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Passport Photos in Dublin
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Take or upload a photo

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AI prepares the photo

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Expert verification

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Digital or printed photos

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Taking a photo for your ID has never been so easy.

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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Passport photos near me in Dublin

Passport Photos Near Me in Dublin
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Passport Photos in Dublin - All You Need to Know

Where to take a passport photo in Dublin?

If you intend to travel outside the European Union and you need to obtain a new passport in Dublin, you will have to take 4 pictures in accordance with the guidelines for an Irish passport.

Going to a professional photographer can be quite pricey however, if following these instructions, you’ll know all you have to know about Irish passport photographs and how to take them at a low price.

Irish passport photo requirements

There is an request form that you have to turn in if you want to request an Irish passport. It can be turned in both online or in person, or via mail. Throughout the application procedure, you will need to turn in four identical biometric passport photos, where backgrounds, dimensions, and expressions have to meet some particular criteria. On the basis of the type of photograph you wish to turn in for your passport application, you may decide whether to have it printed or to receive the digital version.

If so, there might be some different requirements you have to bear in mind.

Irish passport photo: general requirements

  • Facial features should be visible, no hair or accessories in front of your face.
  • Headgear is allowed only for religious or medical causes.
  • Prescription glasses are permitted, but there shouldn't be any glares or shadows.
  • Colour and lighting ought to well balanced, not overexposed or too dark.
  • The photograph is required to be in focus.
  • The background ought to be uniform, white, light grey or cream. Visible patterns or objects are not allowed
  • You ought to keep a natural expression and look straight at the camera.
  • The photo ought to show you from mid torso and there is required to be visible space between the head and shoulders and the edge of the frame.
  • There shouldn't be any shadows on the background or on your face.

Irish passport photo: digital picture

  • No selfies.
  • No scanned photos
  • In colour.
  • Not less than 715 x 951 px.
  • Not larger than 9MB.
  • In JPEG format.
  • No digital changes.
  • No distortions.
  • No compression.

Irish passport photo: printed picture

  • Between 35 x 45 mm and 38 x 50mm.
  • Your face must take up between 70% and 80% of the frame.
  • High resolution, printed on photo-quality paper.
  • In sharp focus and properly exposed.
  • No creases or ink marks.
  • No digital enhancements or changes.
  • Black and white pictures are recommended, but colour ones are allowed.

Where can I take a passport photo in Dublin, County-Dublin?

If you are looking for a spot where to take a photo fit for an Irish passport in Dublin, you will have many possibilities. It won’t be hard to find a photobooth, a photographer or a pharmacy. Keep in mind, though, that some of them may not have the requirements for an Irish passport photo.

Don't worry about it though, you can just obtain photo at home, with a professional camera or a smartphone. With an online cropper, the pictures can be modified following the guidelines, at a fraction of the cost.

Simply set the camera on a tripod or ask a someone else to take the photo for you.

You can also visit a traditional passport photo booth in Dublin. Below you can find the list of locations of Dublin photobooths:

Irish Passport Photo Editor Online

The photo cropping tool is available both for iOS (iPhone passport photo app) and Android (Android passport photo app). It allows you to obtain a professional photograph just by using your mobile phone! The only thing you have to do is to set the camera and get the photo, once you upload it in our photo editor, AI-enhanced tool will do the work for you! Immediately, your photo will be ready to be submitted!

On the basis of the type of petition you want to submit, you may need a digital passport picture or a printed one. If you need the digital picture, you only need to upload it and wait a second for our photo expert to adjust it. On the contrary, if you need to print it, you can ask us to ship it directly to you or download it and have it printed by yourself. Regardless of the number of pictures that you send us for the adjustment, in the end, you will only pay for the one that you have picked

There isn't a quicker and less expensive way to take your perfect Irish passport picture!

Passport photo booth near me in Dublin

There are a lot of available photo booths all around Dublin, just bear in mind that not all of them can fulfill the specification for an Irish passport photo.

On the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs, you can find a link to a tool that lets you find the right photo booths near you anywhere in Ireland. Typically they can be located around railway stations, post offices and shopping centres. Popular stores like Tesco or Boots almost always have a photo booth, check the one closest to you. If they don’t have an oprerational photo machine, just look in the next one and you will quickly find one.

Passport photo at Boots in Dublin

Boots is a popular retail chain that, among many other services, also provides you with Boots Passport Photobooth where you can shoot photos. Simply be sure, before going there, that the photo booth in the photo printing kiosk you are going to is still available! A standard photograph in one of these photo booths can cost you more or less €5-6, but remember that you should need to get another photo if it doesn't meet the biometric requirements for a passport photograph. If you are willing to save some money you can choose a "postcard-size" printing (10x15cm) where the paper sheet will be divided into several 35x45mm photos, and the cost will be cheaper.

Where can I find Boots in Dublin:

Passport photo at Tesco in Dublin

Photo booths can also typically be found at Tesco and, for roughly the same price, you can get your passport photo taken. Always check if that the photo booths are open before attending the store and that they are suitable for an Irish passport picture.

Where can I find Tesco in Dublin:

How to print a passport photo in Dublin?

If you have the photographs in digital format and want to print them, you have to prepare them in the correct format. Passport Photo Online allows you to get them in the appropriate format in just a moment, you can choose the template you need and go print them. The price will be notably cheaper than for any other photo studio.

Once you have your JPEG photo, just attend a photo kiosk, like Photo-Me, and you will get your photos within just a few seconds.

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