Convert Photo to Passport Size

Convert Photo to Passport Size

Do you need to apply for your first passport or renew an old one? To do so, Americans must follow the standard procedures including filling out the application form—DS-82 or DS-11—submitting 1 (one) passport photograph based on the standards determined by the United States (US) official authorities; meaning applicants must take new passport photos before starting the process of renewing their document. 

Is it possible to use a digital camera, upload the image from a mobile device or computer, convert the photo to passport size online, and still comply with official passport photo requirements?

In this article, you will learn the best way to get your own passport image, as well as the different options available to convert a jpeg photo to passport size and download it. 

Will also add some tips on how Passport Photo Online–an app rated 4.6 on Trustpilot–can provide you with the necessary passport pictures as we’ve done for over a million users before.

get your passport photos

Passport style photo

A correct US passport picture must meet the passport photo requirements. The color of the background, size of the photo and quality are subject to official rules. Be aware that invalid passport pictures are the number one reason why a US passport application may be rejected, states the US Department of State.

Headshots are not passport-style photos. A passport photo will serve as identification when it comes to state procedures or security checks when entering foreign territories.

Some examples of the rules that passport applicants must comply with when taking passport photos are:

  • Adopt a neutral facial expression and look directly at the camera, which must be positioned at your eye level.
  • You are not allowed to wear clothes that make it difficult to see 100% of your face, such as glasses, hats, or large accessories such as earrings, necklaces, etc. However, the use of any of these will be allowed when the applicant requests to wear them for medical or religious reasons.

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US passport photo requirements

Below, you will learn the different requirements for a US passport photo.

Passport photo – white background

A US passport photo should have a uniform, plain white background. Therefore, ensure there are no other objects behind you when you are having your passport photo taken.

This is something to keep in mind especially when it comes to a baby’s passport photo, as it would not be the first time that a toy or pacifier appears in the background of an image.

US passport photo size

Print passport photos in the correct passport photo size, which is 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm).

Passport photo quality

Only high-quality passport pictures will be accepted. Please make sure that the final photo is printed on high-quality photo paper and does not contain:

  • blurs
  • smudges
  • red-eye effect 
  • any other defects.

US passport photo format

For a US passport application, the authorities require the pictures to be printed on photo quality paper. Both glossy and matte finish are acceptable. For standard procedures the passport photos can only be in physical form.

However, the Online Passport Renewal service will become fully accessible over the course of 2023, meaning it will be possible to submit an application online. In this case it will be necessary to submit a digital passport photo in JPEG format.

How to pose for a passport picture?

Before you take the photo for your passport application, keep in mind certain rules about how to pose:

  • Look directly into the camera;
  • Keep your head straight, in a centered position;
  • Your eyes should be wide open and your mouth closed;
  • Adopt a neutral facial expression, save your nice smile for another occasion;
  • Stand at a suitable distance, about 2 meters away;
  • Also note that the picture needs to include the top of your shoulders.

How to convert a photo to US passport size online

Apart from the classic photo booth, pharmacy photo center, or professional photo studio, today US citizens can convert a normal photo to passport size online and create passport size photos from home.

Convert a photo to passport size with photo editing programs

Programs such as Photoshop or Gimp help users edit photos to their liking. Find out the pros of using any of these photo editing programs:

  • users can edit images from the comfort of their home;
  • it is a free way to convert a photo to passport size (2×2 inches) and set it to the proper resolution (300dpi);
  • being able to take as much time as you wish to take a photo or edit it later on;
  • opportunity to create a ready-to-print template and get different passport pictures on the same print. 

However, a few cons make it advisable to reconsider using photo editing programs:

  • if the user is not very experienced with the tool or is not a professional graphic designer, learning how to use a photo editing program will be required first of all;
  • it is forbidden to edit a picture. A passport photo will be rejected if there’s any editing done on the lighting, facial features, etc.;
  • the editing process relies entirely on the user’s skills, as Photoshop or Gimp don’t include features such as a background eraser, verification test, or compliance check.
  • photos won’t have a guarantee of acceptance.

Passport photo converter

A passport photo converter does the job automatically; it may have key features such as a background remover or compliance check, and some even include a guarantee of acceptance. 

