Can a Baby Wear a Bow in a Passport Photo? – A Definitive Answer

Can a Baby Wear a Bow in a Passport Photo?—A Definitive Answer
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Are you preparing your child for a passport photo? Are you not sure about the headgear regulations? Can a baby wear a bow in a passport photo, for instance?

If these questions are stuck in your head, this blog post is perfect for you. We’ll explain passport photo guidelines for bows and make sure you know if your child can or cannot wear them.

Can my baby wear a bow in a passport photo?

Passport photo requirements in the United States are precise about the applicant’s facial image and hair accessories: passport photos cannot feature any type of headwear unless it serves one of two of the following purposes:

  • medical reasons;
  • religious reasons.

Since a bow tied to your child’s hair is only a cosmetic alteration, it will not be acceptable in your baby’s passport photo.

Passport photo guidelines include a variety of aspects of the picture, including the attire. A baby’s passport photo needs to comply with the same requirements as that of an adult’s.

No headbands are allowed, and neither are hats, bows, or any other headgear, to be precise. If you bring a baby passport photo with a bow in it to the passport office, the picture will get rejected. That is why you should take a good look at passport photo guidelines before attempting to take a photo for your child’s passport.

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Bows in a baby passport photo – summary

Bows, among many other headwear accessories, are prohibited in passport photos. To ensure your baby’s passport picture passes muster, you need to take that bow off for the photoshoot.

The US passport photo requirements forbid all headwear. The only exception are pieces worn for medical or religious purposes. Thus, the answer to the question: “Can a baby wear a bow in a passport photo” is a decisive no.

Bows in baby passport photos – FAQ

Here you’ll find the most common questions about bows in a baby passport photo.

Can babies wear bows in passport photos?

Headgear of all kinds is prohibited in passport pictures, including your baby’s passport photo. Bows are no exception.


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