Walmart Passport Photos vs 4×6 Prints

Walmart Passport Photos vs 4x6 Prints

You probably already know that Walmart is one of the largest if not THE largest retailers in the United States. They sell practically everything, for really great prices. And it’s still possible to have your picture taken for a passport photo at Walmart stores (their subsidiary warehouse stores, Sam’s Club, no longer take photos).

They have a good price on passport photo services, too. But which is better: buying a package of Walmart passport photos, vs 4×6 prints? The answer may surprise you!

Passport photo in 3s!

Take a photo with your smartphone, upload it to the website, we will convert it to an official passport photo and send you a digital or printed version. Simple? You can’t get more convenient than that!

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Walmart passport picture vs. 4×6 print

The biometric color photograph you are required to submit with your passport application (or renewal form) must meet all the official requirements. And government standards are strict.

Chief among these official requirements is the size: the photograph must measure exactly 2×2 inches square. You might think that this rules out using any other size of photo prints, but this is not the case! In fact, you can use a 4×6 color print instead, which is much cheaper!

All you need is a “guillotine cutter” for slicing through paper (although a sharp pair of scissors will also work). You simply cut a 2×2 inch square passport picture out of a 4×6 inch postcard-size print. Better yet, use a special template that puts (4) four 2×2 photos onto a single 4×6 inch Walmart print! Just cut along the printed guidelines, and you’ve got your passport pictures printed at a fraction of the price. 

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Walmart passport picture vs. 4×6 print: prices

Okay, let’s talk about prices. Walmart has two options, but they both cost the same. It’s $7.44 to have your passport picture taken in a Walmart Photo Center. Or you can upload your own passport photo onto the Walmart website and have it printed for $7.44. Compared to paying $15 to have your picture taken at a US Post Office passport office, this is a good deal!

But how much does the 4×6 print cost? Believe it or not, but it costs less than one thin dime!

That’s right: Walmart stores are now selling 4×6 color glossy photographs for NINE CENTS apiece!

All you need is the photo template that puts your mugshot I mean, your 2×2 passport photograph onto a 4×6 inch print. Where can you find this template? At Passport Photo Online, of course! And how much does this template cost? It’s FREE!

Use your digital camera or smartphone to snap your own photo, and then download our free app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store to access our digital photo template. If you need your passport pictures printed, visit your local Walmart where you can get them done for only 9ȼ. Walmart passport photo services are quick, affordable, and reliable – perfect for anyone in need of a hassle-free solution.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, Passport Photo Online offers a service where we will edit and revise your photo for you, to make 100% certain that your photograph meets all government specifications.

We will analyze your picture using both Artificial Intelligence AND the good old fashioned human eye. We crop and resize your picture; and adjust the color, contrast and saturation. We can remove your background and replace it with a plain white background. Finally, we will email the 4×6 template and your digital passport photo to you as a JPG file. We do all of this for $13.95.

Access the US sized passport photo service, or if you want to take a different photograph, find your desirable document on the website.

But unlike Walmart and other stores, Passport Photo Online is so sure that our PPO-approved photos will be accepted by the authorities that we offer you a 200%-paid satisfaction guarantee! That’s right: if your passport photos are rejected for any reason, we will refund you double your money back!! It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

But wait there’s more! We can also save you some TIME!

Walmart passport picture vs. 4×6 print: time

For many people, a little time is far more valuable than a little money. How quickly can you get in and out of a Walmart?

If you need to have your picture taken at the Walmart Photo Center and then pick up your passport photos (for $7.44), you will need to plan on spending at least 30 minutes to one hour in the store: ten minutes or more to get your picture taken, at least another ten minutes for the store to develop and print the film, and then finally ten more minutes for you to check out and make your escape. It can take even longer.

But if you wisely took your own photo in advance and then uploaded it to Walmart’s online Photo Center, you should be able to get in and out of the store in ten minutes or less. All you have to do is dash straight to the photo counter and pick up your 9 cent 4×6 print (or $7.44 if you’re buying Walmart’s official 2×2 inch passport photos).

If you were already planning on spending some time in Walmart on a routine shopping trip, you might be tempted to stop by the Photo Center and let them take the picture for you after all, they’re the experts, right? You can get your picture taken, continue with your shopping, and then pick up the prints on your way out. Right?

To tell the truth, this isn’t as convenient as it sounds. It is still going to add at least ten more minutes onto your Walmart trip. And it’s not going to be as simple, painless and easy as taking your picture at home.

Walmart passport picture vs. 4×6 print: life hacks

Taking passport photos at home is an easy way to save yourself some time and money but it will also save you some aggravation, too. Standing in line, dealing with other people, being rushed through the procedure, being unable to inspect and approve your picture before it’s processed… all those petty problems go away when you take your own pictures at home. 

When you are in control of the process, you take the picture you want to take when you want to take it! This leads directly to producing a superior picture. You will be more relaxed and at ease when you take the photo at home; you’ll be in a better mood, and this will show up in your photograph. Plus, of course, you will be able to do a better job with your hair and makeup, or try on a different jacket and tie. 

Passport Photo Online

Look, there are a bunch of places where someone will take your photo the old-fashioned way.

If you’re willing to pay full price ($15.00), go to the Post Office. You can get lower prices at different drugstores and copy shops. At only $7.44, Walmart represents one of the better deals available.

But you get the best prices by doing it the new fangled way: going online and taking your pictures yourself with a cellphone or digital camera.

Within the online photo app world, there are a variety of passport photo services to choose from. Some, like our 4×6 template, are free but most cost money. As far as paid services go, some cost more than Passport Photo Online and some cost less. And regarding quality: some are as good as ours, but most are not. Few offer live human experts to do the final approval check. No one else offers a 200% guarantee. 

Passport Photo Online is highly rated by our customers and well-reviewed by online experts. We have an excellent product, and we make sure that you know how to use it. 

Walmart passport photos vs. 4×6 print: summary

For only nine cents per photograph, Walmart stores are about the best place to get your pictures printed. You can take advantage of this to get your passport photos printed up for 98% less than the $7.44 Walmart regularly charges for passport photos! What a deal, what a steal!

All you need to make this trick work is the free 4×6 inch photo template from Passport Photo Online.

Check us out on the web at Passport Photo Online. Spend some time reading our blog. You may glean some great advice. You may decide to use our paid service to get a perfect digital passport photo for only $13.95, or let us print the template and mail it to you via our premium mail service. You won’t even need to leave your domicile!

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you get a nice passport picture that you’ll be happy with for years to come. 

Walmart passport photos vs. 4×6 print: FAQ

How do I print four (4) passport photos onto one piece of 4×6 photo paper?

You will need a special template for this. If you’re an experienced user of Photoshop, you can try that. For everyone else, there’s Passport Photo Online.

Can I print passport size photos at Walmart?

The US passport size photo is 2×2 inches square, and this is not a standard size for photographic prints so it is not available for nine cents. To get passport pictures at Walmart you have to either pay $7.44 for the passport package, or have the correctly-sized image printed onto a 4×6 inch picture which you will then crop manually.

Do CVS or Walgreens also do passport photos?

Yes, both CVS and Walgreens will also take passport photos and print them for you. Just be sure to call in advance to make sure that the service is offered at that location and at that time.

How much is a passport photo at CVS and Walgreens?

Walgreens charges $14.99, which is about the same as the US Post Office. CVS Pharmacies charges $16.99, which is expensive but it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Are CVS or Walgreens photos better?

Hard to say. CVS uses Kodak photo paper for their prints, while Walgreen doesn’t say. The final products are the same, but CVS costs more.


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