Visa-Free Countries for Polish Passport Holders in 2023

Visa-free Countries for Polish Passport Holders

If you have a Polish passport, you can visit more than half of the world without a visa. It grants you easy travel possibilities to nearly all European countries as well as most of South America and parts of other continents. In Africa and Asia, you can enter some places with an eVisa or a visa-on-arrival. Read the following article to find a complete list of countries that grant Polish nationals visa-free travel, those that require eVisa, visa-on-arrival, or eTA, and the ones where the visa is obligatory.

In this article, which covers the topic of traveling requirements for Polish passport owners, you will read about:
Map and chart showing the percentage distribution of visa requirements for Polish citizens
Visa-Free114 (58%)
Visa-On-Arrival35 (18%)
eVisa33 (17%)
eTA8 (4%)
Visa22 (11%)

How many countries can Polish citizens travel to visa-free?

There are 114 countries that allow Polish citizens to enter their territory without a visa.

People with Polish citizenship can travel to most European countries even without a passport. They just need their national ID. These are all the countries that belong to the Schengen Area. Outside of Europe, nearly the whole of South America, the south of Africa, and many Oceanian islands do not require a visa from people with a Polish passport. 

Map of countries Polish citizens can travel to visa-free

What countries can Polish citizens go to without a visa?

Below you can find the list of all countries that grant Polish passport owners access without a visa. These locations constitute nearly 60% of the world. In the brackets, there is a number of days you can stay in each country visa-free.

Albania (90 days)Luxembourg (90 days)
Andorra (90 days)Malaysia (90 days)
Antigua and Barbuda (180 days)Malta (90 days)
Argentina (90 days)Marshall Islands (90 days)
Armenia (180 days)Mauritius (90 days)
Austria (180 days)Mexico (180 days)
Bahamas (90 days)Micronesia (90 days)
Barbados (90 days)Moldova (90 days)
Belarus (30 days)Monaco
Belgium (90 days)Montenegro (90 days)
Belize (30 days)Morocco (90 days)
Bolivia (90 days)Netherlands (120 days)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (90 days)Nicaragua (90 days)
Botswana (90 days)North Macedonia (90 days)
Brazil (90 days)Norway (90 days)
Brunei (90 days)Palau (90 days)
Bulgaria (90 days)Palestinian Territories
Cape Verde (30 days)Panama (90 days)
Chile (90 days)Paraguay (90 days)
Colombia (90 days)Peru (90 days)
Costa Rica (90 days)Philippines (30 days)
Croatia (90 days)Portugal (90 days)
Cyprus (90 days)Qatar (90 days)
Czech Republic (30 days)Romania (90 days)
Denmark (90 days)Saint Kitts and Nevis (90 days)
Dominica (180 days)Saint Lucia (90 days)
Dominican RepublicSamoa (90 days)
Ecuador (90 days)San Marino (10 days)
El Salvador (90 days)Sao Tome and Principe (15 days)
Estonia (90 days)Senegal (90 days)
Eswatini (30 days)Serbia (90 days)
Fiji (120 days)Singapore (90 days)
Finland (90 days)Slovakia (90 days)
France (90 days)Slovenia (90 days)
Gambia (90 days)Solomon Islands (90 days)
Georgia (360 days)South Africa (30 days)
Germany (90 days)Spain (90 days)
Greece (90 days)St. Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days)
Grenada (90 days)Sweden (90 days)
Guatemala (90 days)Switzerland (90 days)
Haiti (90 days)Taiwan (90 days)
Honduras (90 days)Tajikistan (30 days)
Hong Kong (90 days)Thailand (30 days)
Hungary (90 days)Timor-Leste (90 days)
Iceland (90 days)Tonga (90 days)
Ireland (90 days)Trinidad and Tobago (90 days)
Israel (90 days)Tunisia (90 days)
Italy (90 days)Turkey (90 days)
Jamaica (30 days)Tuvalu (90 days)
Japan (90 days)Ukraine (90 days)
Kazakhstan (30 days)United Arab Emirates (90 days)
Kiribati (120 days)United Kingdom (180 days)
Kosovo (90 days)Uruguay (90 days)
Kyrgyzstan (60 days)Uzbekistan (30 days)
Latvia (90 days)Vanuatu (90 days)
Liechtenstein (90 days)Vatican City (90 days)
Lithuania (90 days)Venezuela (90 days)

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How many countries can Polish citizens visit with a visa on arrival?

There are 35 countries that require visa-on-arrival from Polish citizens. 

This means that you can apply for a visa at the border gate. It is a visa for tourist purposes only and it is time-limited, with different validity for each country. The procedure is short, and after receiving a document, the passenger can continue to travel.

Map of countries Polish citizens can visit with a visa on arrival

What countries can Polish citizens go to with a visa on arrival?