Users can learn how to use a passport photo converter in less than 1 (one) minute. Below is a short list of how you can benefit from a passport photo application to convert a photo into passport size:

  1. Choose the right passport photo application;
  2. Read the instructions and make sure you know how to use the app;
  3. Upload a photo from your phone’s gallery or use the camera option to take a picture right away;
  4. Wait less than 1 (one) minute. The app will convert the photo to passport size. Some apps even remove the background, correct errors, lighting, etc.;
  5. Download the converted passport-size photo.

The problem is that there are many of these tools out there, so a review can help you learn the advantages and disadvantages of each passport photo program, whether they include a guarantee of acceptance, free download, or an AI system.

Passport Photo Online – US passport photo converter 

If you want to convert your photos to passport size online, consider using Passport Photo Online. Why? It’s simple: not only has it been recommended by Forbes, National Geographic, or Glamour but it has each and every one of the functions that a passport photo maker could ever have.

This passport photo tool provides US passport photos that meet all the required criteria. Just upload a picture with your smartphone and let the passport photo editor convert your image to passport photo size, remove the background, or check for potential errors. 

Take a look at what the tool is capable of below:

  • take the photo and wait till it’s converted to the correct passport photo size. 
  • your photo background will be erased and transformed into a uniform, plain white background. This way, applicants can take a passport photo of their kids wherever they want.
  • AI system enabled: your photo will be verified both by an AI and a human expert to evaluate the image and check for minor errors, in which case you will be informed and asked to retake the photo. 
  • create passport photos online and make sure images are valid. Passport Photo Online provides clients with a guarantee of acceptance – in case a passport photo is rejected, you’ll get 200% of the money you paid. home delivery service: no need to use a photo printer. Ask Passport Photo Online to send them in paper form straight to your home.You’ll receive the order in 2-3 working days.
Four images showing how Passport Photo Online edits the pictures.

Passport Photo Online comes with all the features necessary to get perfect pictures for any passport application. This is why our app as been featured by publications of the caliber of Forbes, National Geographic, and Glamour.

A positive review of Passport Photo Online from Trustpilot.

Convert photo to passport size: FAQ

Below are the most frequently asked questions on how to convert photos to passport size.

What is a passport size photo?

A passport size photo is the picture format required to apply for a passport. For a US passport the correct size is 2 (two) inches in height and 2 (two) inches in width. 

How to convert a photo to passport size for free?

There is a wide array of free passport photo apps, however, they do not come with a check to guarantee compliance with all official requirements. With Passport Photo Online, the images are cropped automatically and are then double-checked by our AI system and one of our experts.

How to convert a passport size photo to jpg?

Users that only have a printed picture should take another one, as passport photos cannot be scanned and converted into a jpg. 

How to edit a passport photo?

Applicants can use any free or or paid graphic software (e.g. Photoshop, Gimp) One of the easiest to use and most reliable is Passport Photo Online—we’ll resize it, replace the background, and check compliance with all the official guidelines.

How to make a 2×2 picture online for free?

There are multiple free passport photo croppers online, but they generally require users to crop the picture themselves without any guarantee of getting it right. Use Passport Photo Online to resize photos to passport size on your smartphone anywhere you might be.

Do US passport photos have the same size as other passport photos?

No, US passport photos don’t have the same size as other passport photos. The image size for a US passport photo must be 2 × 2 inches (51 x 51 mm).

How can I create passport photos online?

Using the right online passport photo app, you can create passport photos online in accordance with the official government requirements.

How to turn a selfie into a passport photo?

It is not possible to convert a selfie into a passport photo, since the physical appearance of the applicant must be kept natural and not be altered by the mirror effect of the front camera.

How to create a passport size photo?

Stand with your back to a uniform, plain white background, in front of a window to ensure that the lighting is even and adequate. Ask someone to take a few pictures of you and choose the one you like best.

How to edit a picture to passport size?

To edit a picture to passport size all you need to do is to use a passport photo size editing application. A tool like Passport Photo Online can adjust the size in accordance with the US authorities’ guidelines. Just upload the picture to the app and wait a few seconds, so you can download your passport size picture in the right size.

Wrap up

In short, if you intend to convert a photo to passport format, avoid using editing programs such as Photoshop if you are not an experienced user.

One of the safest options is to use an online passport photo converter; however, there are many, so you will have to choose well. Our recommendation is to use Passport Photo Online, as it has some of the most advanced features such as an AI system, background removal, acceptance guarantee, or home delivery service. You can either use the website browser or download it from Google Play or Apple App Store


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