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It is time to renew our passport. To do so, we must follow the standard procedures such as, for example, filling out the renewal application, namely Form DS-82. In addition, it is necessary to submit 1 (one) passport photo based on the standards determined by United States (U.S.) official authorities.

Therefore, we must take new passport photos before starting the process of renewing our U.S. passport. It usually costs about $15 to make passport photos. However, many of us wonder if it is possible to convert a photo to passport size online for free and still comply with official passport photo requirements, considering that this may help us save money and time.

In this article, you will learn the best way to get your own passport photo, as well as the different options available to convert a jpeg photo to passport size. Let’s get to it!

In this article:

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Passport style photo

The correct passport picture must meet the passport photo requirements. The color of the background, the size of the photo and the quality are subject to official rules. Any mistakes can result in the rejection of a U.S. passport application.

The reason the U.S. government is so strict with these rules is that this photo is not just any photo. It is a biometric photo, and as such, it must reflect the facial features of the applicant perfectly (the photo must show the applicant’s full face, with their mouth closed, etc.), as passport-style photos will serve as identification when it comes to state procedures or security checks when entering foreign territories.

Some examples of the rules that we must comply with when taking our passport photos are:

  • Adopt a neutral facial expression and look directly at the camera, which must be positioned at your eye level.
  • You are not allowed to wear clothes that make it difficult to see 100% of your face, such as glasses, hats, or large accessories such as earrings, necklaces, etc. However, the use of any of these will be allowed when the applicant requests to wear them for medical or religious reasons.
  • The use of make-up is also not allowed, unless it is very discreet, flesh-colored, without glitter or any other quality that might create glare, and as long as all of the applicant’s face is visible.

The truth is that these are standard requirements, so they are generally applicable to any type of biometric photo regardless of the country. However, each government establishes specific requirements for each of its documents. That is why you can never use the same photo for two different documents’ applications.

U.S. passport photo requirements

Below, you will learn the different requirements for a U.S. passport photo.

Passport photo white background

A U.S. passport photo should have a white background, be plain, uniform and white/off-white in color. Moreover, make sure there are no other objects behind you when you are having your passport photo taken, as the passport picture must have a uniform, plain background. 

U.S. passport photo size

Print passport photos in the correct passport photo size, which is 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm). Passport pictures of different sizes will cause the authorities to reject your U.S. passport application.

Passport photo quality

Only high-quality passport pictures will be accepted. Please make sure that the final photo is printed on high-quality photo paper and does not contain any blurs, smudges, red-eye effect or any other defects.

U.S. passport photo format

To submit a U.S. passport application, we must attend a passport application center in person as it is not possible to submit an application online, so you can imagine that the passport picture must be on a paper form, a digital passport size photo will not be accepted with our application. However, what you can do is make passport photos online and use a photo printer to get the perfect photo as a printed copy.

How to pose for a passport picture?

Before you take the photo for your passport application, you need to keep in mind certain rules about how to pose:

  • Look directly into the camera;
  • Keep your head straight, in a centered position;
  • Your eyes should be wide open and your mouth closed;
  • Adopt a neutral facial expression, save your nice smile for another occasion;
  • Stand at a suitable distance, not too close and not too far away;
  • Also note that the picture needs to include the top of your shoulders;
  • Leave a margin of about 2-3 millimeters between the top edge of the photo and your head.

How to convert a photo to U.S. passport size online?

Unlike the classic photo booth or professional photo studio, today there are alternatives that allow you to save time and create passport size photos from home, with your smartphone and even enjoy a guarantee of acceptance.

You can use an online tool to convert a photo to passport size, including a free download, able to make all the necessary changes to your photo easily and quickly. Unlike other tools like Photoshop or Gimp, a passport photo tool does the job automatically, as it has functions such as an AI system. The problem is that there are many of these tools out there, so we recommend you take a look at this review, which will tell you about the features, advantages and disadvantages of each passport photo tool.

U.S. passport photo maker (online tool)

If you want to make passport photos online, our recommendation is Passport Photo Online. Why? Simple, because it has each and every one of the functions that a passport photo maker could ever have.

This passport photo tool provides you with U.S. passport photos that meet all the required criteria. You just need to upload a picture with your smartphone and let the passport photo editor convert your image to passport photo size and apply many other changes. 

