Where to Get Canadian Passport Photo?

Where to Get Canadian Passport Photo?

Prepare a perfect passport photo with guaranteed acceptance!

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You save time and money - take a biometric photo conveniently without leaving home

Digital photo within a few seconds or printouts shipping to your home
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Over 1,000,000 people have used our services within 7 years.
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If your photo is rejected by authorities, we will refund you twice the price you paid
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Ann L.-R.

Very helpful and speedy customer service! I accidentally wore glasses in a passport photo and the staff notified me and let me redo the photo. The second photo had an artifact due to a tiny bit of the background not cropped out, and the staff fixed that in a timely fashion. Great service and would highly recommend!

steve t.

Used this service to make passport photos for my wife and myself. Worked well and the company followed through by contacting me to insure that the photos would be acceptable to the State Department.


My 1st photo doesn't meet passport requirements. Then I got quick email with detailed instruction for new photo. Once I sent the new photo, they made the photo to meet requirements of the passport photo and sent back to me in 1 hour. Greatly appreciated

National Geographic

Passport Size Photo Near Me

Online Photo Booth Near Me
Width: 50 mm
Height: 70 mm
600 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 35 mm
  • Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 39 mm
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to take a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Passport size photo near me

Looking for a place to get your passport photos nearby? You don’t need to visit a photo shop to get one! Online tools such as passport photo makers and photo editors will help you prepare a professional photo for your Canadian passport and other official documents. Passport Photo Online lets you take a quality photo at any place and any time regardless whether you are in Vancouver, Ontario, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, or Halifax!

Save time and money and get your passport photo within just a few minutes!

Online passport photo maker - a digital photo app

Passport Photo Online is a web service available also as a mobile app for Android and iOS that will easily guide you through the passport photo taking process. All you need to do is choose the document you’re applying for, upload a photo, and the built-in Artificial Intelligence will do all the rest! Your photo is going to be cropped to the right size, the background will be substituted with a uniform one to fit the official requirement. There are also many other official criteria that your passport photo has to meet. Below you will find the most important requirements for a Canadian passport, however, you don’t need to worry about it either! Our passport photo app will check the compliance of your photo with the official Canadian standards, and in case it doesn’t meet all of them, it will let you know where the problem is and ask you to retake the photo.

You’ll pay only for the photo you like! If you’re not happy with the way you look in the photo, simply retake it. The preview of the corrected photo is shown after just a few seconds! There is also an acceptance guarantee - if your photo gets rejected by authorities, we will refund you twice the amount you paid!

Canada passport photo near me

Regardless of the Canadian province you live in, the Canadian passport photo has the same official requirements regarding posture, clothing, size, background, etc. Below you can find a list of the most important official requirements for a Canadian passport photo.

  • The dimensions are 50x70 mm (5cm width and 7cm height)
  • The photo needs to be sharp, clear, and in focus.
  • The lighting has to be even on both sides of the face.
  • The photo needs to have been taken within the past 6 months.
  • You must maintain a neutral facial expression and your entire face must be clearly visible
  • The photo must be printed on plain, high quality photographic paper.
  • The back of the photo must include a statement with the name and address of the photo studio, date the photo was taken, and should you need a guarantor, they need to write “I certify this to be a true likeness of....” on the back and sign it.

Passport photo printing near me

If you only need the passport photo in a digital format, you can simply download it from our site. However, if you need your passport size photos in a printed version, there are two ways to make it happen. You can just pick the delivery option on Passport Photo Online and the printouts of your passport photo will be sent to your place of residence. Or if you want to get the passport photos right away, you can download them in the printable photo template format. The photo template is prepared to be printed as a 4x6 inch (10 x 15 cm) photo. Such a template will contain 2 passport size photos that only need to be cut out. You can print the passport photo template at any photo printing store. Just google “Walmart near me”, “Costco near me”,“Superstore near me”, or “Staples near me”. You can find photo printing kiosks in all parts of Canada - Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, or Yukon.

Digital passport photo booth near me

Looking for a photo studio nearby to get your Canada passport photo? Fortunately, you don’t have to visit any photo printing service, you can actually get it without leaving your place. All you have to do is take the photo yourself using a tripod, or ask someone to take a picture of you with your smartphone. Next, upload it on this web page. Our photo cropping service and background eraser will prepare your Canadian passport photos in 3 seconds! Then, you will be able to download the digital version and a ready-to-print passport photo template.

Prepare your passport photo online and print it out nearby!

The cost of a 4x6 inch (10 x 15 cm) printout is usually less than $0.35. That’s much less than what you’d pay at a photo studio or Walmart store. One 4x6 printout will contain 2 passport size photos!

Visa photos near me

In the same way you can also get biometric photos required for your visa application. Visit our website or mobile app and find the visa document you’re applying for. Visa photos may have different requirements, since visa documents are issued by the countries you are planning to travel to. For this reason, the Chinese visa photo has the dimensions of 33x48 mm, whereas the Schengen visa has the size of 35x45 mm. Passport Photo Online will only need you to upload a photo of yourself, and within just a moment you will see the preview of your visa photo. You don’t have to look for a photo center or kiosk near you. Our digital passport photo app can be used at any place and any time! If you need the visa photos to be printed, just use the tip explained above. If you print out your 4x6 visa photo template, you will pay much less than for 2 visa size photos!

Baby passport photo near me

Minors and newborn babies also need a passport document while traveling abroad. Taking a photo of your child may be quite a challenge if you visit a photo center. Infants tend to cry and get scared when a stranger tries to take a biometric photo of them. Now, you can take a baby passport photo yourself! Just take a photo of your baby with your phone. It’s important that your baby’s face is not obscured by any item and that the lighting of the photo is even. Your child’s photo will later be transformed into a professional biometric baby passport photo! It will definitely save you lots of time and stress. Stop looking for baby passport photo studios around. Use your phone and take the baby passport photo yourself!

Passport size photo during the Covid-19 pandemic

It’s important to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo studios are visited by tens, if not hundreds of people daily. You may want to use Passport Photo Online services and take a photo for your passport from home. All you need is a smartphone with a built-in camera.

Take a photo at any place and any time and stay safe from the virus!

Photo requirements are based on: www.canada.ca
Last update: 2022-06-27

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 Where can I get a Canadian passport photo near me?

If you have access to the Internet (and you probably do since you are reading this), you can get a passport photo regardless of the location. You don’t have to go to any photo studio nearby. Simply visit our website, take a photo, and within 3 seconds you’ll see a preview of your Canadian passport photo.

💡 How to get a Canadian digital passport photo near me?

Download our passport photo generator or visit one of the web photo cropping tools - you can visit our website, upload a photo, and within a few seconds get your digital passport photo! It will have a clear background, adjusted size, and all the requirements verified.

💡 How to take a Canadian passport photo at home?

It’s extremely easy! All you have to do is use one of the mobile apps or web services that would transform your picture into a professional passport photo which meets all requirements. For example, you can use our mobile app or website.

Once you get a passport photo in the digital format, you can simply print it out in one of the photo-copying stores. In Canada those are, for example: Walmart, Staples, or the Costco photo center (keep in mind that the Costco photo service has moved online).

About the document

Get a photo for your passport at any place and any time! Passport Photo Online is a web service and mobile app that works perfectly regardless of where you are. Take a picture and our AI will do the rest- will crop the photo to the correct size, remove the background, and check whether all the official requirements are met.

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