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Take or upload a photo

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AI prepares the photo

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Digital or printed photos

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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Nexus Card Photo Size & Requirements

Nexus Card Photo
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 34.5 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it printable?
Background Color
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More about Nexus Card Photo - Requirements

Nexus Card Photo Guidelines

If you want to apply for a Nexus Card, you need to prepare one photo meeting special requirements. Do you know how they are? We present you below the full list of requirements for a Nexus Card application. It is important to remember that an incorrect photograph attached to the application will cause a denial. Now you are able to prepare a proper Nexus Card photo to be sure that you will obtain your document. It is easy with an online photo tool that allows you to upload your picture taken by a smartphone or digital camera and adjust it to the requirements such as size, crop, background color and others.

Nexus Card Photo requirements

The photograph of yourself in your Nexus Card must reflect your current appearance - it does mean that it should be taken within the last 6 months.  In the picture a photographed person must look directly into the camera, his/her both eyes must be open with visible pupils and mouths closed. Full face view taken from close-up is a requirement.

The photo should be sharp and clear. It may be in color or black and white, it doesn’t matter.

Remember, that all glares (f.ex. given by eyeglasses) or shadows on your face will disqualify your photo.

If you have no conditions to take a picture with a plan, light background, take it anyway and use Nexus Card Photo Tool to change unwanted background into a required one.

Nexus Card Application photo rules

There are some “musts” and “must not” you need to be aware of to produce a propre picture for your Nexus Card Application.

In the picture you must:

  • use a pale background without shadow
  • look straight at the camera
  • have your eyes open with visible pupils
  • close your mouths

In the picture you must not:

  • have a head covering
  • cover your face features in any way
  • use graphic or retouching computer software to interfere in the picture
  • wear sunglasses or tinted glasses

You can smile in the picture but without an exaggeration.

Nexus Card Canada photo size and colors

Required image size of the Nexus Card photo is at least 35 x 45 mm in order to leave margin for potential cropping and zooming.

You do not need to crop and cut your photo. Use the Nexus Card Photo app and let us do it for you. You will receive a perfectly cropped and sized photo with a warranty of acceptance by authorities.

The image resolution should be a minimum of 160 dpi to maintain high quality if zooming will be needed. The resolution of the image should not be over 300 dpi.

You can take a color or black and white picture.

Nexus Card photo for minors

Children under  18 years old can be enrolled in the NEXUS program too. The rules for children’s photos are the same as for adults. You can help yourself with an online photo editor to resize, crop and adjust a background in your baby’s or child’s photograph.

Nexus Card Photo Tool

Not every photo of your face is suitable for a Nexus Card. The image must satisfy certain requirements and it may be not easy to meet them on your own. The solution is to search a professional photo studio or at least a photo booth but it requires time and money. Much better solution is to use an online photo editor, upload your picture and wait for a few seconds to get it ready. Sounds easy? It is! 

Our application will do most of the job for you: will resize and crop the image, adjust the background and at the end verify if the photograph meets all the requirements. If you prepare it with us, we guarantee you that it will not be rejected. It is important as a badly cropped or size picture may cause a delay in processing your Nexus Card application.

Last update: 2023-03-24

About the document

What is a Nexus program ?

Nexus is a bi-national program for pre-approved, low-risk citizens of Canada and the United States. Members of the program can enter both  Canada and the United States in designated air, land and marine ports.

Also people with Mexican nationality who are members of the Viajero Confiable program can participate in the Nexus program.

Nexus the program enables its members to enter in a fast and easy way to Canada or the U.S. territory by using automated self-serve kiosks. You can choose the air mode of travel, dedicated lanes in the land mode of travel or calling Telephone Reporting Centres before the arrival in the marine mode of travel. 

Nexus Card

Nexus Card is the document confirming that you are enrolled in the program. Generally speaking, if you are Canadian or a U.S. citizen or permanent resident the authorities must not deny you a membership in the program. Children under 18 years old can be enrolled in the Nexus program even if their parents or legal guardians are not members. To obtain your Nexus Card you must satisfy certain requirements and provide specific documents to prove your citizenship or residency. You also need to pay a fee of 50$ (for minors the membership is free of charge).

Nexus Card eligibility

To get your Nexus Card you must:

  • be admissible to Canada or the United States under applicable immigration laws
  • provide complete information on your application
  • not violate customs, immigration or agriculture law previously
  • meet all other requirements of Nexus
  • attach your full face photo and required copies of documents

Your application must be approved by both Canada and the U.S. If you are a Mexican who is also a member of the Viajero Confiable program, you are eligible too.

You may not be eligible to join the program if you were convicted of a serious criminal offence (in any country) and have not been pardoned. For U.S. background checks, you may be questioned about your full criminal history, including arrests and pardons, which may serve as a motivation of a denial. 

If you are temporary working or studying in Canada or the United States, provide a work permit or a study permit.

Nexus Card - documents needed 

You must prove your citizenship (both in Canada and the U.S.) with one of the following documents:

  • valid passport
  • birth certificate and photo ID
  • Canadian or U.S. citizenship certificate
  • Certificate of Indian Status in Canada/li>
  • certificate of naturalization or a border crossing card in the U.S.

If you are a permanent resident prepare a  valid Permanent Resident Card. In Canada may be also or a Record of Landing.

Nexus Card for Minors

If you want to join your child to the Nexus program and you have legal custody with the second parent, you must present yourself both at the interview or a letter of consent is required from the absent parent.The custody agreement must confirm that the child can legally leave Canada. If a child attends the interview with a person other than his/her parent or legal guardian, both parents or legal guardians must submit letters of consent.

A consent letter is not required only in the situation when a parent has sole custody and is recorded on the minor's birth certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is the Nexus Card photo size?

+ -

Required size of the Nexus Card photo is at least 35 x 45 mm.

Is the Nexus Card photo size the same as Canadian passport photo?

+ -

No. Typical passport sized photo in Canada is 50 mm X 70 mm and the Nexus Card photo must measure 35 x 45 mm.

Can I take a Nexus Card photo with my smartphone?

+ -

Of course. Just follow the list of requirements, use a special photo tool to resize and adjust your picture and save your time and money!

Yes, if you like. There are no specifications for the face expression in the Nexus Card photo.

You can renew Nexus Card if you need. Just ask for your Card’s renewal 90 days prior to your membership in the program expires.

You should wait for your Nexus Card no more than 10 days after a successful interview. Usually it is approximately seven days.

Yes. If you want to access the program, you must create an account and then use your login and password to log-on.

The application processing fee is $50 US for a five-year membership. Minors’ cards are free of charge.

If you meet all of the requirements, Canada and the United States must approve your application. Remember that most denials are caused because of an improper photo. Avoid this problem with our online photo editor and take the warranty of photo approval!