Passport Renewal: USPS vs FedEx

Passport Renewal: USPS vs FedEx
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Are you planning to send off your passport application, but you’re still torn between the US Postal Service and FedEx? Do you know what kind of service to choose from to ensure your passport arrives quickly and safely at the passport acceptance facility?

In this blog post, we’ll look at both services and determine who would be a better choice to deliver your passport renewal application: USPS or FedEx?

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Passport renewal with USPS and FedEx—shipping convenience

USPS has the upper hand over FedEx in this regard. They allow you to print postage signs and shipping labels at home.

The most crucial difference between USPS and FedEx is that the governmental postal service has access to almost every mailbox and post office box. 

FedEx has access to fewer pickup and drop-off locations than USPS, and the law prohibits its employees from even touching mailboxes. That is why their packages are often left on your porch or right next to your door.

However, as opposed to USPS, FedEx offers to deliver packages on weekends so that the nearest passport acceptance agent can receive the passport renewal application, even on a Saturday.

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Passport renewal with USPS and FedEx—package tracking

Both companies allow for tracking of packages so that you can keep an eye on your passport application from afar on the Internet.

According to websites such as SiteJabber and Consumer Affairs, both FedEx Ship Manager and USPS tracking systems have room for improvement in terms of package update timings and system stability. 

Passport renewal with USPS and FedEx—fees

Should you wish to send your passport renewal application using USPS, the Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope is the most affordable and safest option among USPS services. Like Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope, the cheaper service also offers a tracking system and a money-back guaranteed delivery date.

Below, you’ll find details of both USPS services available:

  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope – $8.95 for the passport to arrive within the next 3 (three) business days;
  • Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope – $23.50 for the passport’s arrival within the next 2 (two) business days by 6 pm.

FedEx also offers a handful of services to ensure the passport renewal application arrives safe, sound, and quick at the passport agency. They do, however, end up costing you roughly 10% more than services offered by the USPS:

  • FedEx Envelope Express Saver – $9.80 for the passport to get to its destination within 3 (three) days
  • FedEx Envelope 2-Day A.M. – $26.55 for passport arrival before 10 am in 2 (two) days
  • FedEx Envelope Standard Overnight – $28.55 (arrival the next day by 3 pm)
  • FedEx Envelope Priority Overnight – $35.05 (arrival  the next day by 10 am)
  • FedEx Envelope First Overnight – $81.05 (arrival on the next day by 8:30 am)

Renew your passport: FedEx vs USPS—shipping insurance

In terms of shipping insurance, FedEx has the advantage and presents itself as the safer, more secure option than the USPS. Your passport will be in good hands if you send it via FedEx.

Their insurance policy covers $100 for free, with a $3 additional payment for packages worth $300. Every additional $100 requires an additional fee of $1.

USPS insurance policy includes a table of costs that looks like this:

  • free $50 insurance if you purchase postage at the post office or on the USPS website
  • up to $50 of value  – $1.65
  • $50.01 to $100.00 of value – $2.05
  • $100,01 to $200 of value – $2.45
  • $200,01 to $300 of value – $4.60

Every additional $100 of value warrants an addition of $0.90 to the fee you’d pay for the shipping insurance for your passport application.

Who is quicker: USPS vs FedEx?

FedEx will be the better option when it comes to how fast the passport application can get delivered. Their experience with overnight deliveries is a massive advantage. Considering the reviews on Consumer Affairs and SiteJabber, they remain a more reliable option to stick to delivery dates.

Nonetheless, USPS remains a valid option if you are in no rush and can wait 2 (two) or 3 (three) days.

Passport Photo Online—a perfect passport photo

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Passport renewal: USPS vs FedEx—summary

Both USPS and FedEx can help you mail your passport to the passport acceptance facility and complete the renewal application.

FedEx can help the documents reach their destination 1 (one) day faster. What’s more, their tracking system, customer service, and package insurance are considered better and more reliable than the USPS’s.

However, USPS remains a good choice if you’re operating on a tighter budget, wish to save roughly 10%, and value the convenience of ordering a shipment.


Find below the most common questions people have on renewing passports using FedEx and USPS shipping.

Which is cheaper: passport renewal with USPS or FedEx?

Passport renewals handled by USPS are cheaper than FedEx.  Their services are a more affordable option if you’re looking to pay roughly 10% less at the expense of time of arrival.

Who should I pick to send my passport renewal application with: USPS or FedEx?

If you need your passport application to arrive as soon as possible at the passport agency, choose FedEx, as they have experience with overnight deliveries. They even provide shipping service on weekends.

You can potentially save up to 1,5 (one and a half) days in comparison with the quickest USPS services. Their offer also includes a better-reviewed tracking system as well as customer service.

USPS provides a cheaper, more convenient alternative for sending and receiving mail, though. Plus, you can get a free $50 of insurance on the package if you buy postage at the post office or on the USPS website.


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