Guide: how to print passport photos on 4×6 inch paper

Getting the passport photo printed on 4×6 inch paper is a tricky thing. Due to the variety of printers and editors, many free passport photo tools are inaccurate. The best option is to make it with Passport Photo Online. Read the article to learn how to do it and save money!


Why print a passport or visa photo on 4×6 paper?

Preparing a passport photo can be difficult and expensive. You’ll need to go to a photography studio, store, pharmacy or post office, wait in the line to take and print the photo. Not only you’ll need to invest some time in this process, but you’ll also need to pay for it, sometimes even over $14. We think it’s not worth paying so much for a US passport photo, that’s why we want to teach you a way to get a cheap passport photo in no time. The easiest way is to take the passport photo yourself and arrange it on a 4 x 6 paper to print several photos for the price of one 4 x 6 photo. Learn more about our trick to save money by reading this article!

Passport photo online

A passport photo template generator

Our passport photo app and the editing and cropping tool on our site will help you prepare the passport photo and the 4×6 photo template in seconds! All you will need to do is take a photo, upload it and let our photo lab app do its thing! In a few seconds, you will receive a ready-to-print 4×6 paper template that you can take to the closest store to print it. Its size is 4 x 6 inches or 10 x 15 centimeters. Depending on the type of document you’ll need the photo for, the template could have 2 to 8 photos on it. Use a printing kiosk or booth to print the cheap passport photos yourself or you could order the photo to be delivered right at your door using our Premium Passport Photo Mail Service. Read our article to discover where to get a passport photo 4×6 print for less than 30¢! You will learn more about the Walmart photo center, how much is a Costco passport photo, the cost of Rite Aid photo printing and more! The article includes a report on the passport photo prices in different stores so you could compare the prices and see why our method is the cheapest!

Remove the background with AI

The passport photo online cropping tool on our site and the photo cropper app will analyze your US passport photo, detect the face and its position, add a white background and edit the photo according to the latest US passport photo requirements. Our AI algorithms will easily prepare the 4×6 template so you could use our trick to save money and print a cheap passport photo. No matter where you decide to print it, the 4×6 photo template will save you a lot of money compared to the normal passport photo prices in popular stores and pharmacies!


Premium Passport Photo Mail Service

Depending on your preference, you can choose between our 3 main offers: free passport photo framing; a perfect digital passport photo on the right background that includes a guarantee that it will be accepted in all offices – all that for only $4,99 and the Premium Mail Service – the same digital passport photo printed and mailed to your address for only $6,99. By choosing the Premium Mail Service, you will not need to even get out of your home and look for a place to print your passport photo and will also get a 200% money-back guarantee in case there is an office that did not accept your passport photo. Use our image cropper now and save money on the US passport photo printing price!