Below you can find a list of countries that require visa-on-arrival from Polish citizens. Most of them are located in Africa and South Asia.

AngolaMaldives (30 days)
Bahrain (30 days)Mauritania (90 days)
Bangladesh (30 days)Mongolia (30 days)
Burkina Faso (30 days)Mozambique (30 days)
Burundi (30 days)Namibia (90 days)
Comoros (45 days)Nepal (90 days)
Egypt (30 days)Nigeria
Ethiopia (90 days)Oman (14 days)
Gabon (90 days)Papua New Guinea (60 days)
Guinea-Bissau (90 days)Rwanda (30 days)
Guyana (30 days)Saudi Arabia (90 days)
Indonesia (30 days)Sierra Leone (30 days)
Iraq (60 days)Somalia (30 days)
Jordan (30 days)Tanzania (90 days)
Laos (30 days)Togo (7 days)
Lebanon (30 days)Zambia (90 days)
Madagascar (90 days)Zimbabwe (90 days)
Malawi (30 days)

How many countries can Polish citizens visit with an eVisa?

33 countries require an eVisa from Polish passport owners. 

eVisa is an electronic document that functions like a regular visa. The difference is that you can apply for an eVisa online and receive it the same way. You have to obtain an eVisa before you arrive. Some nations provide an option for a traveler to either cross the border with an eVisa or apply for a visa-on-arrival. You can find the list of countries issuing a visa on the border in the previous paragraph.

Map of countries Polish citizens can visit with an eVisa

Which countries require Polish citizens to obtain an eVisa?

As mentioned before, many places that require an eVisa allow you to apply for a visa-on-arrival as well. These nations are located mostly in Africa and South Asia. The list below consists of all the countries that you can travel to with an eVisa:

Azerbaijan (30 days)Lesotho (14 days)
Bahrain (30 days)Madagascar (90 days)
Benin (90 days)Malawi (30 days)
Cambodia (30 days)Mongolia (30 days)
Congo (Dem. Rep., 90 days)Myanmar
Cuba (tourist card, 30 days)Oman (14 days)
Djibouti (14 days)Papua New Guinea (60 days)
Egypt (30 days)Rwanda (30 days)
Ethiopia (90 days)Saudi Arabia (90 days)
Gabon (90 days)Seychelles (tourist registration, 90 days)
Guinea (90 days)South Sudan (90 days)
Guinea-Bissau (90 days)Suriname (depends on the visa type)
India (30 days)Tanzania (90 days)
Iran (30 days)Uganda (90 days)
Kenya (90 days)Viet Nam (30 days)
Kuwait (90 days)Zambia (90 days)
Laos (30 days)

How many countries require Polish citizens to have a visa to visit?

You will need a visa while traveling to 22 different countries in the world.

They are situated mostly in Central and North Africa and Asia. Before a trip, it is best to check if a certain destination requires a visa, as the process of getting one is quite long. If you do not have a visa, these countries will be unreachable for you.

Map of countries Polish citizens are required to have a visa or eTA to visit

What countries require Polish citizens to get a visa?

The list we prepared shows which countries require visas from Polish citizens. Before traveling there, you should check if you have a valid visa.

BhutanMacao (COVID-19 ban)
Central African RepublicNauru
LibyaNorth Korea
ChadRussian Federation
Equatorial GuineaTurkmenistan

Where Polish citizens can travel with an eTA authorization?

There are 8 countries that you can visit with eTA authorization if you have a Polish passport.

eTA authorization stands for Electronic Travel Authorisation. It is connected to the passport and enables the authorities to track how many travelers are in the country at the moment. Below you can find  8 nations that use this system.

Australia (90 days)Pakistan (30 days)
Canada (180 days)South Korea (90 days)
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast, pre-enrollment, 90 days)Sri Lanka (30 days)
New Zealand (90 days)United States of America (90 days)

Brief summary: visa-free travel for Polish citizens

With a Polish passport, you can travel to 114 countries without a visa. In 35 you will need to apply for visa-on-arrival and to 33 you can travel with an eVisa. eTA grants you access to 8 countries in the world. 22 nations still require Polish travelers to possess a visa while crossing the border.

FAQ on the topic of a visa for Polish passport holders

Do Polish citizens need a visa to travel to the USA?

No, you don’t need a visa to enter the USA if you have a Polish passport. However, you will need an eTA authorization.

Do Polish people need a visa to travel to Canada?

No, a Canadian visa is not required for Polish passport holders. Then again, you will need an eTA authorization to travel to Canada.

How long can Polish citizens stay in the UK without a visa?

Without a visa, a Polish passport holder can stay in the UK for 180 days. If you plan to stay there longer, you need to apply for a visa.

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