Take a look at what the tool is capable of below.

  • Passport photo cropping tool

Take the photo and wait till it’s converted to the correct passport photo size. Online photo croppers automatically adjust your photos to the official passport specifications and turn an image into an appropriate passport size picture.

  • Background removal

Your photo background will be erased and transformed into a uniform, plain, and white background. This way, you can take a passport photo wherever you want.

  • AI system enabled

Your photo will be verified both by an AI system and a human expert to evaluate the image and check for minor errors, in which case you will be informed about it and asked to repeat a photo. 

  • 100% acceptance guarantee

Create passport photos online and make sure they are valid. Passport Photo Online provides clients with a guarantee of acceptance – in case a passport photo is refused, you’ll get 200% of the money you paid for it. It really is that simple!

  • Home delivery service

No need to use a photo printer. Use your phone or a digital camera to take the photo, upload it to the app and ask Passport Photo Online to send them in paper form straight to your home for just $3. This is the perfect service for those who have no time to waste. It takes just 1 (one) minute to generate your photo and place your order. You’ll receive the order in 2-3 working days.

How to convert a photo to passport size – wrap up

In short, if you intend to convert a photo to passport format, avoid using editing programs such as Photoshop on your own, as your photo is more likely to be rejected than accepted.

The best option is to use an online passport photo converter, but keep in mind that there are many so you will have to choose well. Our recommendation is to use Passport Photo Online, as it has the best features such as AI system, background removal, acceptance guarantee or home delivery service. You can either use the website service or download it from Google Play or Apple App Store

In addition, you will be able to receive the photos at home for as little as $3 and if it happens to be rejected by the authorities you will get 200% of the money you paid to receive the photos.

Convert photo to passport size – FAQs

Below, the most frequently asked questions regarding passport size photos and how to obtain them on your own.

Do U.S. passport photos have the same size as other passport photos?

The major difference between passport images is usually in size, as the required background is white most of the time. The image size for a U.S. passport photo must be 2 × 2 inches (51 x 51 mm).

Whether you are planning to get a photo for your U.S. passport or other official document, a good choice would be to use an online photo booth such as Passport Photo Online. This allows you to save time (clients can get a passport photo in a few seconds), get a biometric photo from the comfort of zone, try different outfits, take as many shots as they want and choose the best one, or even receive their passport photos right at their doorbell in only 2-3 working days.

How can I create passport photos online?

Using the right online passport photo app, you can take many different kinds of biometric photos, whether you need passport photos, id photos, or visa photos. You will get a passport size photo in accordance with the different requirements, so relax, your picture will include a white background and be the right size. This way, you will save time and obtain the perfect photo for a green card, a new photo for your driving license or for a passport.

How to change a selfie to a passport photo?

It is not possible to convert a selfie into a passport photo, since the physical appearance of the applicant must be kept natural and not be altered by the mirror effect of a front camera. You can, however, ask someone to take the photo for you. Once the image is ready, upload it to a passport photo size editor like Passport Photo Online and wait 3 (three) seconds until the AI system checks its validity. Ready? Download your passport photo template for free and print it at the nearest store for a few cents. Also, you can order the delivery of your passport photos.

How to create a passport size photo?

The first thing you should do to create your own passport-size photo is to read the requirements set by the official authorities. Once you have familiarized yourself with the regulations (you must, for example, keep your mouth closed and your eyes open), stand with your back to a plain, white, uniform background, in front of a window to ensure that the lighting is even and adequate. Ask someone to take a few pictures of you and choose the one you like best. The photographer should hold the camera at eye level and stand at an appropriate distance so that there is a small margin (around 2-3 mm) above your head and the top of your shoulders are visible. Upload the image to the Passport Photo Online editor and download your free passport photo template. Go to a store that has a printing service available and print the template in postcard size and on quality photo paper, in color. All that is left is to cut out the photos.

How to edit a picture to passport size?

To edit a picture to passport size all you need to do is to use a passport photo size converter. A tool like Passport Photo Online can edit the size in accordance with U.S. authorities’ guidelines for free. Just upload the picture to the app and wait a few seconds, so you can download your picture in the right size.

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