Renew an Indonesian Passport in the US – a Step by Step Guide

Renew an Indonesian Passport in the US—a Step by Step Guide
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Are you in the US and just realized you need to renew your Indonesian passport? Perhaps you’ve got an expired passport and require a new one? Do you know how to apply for a renewal so you can enter Indonesia in the future?

In this blog post, we’ll provide an in-depth guide on how to renew an Indonesian passport in the US You’ll see how many business days the procedure takes, what departments you need to contact, whether you need to schedule your visit, what fees are included in the process and what documents you need to bring.

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Indonesian passport renewal in the US – the basics

If you wish to renew an Indonesian passport, you need to know that passport applications will always involve a scheduled meeting with a consulate clerk at the chosen facility. Consular services do include passport application acceptance.

Before you attend the meeting, you are also required to complete a self-report online. You can conclude that step on the Consulate General of Indonesia’s website, in the “Lapor Diri” section.

A clerk at the consulate or embassy needs to verify your identity and check the documentation, so an appointment is necessary. Consular services also include taking new passport photos and collecting biometric data for the passport renewal application, such as a fingerprint scan,

The processing time of your new passport issuance usually takes no longer than 7 (seven) working days. According to the official Consular Office website, you will receive a renewed passport as soon as 5 (five) business days from the meeting date.

You can apply for an Indonesian passport renewal when the document’s expiration date is 6 (six) months away. 

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Renew your Indonesian passport in person

To renew your Indonesian passport in the US, you need to locate a nearby Consulate General of Indonesia. You will find appropriate consular offices in big cities, such as:

  • New York
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Washington

You will be required to come to the consulate or Indonesian embassy for the scheduled meeting, which can be arranged online.

You just need to navigate through the facility’s website and find the option to book an appointment. Click the “Book Now” button, choose a date and complete the process by confirming the meeting.

Keep in mind that the next few weeks may already be fully booked and you may have to choose a later date. Also, remember that the consulates will not accept appointments on public holidays.

Renewing an Indonesian passport in the US – requirements

To complete the Indonesian passport renewal application process, you must submit sufficient documentation and a passport fee. These include:

  • your current passport (even an expired passport will do);
  • a signed application form/PERDIM 14 (both available for download from the official consulate website);
  • a printed self-report (available on the Consulate General of Indonesia’s website);
  • a printed online appointment booking;
  • a residential identity card (KTP/e-KTP, issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs; when applicable);
  • a marriage certificate (if you’ve changed your name after marriage);
  • a Visa or a Green card (proof of valid stay permit);
  • proof of residence (a bank statement/state ID or utility bills);
  • a $24 money order payable to the consulate.

You also need to submit photocopies of the documents you’ve brought. A prepaid return envelope is also necessary, along with passport fees that must be submitted to keep the application going forward.

You can get the USPS Priority Mail envelope, for instance, so that the passport services can quickly send the new passport directly to you. 

Indonesian passport renewal for children born in the US – requirements

Along with the documentation you’d bring for a regular, adult passport application, you’ll need to provide additional items for the minor’s passport request.

  • both parents’ valid passports;
  • a copy of the Birth Certificate Record (from Indonesia’s Mission in the US)
  • parental relationship proof (marriage certificate);
  • divorce decree (when applicable);
  • the child’s US passport.

After you’ve compiled the documentation and scheduled a meeting to renew your child’s passport, you will have to attend the appointment with your child. The child’s presence is required to complete their passport application process.

Indonesian passport renewal – fees

You can pay for your Indonesian passport renewal in cash during the meeting at the consulate.

A passport renewal will cost you $35 for both adult and minor applicants. This is the fee that’s required for a regular passport service.

Should you need the document quicker, you can pay $100 to expedite the application process. This Express Same Day service fee remains the same regardless of the passport applicant’s age. If your travel plans include an immediate international flight, this is your best option.

Depending on how quickly you need the passport, the total cost of the Indonesian passport renewal in the US can go as high as $124 or as low as $59.

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Renew an Indonesian passport in the US – summary

You can renew your Indonesian passport while in the US. You just need to complete the self-report on the Consulate General of Indonesia’s website, confirm the appointment online and bring the necessary documentation to the meeting. This includes, for instance, your current passport, proof of residence, residential identity card, or marriage certificate.

You must also remember about the $24 money order, the passport fee, and a prepaid return envelope.

You’ll get the new passport within the next 7 (seven) days.

Renew an Indonesian passport in the US: FAQ

Here’s where you’ll find the most commonly asked questions on Indonesian passport renewals in the US.

How to renew my Indonesian passport in the US?

To renew an Indonesian passport in the US, you need to attend a scheduled meeting at the Indonesian consulate. To set up an appointment, you need to visit your nearest consulate’s website and arrange a meeting date online.

To successfully renew your passport, you will have to attend the meeting you’ve set up armed with all the documentation required. That includes, for instance, your current passport, a printed self-report, the appointment confirmation, and a $24 money order payable to the consulate.

Once the documentation has been checked and you’ve provided every item required, the application will go through.

What is the Indonesian passport renewal processing time?

The regular processing time for an Indonesian passport service is from 5 (five) to 7 (seven) working days. You can, however, receive a passport on the same pay if you pay $100 for the Express Same Day service.

What are the Indonesian passport renewal fees in the US?

The fee for an Indonesian passport sits comfortably at $35. The cost remains the same for both adult and minor passport applicants.

To complete the application, you must also remember about the $24 money order payable to the consulate you’re applying at.
Moreover, an emergency 1 (one) day delivery service fee is $100. Hence, the highest price for a passport application at a consulate is $159.

How long does it take to renew an Indonesian passport in the US?

According to the information on the website of the Consulate General of Indonesia, you will receive a new passport within the next 5 (five) business days. It is the same amount of time you would have to wait for an Indonesian visa application to be processed and completed.


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