your photo will be accepted and if not, you will get 200% of the money paid! Moreover, you can get the photos printed and delivered to your address for only 2 dollars more, without needing to find a photo department or photobooth and visit it to print the photos yourself.

As a conclusion to the results and quality, Passport Photo Online offers free service and other options that are much more convenient, being just a bit above the price of Visafoto. Of course, the choice depends on you! If you want more information on Visafoto, take a look at our detailed Visafoto review!

Documents you can prepare photos for

Both of the passport photo makers allow preparing other types of document photos for many countries. You can prepare a US visa photo, citizenship, employment authorization photos and pictures for visas to many other countries. Passport Photo Online also allows preparing passport photo templates for specific stores where you will print them, photos for the ISIC card, student ID, photo for LinkedIn and CV. You can also choose to prepare a photo of a universal size, such as 2×2 inches, 3×4 cm, 3,5×4,5 cm or 5×5 cm.


Taking into consideration all the information above, we would advise you to pick what’s the most convenient for you depending on your requirements. If you have the possibility to take a photo on a white background, then definitely choose to edit the photo for free with Passport Photo Online! In case you want the background to be changed and to receive a warranty that your passport photo will be accepted, use the paid services on Passport Photo Online because they include all that plus human revision. You can also order the printouts if you don’t want to leave your home. Don’t forget to download the passport photo app to prepare your document photos directly in your phone! If minimizing the costs is your main goal, choose the $4,70 option offered by Visafoto!