Cheap Rite Aid passport photo print using a 4×6 inch template

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Free Rite Aid passport photo template

Looking for the cheapest passport photo possible? $7 for Rite Aid photo printing seems like it’s too much? It definitely is! Why bother yourself if there are ways to get a Rite Aid photo much cheaper? That’s what we’re here for! Our team created a special tool to make your life so much easier! Our passport photo app and its AI algorithm will frame your Rite Aid passport photo in seconds and prepare a 4×6 inch template for you to print at the closest Rite Aid photo center! This will save you more money than any Rite Aid coupon because the 4×6 inch photo template will look like a postcard with 4 U.S. passport photo photos. You’ve heard it right! Now you can get 4 2×2 inch photos for your passport application for the price of 1 simple, standard postcard print – all that thanks to our fast and professional photo editor app for Android! And it’s totally legal!

Passport Photo Online allows you to get a fast, high-quality and professional 4×6 inch photo template with 4 U.S. passport photos that meet all the official passport photo requirements. Having the ready-to-print 4×6 template will allow you to visit any Rite Aid photo center and print it for $0,19 instead of paying over $7 for one Rite Aid passport photo! Try it out now! We are sure you will find it useful!

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Still don’t believe it’s possible? The lifehack is simple! All you need to do is use the best photo editor app created by our team to take and upload a photo. In just a few seconds, you will receive a professional 4×6 photo template that is ready to be printed at the closest Rite Aid photo center. Just bring the digital template with you and ask for it to be printed as a simple postcard photo. Voilà! You will get 4 Rite Aid passport photos for only 19¢! Try this trick right now! Download our photo booth app or use the Passport Photo Online site to get a fast, easy and professional 4×6 passport photo template in no time! Getting a Rite Aid passport photo cannot be easier and cheaper than that!

Why use our passport photo app?

Simply because it’s the best photo editing app for Android! It offers you many benefits. Not only will you get your Rite Aid passport photo framed and your 4×6 passport photo template created for free, this will also take just a few seconds! No more wasted time! Generate a 4×6 inch template automatically with our app and get more passport photos without any effort! This is the most convenient method possible! You can review your passport photo before downloading it from our cropping tool, so you don’t risk anything! The end result will totally satisfy you because you can choose to download the photo or retake it. Moreover, we have special options to help you get a perfect U.S. passport photo that will be accepted in any office! Find details about them below.

Premium Passport Photo options

Have problems finding a Rite Aid photo printing location near you? Too lazy to get out of your house? Or is it just that you don’t trust the employees who may take a bad passport photo? We will solve all these problems for you! Choose one of the 3 options that Passport Photo Online offers:
  • upload your Rite Aid passport photo and get a FREE 4×6 inch template with 4 passport photos ready to be printed at a Rite Aid photo center
  • pay ONLY $4,99 and have the photo edited, human revised and with a warranty that it will be accepted
  • for ONLY $6,99, which is even cheaper than 1 Rite Aid passport photo, you will get the above and a hard copy of the 4×6 inch template printed and delivered at your address
  • Now you don’t need to get out of your house and spend time getting to a Rite Aid and waiting in a line for the photo to be taken and printed. You can get all this at home in just a few clicks! Try it out now!

    Visit the Passport Photo Online website or download our super convenient and professional photo editor app for Android to get the cheapest and fastest U.S. passport photo! Use our app as a 4×6 inch template generator and you will receive 4 Rite Aid passport photos for the price of 1 print !