Chilean Passport Renewal in the US – Everything You Need

Chilean Passport Renewal in the US - Everything You Need
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All Chilean citizens can apply for passport renewal and issuance at the Consulates of Chile abroad. Depending on where you are, you’ll have to locate the office that holds jurisdiction over that specific consular section.

Before applying, you should make sure that you have all the documents you need to go through with the process without any hiccups. In this article, we will explain all the documents you need for Chilean passport renewal in the US and show you the procedure one step at a time.

Chilean passport renewal – supporting documents

According to the Chilean Department of foreign affairs, you need the following documents to renew your passport in the US:

  • your old passport
  • your Chilean identity card
  • proof of payment of the fees
  • 2 (two) Chilean passport photos
  • a self-addressed certified mail envelope.

If you don’t have an identity card, you must provide your birth certificate to prove your Chilean citizenship.

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Renew a Chilean passport in the US – steps

The first thing you should do is find the nearest Chilean Consulate. The Republic of Chile holds 7 (seven) offices in the United States:

  • the Embassy in Washington DC
  • the Consulate General in Chicago
  • the Consulate General in Houston
  • the Consulate General in Los Angeles
  • the Consulate General in Miami
  • the Consulate General in New York
  • the Consulate General in San Francisco.

Once you locate the one that has jurisdiction in the area you live in, call them and set an appointment for the renewal. Some allow you to book through their internet sites, however, all of them will accept appointments made on the phone.

When you have a confirmed appointment, take your passport photos and gather the other documents you need, making sure that they are all in order. Be particularly careful with the expiration date of your passport, as you won’t be allowed to renew it after it’s passed.

The procedure for the payment differs depending on the consulate you go to, to avoid any mistakes, contact them and ask what forms of payment are accepted. A money order is generally the most accepted method. The fees amount to a total of $149.

Once you hand in all the documents, you will have to wait around 8 weeks to receive your new passport. However, the Embassy states that unpredictable delays are possible. A Chilean passport has a validity of 5 (five) years.

Chilean passport renewal- children

The process for Chilean passport renewal is the same for minors and adults. The only difference is that all Chilean citizens under 18 (eighteen) years of age need to be accompanied by both parents when applying.

If one or both parents cannot attend, it’s necessary to provide the consulate official with a notarial authorization. Parents will also need to show their ID cards.

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How to renew a Chilean passport in the US: FAQ

To clarify some of the elements of Chilean passport renewal in the US, we will go through some common questions about the topic.

How do I renew a Chilean passport in the US?

You need to make an appointment at the closest Chilean Consulate and bring 2 (two) passport photos, your Chilean identity card or birth certificate, the old passport, and a self-addressed certified mail envelope.

Can I renew my passport without going to the Chilean Consulate?

No, the Consulates of Chile in the US only accept your application in person.

Chilean passport renewal in the US- wrap up

The process to renew a Chilean passport in the United States only requires a few documents. Keep in mind that you can only apply for renewal when your passport is still valid, if it expires, you need to apply as you did the first time.

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